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Christmas Gift Tip V – Leather Chastity Harness

Christmas is over and after being stuffed with good food and (some more, some less) having enjoyed the company of our relatives most of us are heading home today. Some back to the gym in order to prepare for Full Fetish in London or to look good for the New Year’s Eve (Play) Party. Some might even already be thinking about New Year Resolutions for 2016.

Maybe because of that the time around Christmas is the period of the year where I get asked most about chastity device. I guess some of you want to become better boys next year in order to escape Santa’s naughty list in 2016. The question which chastity belt is right for whom is a quite complex one yet important because the devices are quite expensive investments.

The HML Leather Chastity Harness

The HML Leather Chastity Harness

When I went to HML in early December to try out some toys for the upcoming Heavy Bondage Special the guys handed me their new leather chastity harness. Being made out of leather it is soft and doesn’t leave a too big print even through thin cloth dress pants. It is also flexible thus comfortable to wear. Due to the stressful pre-Christmas period I haven’t had a chance to try it out extensively but I somehow fear that my new boy friend has already some evil thoughts. You will be able to read an extensive review in the Heavy Bondage Special sometime in March. But for only 79.95€ it is on the less expensive side of chastity devices and thus a great way to get used to have “something” permanently around your dick.

Christmas Gift Tip IV – Books

Only 4 days until Christmas Eve. Time is growing short to get gifts for your loved ones. So it is too late for a custom piece of gear or that play furniture you always wanted but would never fit under the Christmas tree.

One great way in order to not only benefit your and the ones close to you but the entire community is to make a donation to a worthy cause. This was last year’s last minute gift recommendation so please refer to this blog post if you are looking for a place to donate.

51DeuFibcvLThe first book is a kinky coffee table book called “Porn – From Andy Warhol to X-Tube” written by Kevin Clarke. It is a history of gay porn from the early beginning to the self-promotion of X-Tube stars. It sheds light into the change of the different genre and interviews important characters which acted before and behind the camera. While this books is about gay porn in general there is some insight into studios like Falcon and Cazzo (which by the way has its own book called the “Cazzo Story” which I think is currently only available in German) which shaped the aesthetics and way we play in our scene.

81BFZBhXQCLAnother mixture of porn and popular culture is the book “Forever Butt”. It is the second collection of pictures, interviews and articles from the (in)famous Dutch alternative gay magazine. Printed on pink paper it give insight into parts of the gay (kinky) community that isn’t as visible as other scenes. I have gotten their first compilation and strolling through the pages has always let to surprising and insightful new aspects of (gay) live.

51r95-431sLIf you are more looking for a trip back on memory lane that is easy to read like a novel take a look at Jim Stewart’s “Folsom Street Blues”. It is an autobiographical episodic novel of the life of Jim Steward. He is a photographer who came to San Francisco’s Castro district in the early 1970s just when it started to turn into the leather mecca it is now famous for. His point of view and acquaintances with many famous people from this area makes an interesting and fun read for everybody interested in that part of our scene’s history.

51758A6GwJLFor a more theoretical and thematic broader insight into this period of the leather scene I recommend Jack Fritscher’s “Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer”. I have to admit the read is sometimes hard but he covers so many different topics that like the Butt book there is always something interesting to discover between the covers.

Christmas Gift Tip III – Cards & Calendars

11390053_7273890-stscrd01_lIt is only 11 days until Christmas. So it is high time to think about which fellow kinkster is going to get a Christmas card. And why not write this card in style? California based punk-kinky artist Drubskin offers some of his more modest motives on Society6 on a variety of products. These include stationary cards in sets of 3 for $12, 5 for $15 or 10 for $20 all including envelopes. I you want one of his more explicite motives get in touch with him. He can print them individually for $20 for 5 cards where you can mix and match the motives.

84115Also Uberkinky has given the Holiday Seasons some thought and made three rather kinky stationary cards. They retail for £2.99 a card or £6.99 for the set of three. Besides giving the receiver a slight hint what you want to do to them (or have done to you) next year they might also serve you as an inspiration for the last Christmas cookie baking session.

