McHurt Clover Clamps

Vendor: McHurt

First Impression and construction

The first impression of the clover clamps is a bit ambivalent: On the one hand, they are kind of cool looking. Due to being bigger than most other clamps I know, they have great presence. Also the complex mechanical part between the push points and the sturdy curb chain adds to the cool technical flair. On the other hand, the complex mechanism looks and feels a bit fickle. The metal is quite thin and flexes a lot when pressure is applied. Also the ring which links the chain to the clamp sometimes gets in the way of the opening mechanism.

Playing with it

Despite the bad feelings concerning the sturdiness and functionality, the clamps perform pretty well in real life.

The grip surface

The grip surface

The pressure points are large and have a rippled texture which provides good grip. Even with lube at the finger tips or gloves on operating the clamps was fairly easy. Furthermore the spring isn’t too hard so not too much pressure is needed to open up the clamps. To keep the clamp from slipping the tips have a spiky rubber pad which sits firmly; even after nearly three years of using them they have not gotten loose. But sadly the pads are not really going their jobs. Especially when you have been wearing rubber, lube has been come onto the part of the skin or you nipples have been twisted with other gear so that they started to weep the clamps tend to get off very easily or worse will not stick at all. This is partly due to the light spring pressure and the clamps get advertised with increasing pressure when the chain is pulled. Sadly, it doesn’t work. I tried it with weights and manual pulling, with wet skin, with dry skin, even with talcum on in it, they clamps get loose. This can get nasty when the clamp moves forward uncontrollable and by this increases the pressure on a decreasing area and so getting pretty intense unintentional. If you want to increase the pressure intentional there is an area behind the first hinge which seemed to be made for gripping and pressing it.

This is pretty sad, because these clamps are actually great. They open up fairly wide compared to others so a lot of material can be put between the tips making the clamp very flexible regarding the area where they can be put. Also the pain is not too harsh which makes them ideally to start a session or to start at all with clamp play when you are an ambitious newcomer. For experienced pain pigs the light spring pressure is interesting because the clamps can stay on your body nearly indefinitely long making the taking of an interesting experience.

Besides the pain the texture of the tips provide a light prickling sensation which distinguishes them from other clamps and adds a nice sensory experience especially when the sub is blindfolded. Another nice feature of the texture is a pattern the clamp leaves in soft tissue. It goes away after a couple of minutes but it is a nice way to scare a new sub or mark an old one at least for a few moments.

Conslusion: A great clamps for newbies and pain pigs – when you can get it to stick to your skin
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy and reliable to handle Get off easily McHurt 11,50€
Distinguishable sensory experience Strong flex in the material Regulation £21,99
Large opening Mr S $17,95
Good looking Mister B 17,50€



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