665 Leather Neoprene Confinement Hood

Vendor: 665 Leather

The 665 Leather Neoprene Confinement Hood

The 665 Leather Neoprene Confinement Hood


Today’s toy of the Heavy Bondage Special is made out of soft neoprene. The soft side of the neoprene is always on the outside on this toy. I am reviewing the L/XL version that measures approx. 31cm by 29cm. While this may sound large please be advised that I have a somewhat average head size and this mask sits quite tightly and is a bit difficult to put on. While neoprene stretches and thus creates a great confinement sensation (see: next section) this hood is definitely not for quickly throw on, especially if the sub has much hair.

Over the entire front of the hood runs a zipper behind which a roughly anatomic mask with cut out for the eyes and mouth is sowed. On the back there runs a zipper up the half to make putting on the mask easier. In order to keep from hair getting caught in the zipper a piece of neoprene covers the zipper from the inside.

Detail of the Back Zipper for Easier Access

Detail of the Back Zipper for Easier Access

I am a bit indecisive what to say about the build quality. The seams of this toy are flawless. Again, they are not welded yet for a hood I don’t consider that important. Sadly the cutout of the double mask is not as precise as I would have hoped for. Luckily neoprene can quite easily be cut with a good pair of kitchen scissors yet this gets a deduction in the B-note. But what you should keep in mind: $50 for a double face hood is a bargain!

Detail of the Inside Mask behind the Front Zipper

Detail of the Inside Mask behind the Front Zipper

Playing with it

While last week’s reviewed toy was all about fitting loose this mask is the complete opposite. The neoprene fits tightly around the head, creating an intense feeling of bondage. If you add ear plugs they get firmly pushed into the sub’s ears canceling out noises very well and adding to the feeling of isolation. Once the front zipper is closed the sub is caught in darkness, inhaling the neoprene scent. This property makes this mask the ideal companion for the Neoprene sleepsack I reviewed some time ago because it creates total neoprene immersion/ gimpness. Another nice feature of neoprene is its waterproofness. This mask once served as a “storage tool” for a piss sub on a party: open the zipper if needed, close it once done. Since neoprene pulls together you get a bit of a cocksucker hood effect if you don’t open the zipper too much. So you can face fuck the sub while remaining anonymous. Of cause, it takes a bit of practice to find the sweet spot that the tension doesn’t open the zipper completely.

The amount of air that is let through the zipper is enough to allow for a good oxygen supply. Yet if you are into it, put a poppers drenched cotton ball behind the closed zipper and the intoxication is quite intense.

Conslusion: Inexpensive, well confining double face hood
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great sensation of bondage and isolation Not as precisely cut as I would have wished for 665 Leather $50
A bit tricky to put on
Very inexpensive for a double face hood Sizing on the smaller end
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