One of the most popular gifts at Christmas are calendars. Having a nice picture to look at when trying to remember which date it is it at least brightening my day on a regular basis. For two years two two from Mister B and one from the Czech Leathermen Association stayed with me. But not it is time for a change. And this year you can combine a nice playroom ornament or kinky object to look at in your office and do something good along the way.

_DSC0639-2The Quälgeist is a non-profit BDSM play location in Berlin. Each year they produce a calendar with fetish and BDSM motives benefitting their venue. It is a limited run always introduced at Folsom Europe so if you are interested in getting one you better be quick. It is sold for 8€ at their club location but I am positive that you will be able to get one sent to you when you get in touch with them.

DM_leatherbg_gearedup_promocalendarAnother non-profit organization that deserves your support is the Leather Archive & Museum in Chicago. They preserve and research our community’s history, organize events and educate by having an exhibition, inviting speakers and an extensive library. This year they teamed up with Daddy’s Media, a Chicago based company specializing in marketing for all things kink, to make the great “Geared Up Calendar” benefitting the LA&M. It features a modern interpretation of classic leather motives and intriguing BDSM pictures. It ships internationally and costs $17 + shipping.

Christmas Gift Tip II – Steel Bondage

With 8.5kg their heaviest Collar with added Bondage Points closed with a padlock

With 8.5kg their heaviest Collar with added Bondage Points closed with a padlock

One of the four Christmas gift tips every year is dedicated to the extremes of BDSM: Oversized ass toys, extreme pain or almost inhuman bondage. This year the latter is the case with recommending the Parus steel bondage toys and especially the Plug Steel Bondage system.

Parus Extra Heavy Steel Wrist & Ankle Restraints

Parus Extra Heavy Steel Wrist & Ankle Restraints

Parus is quite small store in Munich that has a well-earned reputation of making very high quality leather gear. They only use European hide which has been tanned using highest standard to keep you from getting allergies. I own a harness from them which I love and I soon hope to be getting restraints and a hood from them. But leather isn’t their only field of expertise. They are not quite as famous for it as their leather works but they excel at making steel bondage.

Overview of the Plug System with Leather Covered Restraints and Connection Chains

Overview of the Plug System with Leather Covered Restraints and Connection Chains

Even though they also sell relatively light steel bondage you can get in most places most of their gear is on the heavier side really making you fell the weight of the restraints. Some of my really bondage obsessed friends own steel restraints from Parus and they say that almost nothing makes them feel more bound DOWN than the thick and heavy steel from Parus. Another nice feature it the integrated barrel lock so that you don’t have to deal with padlocks dangling around. Into locking posts of the barrel lock you can put metal plates onto which you can mount chains or use as bondage points. If you can deal with a heavy duty padlock they offer especially heavy collars with welded on bondage points.

The Stainless Steel Bondage Belt with welded Bondage Points

The Stainless Steel Bondage Belt with welded Bondage Points

The restraints are made is painstakingly accurate so there are no sharp burrs, all edges are round that despite the weight they can be worn for a long period of time without causing unintended bruises. The majority of the toys are made out of stainless steel so allergies are not an issue. If you are still concerned they offer some pieces wrapped in their high quality leather.
To be honest the restraints don’t come cheap starting at 349€ for a belt and ending at 650€ with leather covered wrist cuffs. But if you take into consideration the amount of metal and time it takes to create this master pieces and the feeling of being bound and dragged down by metal (a full restraint set from collar to ankles weights over 20kg and it isn’t the heaviest set…) they are worth the money!

Christmas Gift Tip I – Kinky Ornaments

Mr S Reindeer Muzzle & Leather Santa Hat

Mr S Reindeer Muzzle & Leather Santa Hat

It is only four Sundays until Christmas so the annual tradition of Christmas gift ideas for the discriminating kinkster who has everything starts again. Today will be all about kinky ornaments to put onto or use with a sub.

The perverts at Mr S really put some thought into this year’s Christmas season. They took their popular leather Woof! Muzzle and turned it into a reindeer muzzle. I could imagine that at the next pup mosh some pups might be interested into a reindeer. And they also thought about the handlers who want to get into the Christmas spirit with creating a leather Santa hat.

