Wrist Binder

The 665 Leather Wrist Binder

Vendor: 665 Leather


The Wrist Binder look a bit like handcuffs from the early 20th century and is made milled out of 25mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum. The material makes them really light at 318g without compromising the sturdiness and rigidness. All edges have been properly deburred to prevent cuts and scratches. Out of the box the Wrist Binder have a beautiful stroke matting but since aluminum is a soft material it quickly gets tarnished with scratches.

Detail of the Hing Mechanism in Use

For comfortable wearing the wrists are put cuffs shaped like stretched ovals measuring 75x57mm. They are large enough even for larger wrists but small enough that a person with a M glove size and not too collapsible hands can’t pull them out. The two cuffs are connected by a twistable hinge. The cuffs are closed by pad locks which are put through eyelets on the top of the long side of the cuff. The eyelets have a diameter of 7mm which is a standard pad lock size just in case there is already a keyed-alike lock system in use. Otherwise the Wrist Binder came with two brass Master Locks. On each side, parallel to the hinge in the middle, there is an 13mm eyelet milled out of 9mm thick aluminum.

The Wrist Binder as shown on 665 Leather’s Website

Playing with the Wrist Binder

The Wrist Binder was a gift from a couple of friends for my birthday this March. It was on my wishlist because I was looking for restraints to incorporate into rope bondage. On 665 Leather’s website I found Wrist Binder pictured on the right: The look like a handcuff with a hinge on one side, an eyelet for a pad lock on the other side and two huge eyelets in the middle for rope. What my friends got from the US was what I am reviewing here. So I got in touch with 665 Leather, trying to get the item my friend ordered for me. I was told that on the website are pictures of the old version and I have gotten the new one. Roughly 9 months after my birthday the still have not changed the pictures on their website so I am not sure what toy will be sent when the “Wrist Binder” is ordered through the link below.

Detail of the Locking with the Pad Lock Shipped with the Toy

As a handcuff the Wrist Binder works really well. Through the ergonomic shape and the rounded edges they are comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. The width of the aluminum, the ability to twist the wrists against each other and the fact that they can’t be retightened almost eliminates the risk of nerve damage which sometimes can occur when police handcuffs are worn too tight or for too long. If a stricter bondage is desired, a 300mm zip-tie can be used instead of pad locks. This will limit the ability to twist immensely.

But how does the Wrist Binder work incorporated in a bondage layout, using rope, chain or other means? For the original purpose – rope bondage – they do not work at all! Through the ability to twist, unintended pull and tangling can happen, messing up the rigging. In a testing scene I was actually forced to cut rope for the first time in my life because while twisting, rope got caught in the hinge!

Detail of how Easily the Satin Finish scratches

The position of the bondage anchor points are also unfortunate for attaching them easily to collars, shoulder restraints, etc. The top always has to use carabiners, chain or something else to create an anchor point above the wrists not next to them. For stress position, like the arms stretched out, I guess it is a bit better than the one on their website because through the twisting the hands can be brought into a somewhat more comfortable position if need. However, since the metal does not give in, a sub put into stress position using this restraint must be watched extra well!

Conclusion: Good handcuff with sadly little usage for the two bondage anchor points.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Secure and comfortable to wear for long periods of time … but hinge makes bondage anchor points difficult to use 665 Leather $78
Keyed-alike locks can be used  
Wrists can be comfortable positioned through hinge…

Leather Handcuffs

The Mr S Leather Handcuffs

Vendor: Mr S


The Leather Handcuffs are made out of two slim cuffs made out of belt leather. The belt leather strap is 25mm wide and lined with soft leather. 50mm behind the flap which houses the lockable roller-buckle the strap widens to 40m. This section is 120mm long and is padded with soft foam. Into the last, also 120mm long section of the strap holes have been punched for the buckle. The spacing allows the cuffs to adjust for almost every size of wrist; starting at a tiny diameter of 50mm up to a massive 100mm wrist diameter.

Detail of the Padding

The two cuffs are connected cross-over by two strong rivets. This way the cuffs don’t twist. Between them is an 80mm long and 25mm wide strap of leather which has welded D-rings on both ends. The Handcuffs come with a pair of keyed alike Master Locks.

