Supporting ToyTorture is a hobby of mine. I am investing my time and my money to bring you the best reviews of BDSM toys the internet has to offer. If you feel I am not doing a good job, you can support me by sending me constructive feedback via e-mail. Tell me what you want changed, where I have been wrong or what you want to read about in the future and I will try to respond and act on as quickly as possible. If you like what you are reading there are a number of different ways how you can support my work.

1. Affiliate Programs: If you want to buy new gear from Mr S, E-Stim Systems or Regulation London, I would appriciate if you could do it through on of these links. If you do so I get store credit at these stores enabeling me to buy more toys to review.

2. Wish Lists: I have wish lists at Mr S and Regulation London where you can find toys I am interested in. On the sub page is also a list of toys from stores that don’t have a wish list and a list of stores I visit on a regular basis from which I appriciate gift certificates very much.

3. Review Samples: If you are a toy vendor or manufacturer and want your toys tested be me, I am very happy to do so. Please read here for further details.

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