Oxballs Jingle Balls Cockring

Oxballs Jingle Balls Cockring

If you fear you might loose the sub at a the Christmas gangbang the new Jingle Balls Aluminum Cockring from Oxballs might be the right thing to get him. It comes in three classic holiday colors: green, red and silver. What sets this cockring apart is a sleigh bell mounted at the bottom so you can hear where the sub is moving. This might be especially interesting when you put the microphone of an e-stim box next to the bell…

Mr S Leather & Neoprene Stockings

Mr S Leather & Neoprene Stockings

If the pup, sub or even the top has been nice all year long they might be in for a treat on Dec 6th. And what more stylish and appropriate way than to exchange the old knitted socks with either neoprene or leather stockings from Mr S. Depending on your preference you can get them either in black or red which might be a good way to subtly tell your dom whether you want an XXL plug or rather a single tail for Christmas.

Mister B Seagrass Flogger

Mister B Seagrass Flogger

In northern Germany we have a little own tradition when it comes to Saint Nicholas day which is Dec 6th. Instead of hanging stockings onto the mantel piece we put out polished boots in front of our doors. The people who have been nice all year get their boot filled by Saint Nicholas with candy and small presents (remember: the larger the boot, the more space for stuffing). But the people who have been bad just get bundle of twigs from Knecht Ruprecht. I haven’t found a bundle of twigs I would recommend for impact play but I once saw a guy playing with this seagrass flogger from Mister B which comes fairly close to a bundle of twigs. The good thing is that it is a really good toy which leaves a lasting impression so hopefully the bad boy will remember to be better next year.

Mr S Boot Black Kit

Mr S Boot Black Kit

So if your boots are dirty and dull and you fear the whip quickly grab yourself a boot black kit from Mr S. When you care for your boots don’t forget your master ones’. He might have a treat for you if you do it well.

Christmas Gift Tip 4 – Give Generously

As every year the last Sunday before Christmas is reserved for some last minute gift ideas. While the last year I focused on easily to get items I want to put the focus on organizations that make our community better. They are working hard to improve our live so they deserve our attention, time and money. The selection is highly subjective; there are numerous others out there so take these just as suggestions and donate for whichever cause you find fitting.

Since its foundation in 1991 the Leather Archives and Museum has been one of the if not the premiere institution to collect, preserve and research the history of our community. If it wasn’t for this institution a lot of important artifacts would have been lost forever. By donating to this cause you are not only preserving our history for generations to come but through research gives our history and culture social recognition and legitimation through scientific research. Besides becoming a member they offer a small selection of branded leather related items in their shop.

Mr. Friendly’s goal is it to reduce the stigma HIV still has in our community. The volunteers are there to talk about HIV to lower bounderies and abolish wrong stereotypes, encourage people to get tested and generally try to improve the lives of people who are HIV positive and the people living together with them. You can either support them by donating directly or buying something from their store.

I guess nearly every read of my website has heard of the NoSafeword Show. Produced in Seattle by a happy bunch of perverts in the studio/ playroom it has been on the air for nearly two years now. Each week they are producing a high quality podcast bringing serious information on diverse topics that matter to every kinkster in an entertaining way. Like my website they finance their website mostly through their own money and being a downloadable podcast their traffic is way higher than mine. So donating to their projects keeps a valuable source of knowledge and lightheartedness even in serious times available for everybody in the community for free.

Last but not least: Traditionally nearly every leather club has a charity supporting community members with financial needs like medical bills.

If you want to support not a specifically kinky organization there are several worthy causes out there. First of all there is the It Gets Better project. It was started out by Dan Savage telling young gay people struggling with being gay in a what seems (and sometimes still is) hostile environment telling them that it is actually getting better of being a gay person. While It Gets Better has become an international campaign there are almost certainly local projects you can support if you want to see direct impact in your community: Support for gay homeless, living quarters for youth who have been kicked out of their parent’s house, a switch board for gay people with problems. Especially for these projects, if you can’t give money, give them some of your time next year and volunteer to make our community a better place.

If you need some physical gift for someone else after all, get them an IKEA gift certificate. I am currently working on an article about toy storage which will feature quite some IKEA items.