Playing with the Leather Handcuffs

Handcuffs are one of the most common pervertable and thus bondage means in BDSM scene. Widely available they come loaded with fetish fantasies and are easy to use. But long-term wearing of tightly fitted handcuffs can lead to serious nerve damage and wrist injuries. So as hot as – carefully! – snapping handcuffs around the bottom’s wrist, they should not be worn during an entire scene. Through the wide strap and the padding these cuffs can be worn indefinitely long.

Detail of one of the D-rings

Unlike professional handcuffs these leather ones have to anchor points to incorporate them into a more elaborate bondage layout. My testees most often used them for rope bondage setups because the rope ran very smoothly through the D-rings. In combination with leather or rubber gear and toys I used them for impromptu shoulder-to-wrist restraints by locking them to a harness or connect them to a ball stretcher with a D-ring for an interesting feedback loop. The wide strap and padding provides some support for the wrist. So the handcuffs can be used for stress bondage like a hogtie. Unlike in a traditional hogtie the wrist are not in line with arms but oblique and over-cross. This adds extra stress to the arms and shoulders once the sub starts to move his legs. The leather handcuffs can even be used for limited suspension like keeping the sub on the tip of his toes, though they are not made for real suspension bondage.

Detail of the Locking Buckle

The large holes for the lockable buckle require rather large spacing between the holes. This makes a secure adjustment sometimes difficult when the wrist is just too large for the tighter hole and the next hole makes the fettering considerably looser. A locking pin with the consequently tighter spacing would have been better and more secure. To tell the truth this only happened once during the 6 month testing period. The cross-over design makes it really difficult to find a point of application to wiggle out of them.

Conclusion: Simple yet versatile handcuff like restraints.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear over extended periods of time Spacing sometimes too large for secure fettering Mr S $79.95
Two D-rings


Mr S Shoulder to Wrist Restraints

Vendor: Mr S

The Mr S Shoulder to Wrist Restraints


The first element of this three-part bondage toy is a 32mm wide latigo leather strap which runs over the neck and around the shoulders. It is closed by a roller buckle and can be locked through a post. There is also a D-ring next to the roller buckle. The strap’s length can be adjusted between 110cm to 140cm which is long enough for beefy subs; the buckle’s pin has to be in the third hole for the last hole to fit over the locking post. For fettering an extremly beefy body builder meat machine Mr S can certainly make a custom strap which is longer but neither my testees nor me ever found the strap too short respectively too long for skinny subs.

On this strap runs a 380mm long and 53mm wide latigo leather strap. Between 45mm to 225mm measured from the bottom 12 holes are punched into it. For an even tighter bondage experience I had 6 holes added so the restraint can be pulled up even higher.

Detail of the Roller Buckle, Locking Post and D-ring of the Shoulder Strap

These holes are used to attach the 53mm wide latigo leather back strap using a roller buckle with a locking pin. Below the roller buckle there are two wrist restraints riveted onto the strap. They are closed with locking roller buckles.

Playing with the Shoulder to Wrist Restraints

The possible usage scenario is determined by how much the shoulder and the back strap are tightened. If both straps are not too strict this restraint can be used for self-bondage. It takes some time and practice to get the wrists fettered and undone again. But the latter struggle is part of the self-bondage experience. If you should fail to undo them there is enough slack to cut the back strap with a safety scissor in a case of emergency. If both straps are tightened in a medium intensity (elbow forms a right angle) the restraints can be worn comfortably and safely for an extensive period of time. This makes the Shoulder to Wrist Restraints the ideal piece of bondage gear for social settings like a bar night. The sub is bound into a presentable position yet he is able to move around to follow his top while the bondage is comfortable enough to be kept on for an entire nights.  In the tightest configuration on tall guys it becomes impossible to open the wrist restraints even when they are not locked.

Detail of the Wrist Restraints

Almost regardless of the tightness the Shoulder to Wrist Restraints create an interesting bondage experience. Especially in the looser configurations the bondage feeling of the wrist restraints quickly fade away. So when the sub wants to act naturally because he forgot about the restraints he will quickly be reined back. A big advantage of the Shoulder to Wrist Restraints is the effective bondage in combination with great accessibility: With the arms bound behind the back nipples and the junk can easily be played with and his torso is exposed for (gut) punching; once bend forward for a spanking the ass cheeks are exposed and the sub can’t raise himself again so he is at the top’s mercy.

