Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle from Uberkinky

The Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle from Uberkinky

This Ballistic Metal paddle arrived just in time as a review sample from Uberkinky to be taken with me to Folsom Europe. Being a little bit like the Duracell Bunny on play at such events I was lucky to get enough play experience with it to write the review rather quickly because there were quite a lot reader questions for painful Spanking and Caning toys recently.

Detail of the Viper Paddle's Grip

Detail of the Viper Paddle’s Grip


The grip of this toy is made out of two tapered brushed aluminum plates. The shape makes for a secure comfortable grip while the material is light enough not to tire the wrist yet heavy enough for a good balance and counter weight when paddling. Two screws are keeping both plates together. Between those two the impact material is fettered. It is made out of 5mm thick flexible black rubber like material with hard edges. One side is somewhat smooth like very fine sand paper while the other side has a chevron texture with 1mm deep grooves. The viper’s “tongue” is triangular starting width of 4.5cm and converging to a tip over a length of 27cm. Like snake’s tongue it is split in the middle.

Sadly like the other Ballistic Metal toys I own there is no way a loop could be attached securely so you have to store the toy lying.

Detail of the Viper Paddle's Tongue's Two Surfaces

Detail of the Viper Paddle’s Tongue’s Two Surfaces

Playing with the Toy

This toy is not for the faint of heart! With a light tapping the sensation is not too intense yet an experience player will get to notion what this toy has in store. Put a little more force into it and you will quickly produce some intense sting sensation. Unlike other Spanking and Caning implements the Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle can create serious pain with little force. Most pain pigs I have used this paddle on could not stand a full set of full blows. This is due to the split tongue which dramatically reduces air resistance. Due to these properties this toy is not made for warm-up.

With that being said the paddle is extremely good for intense pain scenes or mind fuck. Once a sub is accustomed to this toy just let the rough chevron side travel lightly over the body and he will tense up with anticipation. The two sides also come in handy when you want to increase the intensity of a scene quickly. I drove a sub close to the edge with the smooth side and when he asked for more finished him up with the rough side. The abrasive friction of it adds a new quality and intensity to the sting. An even sharper sting can be created when you just flick the tips against the body. I have used the Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle in flogging scenes to add intense sting or in tit torture sessions for excruciating reactions. Due to the sharpness of the material I would not recommend hitting body areas with thin skin like the glans. From a more sensual point of view run the smooth cool grip over the hot and reddened body areas in the cool down periods.

Detail of the Viper Paddle's Split Tongue

Detail of the Viper Paddle’s Split Tongue

Speaking of reddening: The Ballistic Metal Viper Paddle colors fairly quickly. Especially the rough side will leave some quickly fainting chevron marks if you really put some power into the blow. Despite the hard edges and abrasive surface even in intense scenes this toy has not drawn blood or caused bruises.

Being made out of synthetic materials cleaning this toy is very easy. Simply spray it with sanitizer and wipe it off. Due to the tongue being made out of rubber I would recommend keeping it away from oil and fat. Finally a piece of practical advice: The kinetic energy from the tongue’s impact naturally get transferred into the grip and thus onto the screws which can get loose. So after an intense scene check them and if necessary retighten them.

Conclusion: Vicious impact toy for serious pain pigs.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Intense stingy sensation without much force needed No loop for attaching the toy to the wrist or better storage Uberkinky £62.99
Comfortable to hold and well balanced for long scenes without tiring out the wrist
Easy to care for
Impressive design

Fort Troff Aluminum Frat Paddle

The Fort Troff Aluminum Frat Paddle

The Fort Troff Aluminum Frat Paddle

Vendor: Ballistic Metal

Sometimes I wait so long to write a review that the shop where I have gotten the toy stopped selling it. Luckily in this case I found their original supplier which now makes the paddle a bit different. So please read this review careful where I point out the difference and check the pictures of the new store link if that is really the paddle you want to buy.


This paddle is shaped in the traditional fraternity paddle shape. It is made out of 0.7mm thick aircraft grade aluminum and weights 500g. The head is roughly 30cm by 8.5cm and features three rows of four respective five holes. The handle is 14.5cm by 3.5cm which at my Fort Troff paddle is covered with a rubber sheath for better grip but sadly lacks a hole for a loop. The Ballistic Metal version has three furrows engraved and a t-shape end for better grip. It also has a hole for a loop.

