2013 – An Outlook

The near year is already 3 days old. So it is time to brew some tea, get some soda biscuits and change into rubber to reflect a little on the upcoming 12 month.

Things I vainly hoped for in 2012

The Recon Android App

For half a decade iOS has been THE mobile ecosystem for gays. However things have change and with high class Android devices flooding the market and more and more people getting fed up with the restrictions of iOS I hoped that Recon would finally release an Android App. Sadly, I was wrong. Let’s hope for 2013…

A better Communication Style

I don’t know if I have been raised in the 19th century or if I expect too much but the communication style of most gays and BDSM retailers is really bad – to put it in a civilized way. Regarding gays when you get a facepic and you don’t like the guy, at least write him politely that he is not your type. Just staying silence is bad style. And when it comes to toy manufacturers or retailers, it is even worse: Some stores don’t answer inquiries at all – regardless whether you write to them over their website, twitter or a normal e-mail – or you get one answer and if you answer to that e-mail again, there is silence. My outlook for the next year on that issue? Grim!

What Products I would like to see in 2013

A worthy successor of the ET312b

Most of you know that I haven’t done electro yet. But as a quality maniac if I get into electro play, I want to do it properly with decent box. Most long-time kinksters and toy shop owners I have talked to said, that there isn’t a good product out there at the moment. The majority of the new boxes are not powerful enough p.e. for large plugs but they wouldn’t also recommend the ET312b due to being complicate to use and having a horrible, only beta-like PC suite. So I really hope for a powerful, easy to use and multifunctional e-stim box in 2013.


I know, most of you will be laughing by now but let me explain. Many kinksters I know what to show they perversion in everyday life but can’t use products like a wristband due to a dress code or unpleasant questions from the family. So the easiest solution would be a lanyard slightly hanging out of a pocket showing the logo of a major toy manufacturer. But weirdly neither Mr S Leather nor Mister B nor RoB nor Fort Torff, etc. pp. carry such a simple item. This is even more astonishing when you look at which price point fashion or sport brands sell their lanyards for and for which little price you can get a thousand of these made in China. So large margin combined with little capital lockup costs, I can’t really understand why at least one large retailer offers lanyards.


Another laugh but again, let me finish. Nearly every large toy distributor today started out as a small leather workshop catering to the demands of the local market. And still, many of these shops make their leather items themselves or even have a bespoken leather service because one of the core competence is high quality leather works. So again: I wonder why they don’t offer wallets. This is not only my everlasting struggle to bring kink in everyday life or my frustration that I can’t find a decent new wallet, but also a marketing issue. For many kinksters BDSM is also a lifestyle which doesn’t only influence their free time, party and mating habits, but also their mindset, their social values, it has created an own art aesthetic and so forth. Toy manufacturers can benefit from this development by not only creating a strong brand identity which interacts with the scene but also can make additional sales on lifestyle accessories – like wallets –kinksters have been buying from other brand.

What to expect from ToyTorture.com


I have long planed some Do it Yourself Articles but somehow there wasn’t the time and the place to realize them. And there probably will not during my stay in Chicago, so it will probably be fall until you will find blue prints on this website.

What I personally Hope for in 2013

Getting my visa in time for my departure on the 9th

An interesting, enriching and live changing semester abroad

Many critical readers for ToyTorture.com

Finishing my bachelor and starting my master

What I look forward to in 2013

Laughing with old friends

Meeting new friends

Dawn at Lake Shore

More kinkier, dirtier and perverted session

Cocktails and Cooking in Hamburg

Pain and Passion at Folsom in Berlin

Seeing my boy friend after 5 month in Chicago

What I Wish my Readers for 2013

Health, Success, Joy, Laughter, good Sessions and even better Friends, interesting Encounters and tempting Possibilities

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