Detail of the Back Strap attached to the Runner

To intensify the bondage experience I recommend attaching a shackle to the strap of the lower wrist restraint between the two rivets. Onto this new anchor point ankle restraints can be added – either with chains to create a prison setup to limit the sub’s ability to run or just with carabiners to keep him kneeling. For a more painful sensation connect the wrist restraints to a ball stretcher with a D-ring or – even more evil – a parachute with spikes. If pain is induced and he tries to work it out with whatever limited movements he has in his arms he will tug on his balls.

 Conclusion: Versatile restraint – from comfortable to stress sbondage.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very well made Mr S $169.95
Versatile usage scenarios
Unique Bondage experience

Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

Vendor: Regulation


The Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

The Heavy Leather Hogtie Set consists of a pair of modified Fetters Padded Leather Thigh Restraint, a pair of Padded Locking Wrist Cuffs and an Elbow Strap. All pieces are made out of high quality leather, thick soft padding and stainless steel trim. The set comes without pad locks. If you want to lock the restrains the shackle diameter of the pad lock should not be larger than 3mm.

The core of this set is a modified version of the Fetters Padded Leather Thigh Restraints. As all restraints from their padded & lockable range are basically made the same way: An 8cm wide cushion of thick padding covered with soft leather is sewn onto a wide strap of bridle leather. Onto this a belt with a roller buckle and a locking post is riveted. Usually each restraint is equipped with two welded D-rings.

The lowest circumference the thigh restraint can be adjusted to is 42cm; the largest is 71.5cm with a padding gap of 11.5cm; largest circumference with padding all around the thigh is 54cm and the largest circumference and still being able to lock is 67cm with a padding gap of 7cm. Next to the locking post there is a welded D-ring. 15cm away from the D-ring a Padded Locking Ankle Cuff (which I reviewed here) is riveted with its two D-rings being perpendicular to the rivet. Since only one rivet is used the cuff can turn to allow for different bondage positions. Another difference to their standard Padded Thigh restraint is that they have replaced the second D-ring with a stainless steel loop which has a width of 38mm and a height of 8mm. Through this loop the belt of the Padded Locking Wrist cuffs (which I reviewed here) can be threaded to attach the wrist restraint to the thigh one.

Detail of the Wrist Restraint attached to Thigh Restraint

For an even stronger bondage experience an elbow strap comes with the set. The basis of it is a 13.5cm long and 8cm wide octagonal piece of two bridle leather layers which are sewn together. In the middle there are two roller buckles with a locking post riveted onto the body.  In front of each buckle a slot is punched through which a leather belt with unburnished sides is threaded. This belt is 118cm long and 3cm wide. It features 7 holes on one side and 29 holes on the other side which allows for fine adjustment.

Playing with the Hogtie Set

To put these restraints on it is best when the sub lies face down so the top can easily move the limbs to put them into the corresponding cuffs. Each buckle is far away enough from the wrist restraints to prevent the sub from opening the roller buckles. If you want to be extra sure each restraint is lockable which adds a lot of mental bondage sensation. Once fettered you can choose between four different bondage positions: The traditional lying face down, lying face up, kneeling or sitting on the ass. Since sitting up requires a lot of muscle strength this position is a bit of stress bondage. Lying face up is equally stress bondage but great for CBT or an extreme form of gut punching – even with low intensity punches. The thigh restraints quickly became popular with a top friend of mine in kneeling position. He used them in combination with the Handlock (which I reviewed here) to restrain the hands above the head with the thigh-ankle-combination effectively preventing the sub from standing up.

Minimum and Maximum Diameter of the Thigh Restraint

The most traditional position is obviously lying with the face down. In this bondage layout mouth and ass are still accessible but (if the top is strong ort the sub light) you can still move the sub around. Besides face fucking most testees used the hogtie for impact play. With the ass exposed (and if you are not fettering gymnasts the feet unable to cover the ass) and the restraints covering the sensitive area of the upper thigh this layout is great for spanking. Especially if you want to administer bastinado I recommend locking both ankle restraints together using a small shackle. This will effectively limit the movement even more. When you want to create a stress bondage position add a head harness or a muzzle and connect the top D-ring to the shackle. In this layout I would not recommend inducing too much pain because heavy movement can lead to neck or spinal injuries. Of cause this layout can be used for lighter play like sensation play or – if you are not afraid to get lube on the leather – fisting.