Detail of the Holes to Reduce Air Drag

Detail of the Holes to Reduce Air Drag

Playing with it

This is a nasty and delicate spanking implement! The holes drilled through the head reduce the air drag significantly so there is nothing to lessen the blow. Also, the material has no give so the entire kinetic force hits the sub’s body. So you quickly cross the threshold from stimulating tapping to rather stingy pain which can become excruciating with a lot of force. If you enter this area of pain please be careful. Being made out of metal it can break bones! So I recommend only use the most extreme force on well padded body like the thighs or the ass. And even there please be considerate.

Naturally with such a small handle the paddle is not very well balanced so be cautious when using this paddle not to tire out your wrist.

A nice material property of aluminum is the fact that is quickly takes on temperature. So when the area is nicely spanked red and warm dip the paddle into a bucket of ice water for a minute to let it cool down. The sensation of a cold paddle hitting a warm body area is quite unique.

Conclusion: Sever and indestructible spanking paddle.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Indestructible Unbalanced Ballistic Metal $79.90


Oxballs Ball Busting Paddles

Vendor: Oxballs/ Ballistic Metal/ The Kinksters

The Oxballs Spyro Ball Busting Paddle

The Oxballs Spyro Ball Busting Paddle


The shape of this toy is the one of a traditional ball buster. First there is the handle which is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. It is 28.5cm long and 3.3cm wide. The lover 2/5 of the handle are covered with a rubber sheath for better grip. If you want to feel the aluminum in your hand you can take the rubber off. On the other end a 3.5cm thick silicone pad is attached. It is round with a diameter of 9cm. While one side is plain the other side has some texture on it. The Spyro features a vortex while the Stay has a puppy paw and the Basher a number of spikes.

The entire Spyro ball buster weights 500g.

Playing with it

What first struck me when picking up this toy for the first time was the balance. You can use it without tiring out your wrist for extended periods of time. This balance is good because this paddle offers a wide range of different pain sensations making it ideal for long elaborated scenes. The plain side is somewhat stingy despite the soft material and relatively high weight of the toy. The small diameter delivers the pain in a concentrated area. Because of that as the name says this toy is ideal for ball busting. Simply tie the balls down (best use on of Oxballs many stretchers and rings or for an even more intense sensation a metal ball stretcher) and start gently tapping against the balls with increasing intensity.

Detail of the Plain Backside of the Oxballs Spyro

Detail of the Plain Backside of the Oxballs Spyro

The sensation of the other side greatly depends which of the three different versions you own. The vortex of the Spyro traps air thus creating a cushion which makes the impact sensation a bit softer. With the Stay the initial impact area is smaller so the sting is a bit more intense. Also, it you are good at targeting and your sub is well restrained in place after only a few smacks you start leaving a paw shaped mark that depending on the intensity and duration of the scene will stay for a while. The Basher in my opinion is not really made for impact play. The spikes trap air, they bend and it is difficult to hit precisely with hit because you can slip during the impact. The spikes are more made for sensation play. Let the head travel over the sub’s body to tickle him or give him goose bumps. The sensation can be altered when using lube. Without the silicone is a bit sticky causing a rougher, choppy ride over the body, when using water-based lube is a smooth journey. Please only use water-based lube since silicone lube will disintegrate the toy!

If you have the Spyro or Stay you can grab the top using it as a round handle (due the spikes of the Basher I it hard to grab) to use the aluminum handle as a paddle. Of cause the ergonomics of this toy weren’t really layed out for this usage so your wrist will tire out quickly. Yet the sting of this lightweight, small paddle is intense!

Detail of the Vortex of the Oxballs Spyro

Detail of the Vortex of the Oxballs Spyro

Additionally to the wide range of possible sensation the material makes this toy ideal for play parties. It is somewhat small, not too heavy and can be disinfected easily so you can use it on multiple play partners with just short cleaning breaks without having to worry about transmitting any bacteria.

A disadvantage that really annoyed me was the lack of a hole for a loop. I prefer to have a loop to secure the toy on my wrist so I don’t have to put it down when I check in on a sub which sadly it not possible with this toy. Same problem with storing it: While my other impact toys are hanging ready to grab in a scene I need to open a drawer to get this one. I know, this is a minor thing that doesn’t impact the toy’s performance yet it really annoys me.

Finally a word on availability: Sadly these great toys are a bit hard to come by especially in Europe. So if you are looking for another variety but the Basher you have to order it from the USA.

Conclusion: Very versatile ball busting toy with true spanking potential
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide range of sensations No loop for holding it/ storage Spyro Ballistic Metal/ Oxballs $84.95/$79
Versatile Stay Ballistic Metal/ Oxballs $84.95/$79
Basher Ballistic Metal/ Oxballs/ The Kinksters $84.95/$84/£43.99
Well build
Easy to clean
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