I am a bit hesitant to recommend using the elbow strap. It is a great piece of bondage gear which can increase the sense of being bound quite a lot – also in other bondage layouts. But the construction is killing it for me. With the edges being unburnished, at best they are just sharp and uncomfortable. But if the sub moves a lot it can cause abrasions. In order to make this part of the toy useful I am actually considering having movable padding custom made like on the thighs on the suspension harness.

Detail of the Buckle of the Elbow Strap and the Unburnished Belt

Besides hogties this set can be used in many different other bondage layouts. If the added ankle cuffs don’t bother you the thigh restraint can be used to fetter down upper legs. To attach thicker rope or carabineers to the metal loop, simply use a shackle to add a larger anchor point. When the sub doesn’t have to small hands the ankle cuffs can be used to restrain wrists to the thighs. However this does only work if the bondage layout is either standing up or lying with the ankles also fettered. Otherwise there is a chance the sub can simply slip off the thigh restraint. On testee even used the restraint for pup play: He gave his puppy knee and elbow pads, connected the ankles to the thighs and the wrist to the collar and thus forced his sub in an even more dog-like position. However I do not recommend this form of stress bondage for extended periods of time since especially the elbows are not made to support such weight.

Conclusion: Unique and clever restraint set with one disappointing element.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Unique layout Finishing of the belt makes elbow strap unusable Regulation £248.99
Comfortable through thick padding
Very well made – except elbow strap
Plethora of D-rings


Adjustable Nose Shackle

Vendor: Uberkinky

The Adjustable Nose Shackle from Uberkinky


The Adjustable Nose Shackle is made out of two square metal plates onto which two 25mm high shackles made out of wire are welded. The tips of the shackles are bent towards each other. Through the metal plate a screw is put through which the shackle can be opend up to 17mm and closed again. The screw head is textured for better grip yet especially with lubey fingers or when wearing heavy gloves it is a bit hare to turn. Below the screw there are two bars to guide the shackles. The entire toy is made out of stainless steel and weights 33g.

Playing with the Adjustable Nose Shackle

This toy might look small and innocent yet it is one of the most intense pieces of bondage gear I know. The nasal septum is a quite sensitive body area. For most bottoms just the weight of the lightly attached Adjustable Nose Shackle is a noticeable sensation. The pain of the shackle being pulled will make most subs comply and move in the desired direction. Of cause if you want to be mean you can tighten it even more for constant and agonizing pain.

Since the shackles are made out of wire instead of solid metal plates like other nose shackles are they can dig a little bit deeper into the tissue which results in better grip. To lead a sub around or incorporate the toy into a bondage layout simply put a little carabineer around the three bars and attach your favorite leash, rope or chain. But keep in mind that this will add extra weight which increases the experienced pain, especially when through dangling around movement energy is added.

The cartilage structure of the septum in combination with the smooth round tips of the Adjustable Nose Shackle is enough to prevent serious injuries if you tighten the shackle cautiously and not too tight. But especially when the bottom already has a septum piercing or the septum is damaged (through drug usage for example) be extra careful when pulling. Serious injuries might occur!

Detail of the Guiding Bars and the Screw to Adjust the Opening

The wide opening enables you to attach the Adjustable Nose Shackle to other body parts like the tongue, ear lobes, the foreskin or the frenulum. Some testees even put it on the sack (take extra care you don’t trap a spermatic cord!) or the perineum to lead their subs around. It is worth to experiment which body part gives the best reaction, where it can be worn the longest time or if you are extra sadistic get two, put them opposite ends of the body, apply some tension and see into which pain the sub will give in the most.

Being made out of stainless steel cleaning and sanitizing this piece of bondage gear is easy: Simply boil it in water for some time and let it dry properly.

Conclusion: Intense piece of bondage gear.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Makes sub comply quickly A bit difficult to operate Uberkinky £19.99
Finely adjustable sensation
Allows to incorporate unexpected body parts into bondage
  Disclaimer: This toy was sent to me by Uberkinky for an honest and unbiased review.

Fetters Padded Locking Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

Vendor: Regulation & Mr S

Fetters Padded Locking Restraints for Wrist and Ankle

Fetters Padded Locking Restraints for Wrist and Ankle


Both restraints are made in a cuff style: There is a piece of padding which goes around the joint which is fettered with a strap. The padding is a thick and soft piece of foam lined with soft leather. Onto the outside of the padding a piece of bridle leather which is a bid narrower than the padding. So even when the sub struggles heavily there is padding over the leather’s hard edges. The bridle leather piece is also only approx 4/5 as long as the padding leaving a part of it free the fold down for a secure fit even if the sub really has small wrists or ankles. Through the padding and onto the bridle leather piece the bridle leather belt is riveted. Four rivets hold the two D-rings, the locking posts and the roller buckle in place.

The belt on these restraints are long enough with holes punched close enough to the rivet that they can accommodate small to really large wrists and ankles. When you are on the larger end of the circumference spectrum there will be a space without padding which did not bother all testees.

Minimal Circumference Maximal Lockable Circumference Maximal Not Lockable Circumference
Wrist Restraints 10cm 24cm 32cm
Ankle Restraints 15.5cm 27cm 35.5cm

When I first got the restraints I was a bit puzzled by a rather large “wave” on the belt between the central rivets. It turns out that once you put the restraint onto a sub the padding follows the curvature of the wave so the belt does not get stretched! This attention to detail shows on the entire toy: The stitching is flawless, the D-rings are welded, the leather smells and feels like good, sustainably tanned leather is supposed to. In terms of customizing you just recently got the choice of black and white for the strap and a choice of 8 different colors for the padding to match your fetish gear.

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Finally, a word on the Mr S restraints. The restraints I am reviewing are the ones from Fetters but I have played with the Mr S ones several dozen times in the USA. So I can assure you that in terms of quality and functionality they are no different than the ones from Fetters. The only difference is that you can “only” choose between black, grey, red and blue lining for the padding and that the straps are only available in black.

So a bit like with the ErosTek power boxes: When you are living in Europe, go for the ones from Regulation, when you living in the USA go for the ones from Mr S.

Playing with it

Detail of one of two D-Rings, the Locking Posts and the Roller Buckle,

Detail of one of two D-Rings, the Locking Posts and the Roller Buckle,

What sets these restraints apart from others is really the padding. It is so lavish, lush and soft that once broken in and fettered in a secure position there is no feeling of being restrained at all. It is only when the sub starts to struggle that the he feels that behind the pillowy veneer is a merciless, heavy duty restraint keeping them in place even when he fights hard! For that reason I like these restraints a lot for heavy scenes with a very active sub because the fragile joints are well protected by the thick padding. Because they are not that noticeable these restraints are great for subs who want to know they are fettered but are not comfortable (yet) with the tight feeling of a restraint around the joints. Being so comfortable I had several testees using them while sleeping. Since the initial bondage feeling is not quite there I recommend locking the belts slowly one after another so that the sub can hear the clicking sound and realizes that without the key they are not coming off.

Once it comes to tying someone down these restraints are made for complex bondage layouts. With two D-rings with a width of 37mm per restraints there are enough attachment points for elaborate bondage setups.

There are matching collars available: A padded one from Fetters and a non-padded one from Mr S which I will be reviewing in a couple of weeks.

Conclusion: Restraints comfortable enough to be worn 24/7 yet strict enough to power out even an extremely fighting sub.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Lavish padding for comfortable wear and exceptionally joint protection Padding could be a bit longer Fetters Wrist Restraints £79.99
Fetters Ankle Restraints £81.99
Mr S Wrist Restraints $139.95
Extremely well made out of high quality materials with attention to details Mr S Ankle Restraints §149.95
Two D-rings per restraint
Lots of color customizing options to match favorite fetish gear

Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

All Retraints of the Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

All Retraints of the Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

My toy purchasing process is quite easy. When I see a toy it has to fascinate me and spark my imagination. I need to start dreaming what I can do with it and what can be done to me using it. Sometimes it takes two to three visits when the faint “This is interesting” turns into “I need that in my life and playroom!” But sometimes there is an instant connection to a toy.

Last Friday I was working on my master thesis when the new Regulation newsletter popped up. Their headlining product was the new Fetters Heavy Leather Hogtie Set. I was immediately drawn to this product and my kinky fantasy was running wild. Actually it was so enticing that I stopped working in my thesis. That really means something when toys are you hobby and you have seen a lot.

Detail of how the Wrist Restraint in Connected to the Thigh Restraint

Detail of how the Wrist Restraint in Connected to the Thigh Restraint

This set is actually not very new but a clever combination of existing toys with a nifty addition: They have taken their padded thigh-to-ankle restraints to bind them together. Onto this restraint they added a flat loop through with the belt of their trusted padded wrist restraint goes. So wrists and ankles are connected to the thigh limiting the movement even further. Naturally coming from their premium restraint range all pieces are locking and feature two welded D-rings. For additionally fettering they developed a belt with two loops to bind the upper arms together. This piece of bondage is also locking.

All piece of gear can of cause be used individually yet it is the combination that makes them shine. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these sets and try it out myself. It retails for £249 which is a pretty good deal when you keep in mind what you are getting for your money.

Meo Foot Suspension Bonds Deluxe

Vendor: Meo

This is one of the toys Meo kindly sent me for the heavy bondage special. And since I finally got a chance to try the restraints out as a sub Easter Sunday at Quälgeist I am finally able to write the review.

The Front of the Meo Foot Suspension Restraints

The Front of the Meo Foot Suspension Restraints


The first impression is: They are massive! The body of these restraints is 170mm long. Its exterior is made out of stiff, sturdy leather. Usually I would complain about the cardboard like soulless leather quality but in this case the stiffness is a feature for giving the foot and ankle all the support they need. This outer shell is covered with padded soft high quality leather. While the padding at the instep is a bit thinner and firmer the “cushion” that wraps around the ankle is lavishly thick, almost like a pillow. It is designed that way that if the ankle is not too massive no metal of the many rivets that are use to hold the stiff body in shape even under large strain touches the skin. The padding layout leads to the comparatively robust foot being pushed into the “harder” area while the more fragile ankle is well protected yet without having too much give to allow the foot to slip out of the restraint when fettered properly. The fettering is done by two latgio leather straps with roller buckles. Their holes’ spacing is 18mm. While this is ok due to the thick padding which can take some of the pressure, a little bit finer spacing (15mm hole distance p.e.) would have been better to ensure safe and comfortable bondage. Onto each side of the body a 55mm wide and 220mm long latigo leather strap with a massive welded d-ring is riveted.

Detail of the Roller Buckles on the Back

Detail of the Roller Buckles on the Back

Playing with it

Putting these restraints on is no rocket science yet takes a bit of practice: Out the body around the foot, than adjust the leather covered padding. Next tighten the strap close to the foot securely, than the other one. If you don’t want to use the restraints for suspension, you are done now. For suspension purposes retighten both straps so they are just tight enough not to cut circulation. Otherwise the friction of the padding might be to low causing the foot to slip out of the restraints. I recommend putting the restraints on at the place where you want to fetter the sub. Unlike cuff style restraints it is a bit hard to walk wearing these restraints because of the straps onto which the d-rings are mounted.

Once put on you can there are different ways to use these restraints. For suspension I recommend using one carabineer for both d-rings because it causes less swinging. The restraints come with a d-rings but I would strongly advice you not to use it to suspend a sub’s weight from there but use a climbing carabineer instead. These restraints are also great for less spectacular bondage. Because the d-rings straps are an extension of the legs I found these restraints a massive improvement of cuff style ones when tying someone into a spread eagle. The force holding the leg in down is more evenly distributed and works directly against the movement a struggling subs shows. This characteristic and thick padding make these restraints ideal for hogties over extended periods of time. If you soften the d-rings straps so that they bend easily perpendicular to the restraints‘ body the make great bondage means for bastonado. The soles of the feet are nicely exposed and if you have a way to fetter the d-rings tightly they won’t move very much, allowing for precise hitting.

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Detail of the Lavish Padding

Through the thick padding and long straps, these restraints even fit massive ankles and feet. If you really take advantage of the entire strap length you can even fit feet with boots into them. I tried the restraints with rangers, engineer and motocycle boots and encountered no problem size wise. The only kinds of boots that were too large were motocross and skiing boots.

Finally a word of warning when using them to be suspended from your feet down: Every position facing downward is increasing the blood pressure towards the head. The steeper the angle, the higher it gets. Don’t remain in this position for too long because the fine veins in the head can’t handle the pressure too well. If you have high blood pressure or have used poppers do not get suspended with the head down. Also: The big muscles in the calves and thighs are needed to pump the blood through the body. After it has accumulated in the head and if it rushes back you can have a heart attack!

Conslusion: Well build, high quality foot suspension restraints
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Designed for heavy duty play Provided carabineer not made for suspension Meo 189€
Very well build out of high quality material
Lavish padding

HML Bondage Harness

Vendor: HML


The HML Bondage Harness

The HML Bondage Harness

The thing I love most as a BDSM toy collector than using toys (or more precisely having them used on me) is strolling through small BDSM shops who make their own gear and toys. While I love the products sold by Mister B or 665 Leather to name two big players in the market, I love the sometimes unexpected creativity of small shops. So when discussing with the guys at HML the suggestions for improving the electro ball stretcher I stumbled across this bondage harness, a category of gear I thought that wasn’t made anymore. So I was quite surprised when they provided me with a review sample.


The basic construction follows the blueprint of a standard full body harness: Two straps run over the shoulder, one under the arms and one around the waist. What sets this harness apart from a standard full body harness is that the strap running around the ass: You can either wear it with once strap over the ass crack or add two contouring the ass cheeks for a thong-like look.

Like all HML leather toys the 4cm wide straps of this harness are made out of soft black hide which is folded so the seam is in the middle of the back of the straps which makes for a clean look without edges. The individual straps are attached to massive and heavy steel rings by rivets. The connecting strap between the upper torso part and the thong-like part around the waist uses snap fastener for connection. They are quite convenient because once you have adjusted the harness to fit your body by using the roller buckles you don’t need to open them again so the harness fits perfectly every time you want to wear it. The holes in the belts for the roller buckles are reinforced by steel rivets. The right size depends on your body type: The harness can be adjusted to different body heights but is quite limited to adjusting so bigger bodies. If in doubt ask the friendly guys at HML. Another thing that can be changed is the stainless steel cockring. The harness comes with a standard 50mm cockring that can be changed into the perfect size for you.

Detail of the Snap Buttons on the Middle Strap

Detail of the Snap Buttons on the Middle Strap

What makes this harness special are the six D-rings that are riveted under sturdy pieces of leather just behind the roller buckles on the shoulder, under the arms and around the waist.

Playing with it

I have made it a rule not to talk about gear on this website: The different styles and cut and ways of making it are way too personal and actually controversial in our community (I have seen friendships break over discussing the “right” place to get your rubber…). But being a harness the gear aspect is the pink elefant in the middle of the room so I get it out of the way first: I’ve been out with this harness a couple of times and it performs well as gear. The cut is very good helping to highlight your good assets. It can be worn either as a full body harness or you take the connecting strap out and wear it just as an upper torso harness or as a cockring thong.

Detail of the Roller Buckle with the D-Ring

Detail of the Roller Buckle with the D-Ring

But now on the playing aspect. As the name states this harness is made for bondage and it performs really well in the field of play. First I thought that six D-rings are a bit few but when trying out the harness there were more than enough. When tying someone into a bondage frame you can effectively immobilize someone’s torso quickly by using chain and carabiners or tension belts without having to worry about cutting of circulation like when using rope. If you use rope, you can also incorporate the four steel rings on the front and the back for an even more elaborate designs. A fun thing when taking out your sub to the bars is to use the shoulder D-rings for tying a head harness in its place and attaching upper arm restraints to the upper and wrist restraints to the lower strap that runs around the body. Depending in the method you chose for attaching your sub is quite immobilized, coming close to the effect of a straight jacket yet every part of his body is accessible. In order to limit access to certain body regions there are anal toys out there which can be put onto a harness (sadly I have forgotten where I have seen them). They will probably fit on the strap running down the crack keeping them well in play. What works in any case is attaching a show plug for pup play onto the harness. I a friend of mine was thrilled that he can pup out with a tail despite not being able to take something up his ass when wearing this harness.

Detail of the Straps which can be Added to Create a Thong-Like Look

Detail of the Straps which can be Added to Create a Thong-Like Look

When talking about the usage possibilities a word of warning is in place: The well chosen location of the D-ring would THEORATICL make this harness good for suspension bondage where the matter of supporting the torso is always a difficult one, especially when you are not using rope. BUT: Do to the snap fasteners I strongly discourage you from using this harness for suspension bondage because there is always the fear of the snap fasteners opening under the stress they are put onto. To be honest I put them to a hard test with strong subs who fought against the bondage and I tried the harness for suspension (with security measures of cause) and nothing opened. Yet still because the security of the sub is paramount I would not advise using this harness for suspension!

HML also makes another kind of harness called the HML Restraint Harness which exchanges the shoulder straps with a collar, has D-ring in front of the collar and two at the crotch and has build in restraints above the hip. It is made in the same great way as this bondage harness is and costs 345€.

Conslusion: Good full body harness with nifty additional features
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great material & build quality Not made for suspension HML


Many restaining possibilities
Unique design
Easy to get in and out of

A Weekend with Velcro Restraints

Straps of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

Straps of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

Three weeks ago I have spent the weekend in Berlin for the annual BLF Easter event which was a fun time although in unexpected ways. Just in time before packing for Berlin I have gotten two new velcro restraints from HML. I reviewed their first velcro restraint and was quite impressed, After the review was written they incorporated the suggestions I wrote and send me the two new models that came out of this process. So I tried a little experiment: How satisfied would I be with the restraints‘ performance if I only took them with my for the weekend thus being forced to use them?

The answer is: I was surprisingly satisfied. Or to be more precise: I didn’t miss anything yet playing with these restraints meant altering my play style a bit. When fastening roller buckle restraints I tend to pull the closing strap to the maximum in order to give the sub the message that I am in control now and then loosen the restraints that they are comfortable yet tight. This position is mostly a compromise because the space between the holes in the strap specify the raster in how tight you can fasten the restraints. Since you don’t have a buckle to run the velcro strap through there is no fastening effect. But due to the nature of velcro you can adjust the strap in every desired position enabling you to play with the sub’s expectations. I put the wide heavy duty restraints on one sub’s wrists and he really enjoyed the feeling of being bound by a wide strap of solid and soft leather but he waited that the grip of the restraints would decrease which it didn’t because I had already closed the strap. It freaked him out a bit in a good way.

D-Rings of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

D-Rings of the Standard and Wide Version Compared

This easy handling is another thing I have grown fond of. With a bit of training in order to keep the velcro to stick together in a wrong way you can quickly immobilize someone without having to fiddle a strap through a loop. Especially when travelling or packing toys for locations where you can’t walk around with a big bag of toys like the LAB the compact form factor is a nice feature. They are also lighter than restraints of the same size because they have less metal. This might sound like bean counting but if I pack for an event I have to go by plane I am happy for every 100g I can safe.

The Ankle Restraint put into the Heavy Duty Wrist Restraint

The Ankle Restraint put into the Heavy Duty Wrist Restraint

HML also addressed the length problem of the restraints: Along the standard wrist restraints I reviewed last month there is now also a set of ankle restraints available. Since the muscles in the legs are usually stronger than the ones in the arms the velcro strap has to deal with more force. This increased the noises of velcro fighting with the struggling sub but even with a beefy muscle sub they didn’t fail me. Still, if you need more security HML now also makes new heavy duty Velcro restraints from which I could test the wrist restraints. They have twice the amount of velcro with a little bit longer strap than sinlge-strap wrist restraints giving you wider range of circumference. So if your sub has thin ankles you can use them also for fettering the legs for an extra bondage kick. If you want to put them over boots, you have to get the heavy duty ankle restraints. An important thing to keep in mind is that due to the thicker D-ring on the heavy duty restraints the space used for sowing the belt onto the body increases thus the minimum circumference is bigger than on the single-strap version. I have a glove size 7 ½ and while the restraints are not closely fettered onto my wrist they don’t slip over my hand. But for people with really small hands, I recommend the standard wrist restraints. Because naturally I tried out the toys before using them in the field I took all three restraints with me feeling confident that they will perform well when I went out intending to find a sub to top.

Velcro Suspension Restraints

Velcro Suspension Restraints

One thing I have missed in Berlin were hanging restraints. Especially unpadded wrist restraints are uncomfortable when the arms are suspended over the head. HML already makes a set of padded suspension restraints with velcro straps for 149,90€ for these situations which I might review in the future.

Since there is now a set of wrist and ankle restraints out there these restraints will become the second set of everyday restraints I have been looking for quite some time – so I now need to start looking for the third set which locks with a pin.

Long story short: All three velcro restraints I had with me and used extensively during the weekend lived up to the promise to be fully substitutes for unpadded restraints. They will probably become the regular travel restraints for me because especially the non-heavy duty set is small enough to get stores in my toiletry bag.


Price overview

Velcro Leather Wrist Restraints 49,90€
Velcro Leather Ankle Restraints 59,90€
Velcro Leather Wrist Restraints Wide 79,90€
Velcro Leather Ankle Restraints Wide 99,90€
Hand Suspension Stirrups 149,90€


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