Christmas Gift Tip 3 – Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland is one of the artists forming the image of the leather fetish in the early years of the scene after World War II. Nearly anybody in the scene has at least seen a few of his iconic drawings and can instantly recognize their style. And while they might not meet everyone’s taste they are still an important part of our history.

In order to preserve his work Touko Laaksonen and Durk Dehner established the Tom of Finland Foundation in 1984 (which purpose was later extended to collect and thus safe erotic art from other artists). Since then the foundation has carefully curated the catalogue and last year teamed up with the Finish textile company Finlayson to create a range of products bearing the works of Tom of Finland. Their current range ranges from bed sheets over pillow and duvet covers to towels large enough to take to your favorite bath house (or normal sauna to show your leather pride there).

Tom of Finland XXL by Taschen

Tom of Finland XXL by Taschen

If you want a more traditional gift I would recommend the Tom of Finland XXL book from Taschen. It is a BIG book, looks great on (a not too small) coffee table and through its sheer size gives the works enough space to take full effect. It features over 1.000 works, some of them published for the first time. Strolling through the book shows how Tom of Finland’s style and the idealized type in the scene developed over four decades. So this is the right gift for every kinky art aficionado, Tom of Finland fan or person interested in how the gay leather scene changed between its coming into existence to the late 1980s.


Note: I sadly couldn’t obtain the copyright of the product pictures so I kindly ask to click on the provided links to see the products.

Christmas Gift Tip 2: Bigger is Better

One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. Or in this case: One man’s playroom decoration is another man’s favorite toy.

Being in marketing I know that one that especially clothes for women are sold with the argument “just buy something that doesn’t fit and make it your goal to lose enough weight to get into it.” So today’s tips are for a number of different groups: For the people looking already for a new year resolution to train their ass or balls so much that by the end of next year they can take one of the toys. For the experienced size connoisseur who looks for something new to play with. And for the people who want to add a striking piece to their playroom which sparks a conversation and maybe an interesting session.

I have been asked quite often if I knew an ass lock that is truly stuffing and comfortable to wear. The only one on the market I know off is the Keepburning Hoolalass. They have a number of attachments but the Hydro with a diameter of 70mm should be enough to even bring a greed hole pleasure when walking around wearing it.


Hydro 39,90€


Hoolalass Black 12,90€

I might be doing a review of the Hoolalass system in the next year if I can get my hands on one. So if you are interested to be kept updated follow me on Twitter and check my website on a regular basis.

Also from the guys of Keepburning comes the Finland Boll. With a diameter of nearly 11cm at the glans it is one of the largest dildos with a natural look. Sold either in classic black, flesh color or blue it is a great gift for any fistee working at home to finally get the second fist up his ass.

Finland Boll

Finland Boll 199€

Nearly as big but a whopping half kilogram heavier is the Estim Decimator plug. As you know I really love the design of their premium electrodes. And this is just the right one if you want to enjoy the feeling of getting fucked by electricity even after a heavy fisting scene – or if you like me are just looking for a stylish, kinky paper weight/ desk ornament.


E-Stim Decimater £325

Another thing I like are stretched and bouncy balls. I love my ball stretcher because it fits my somewhat middle of the road balls just right. But if you are a fan of low hangers this ball stretcher from Mister B is the one to get. It stretchers your balls 12cm and with it weight of over 2kg the swing momentum of this stainless steel toy must be incredible somewhere between delightful agony and excruciating ecstasy.


Mister B Stainless Steel 120mm Ball Stretcher 199€

If you love low hangers but are not quite there yet, getting the Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System from Mister B is the way to approach your project for 2015. The system has three adjustable bars which will stretch your balls up to 18cm. A nice added feature is the it is equipped with a 2mm and a 4mm socket to attach to an electro box. It is only a monopole but with a Y-adapter and something from E-Stim systems premium range, you will have loads of fun.

Stretching Set

Mandax Ultimate Ball Stretching System 169€

Christmas Gift Tip 1: Kinky Chocolate

Following the last two years tradition for the next four Sundays I am going to publish some Christmas Gift Tips for the kinkster who believes that he has everything.

Paul McCarthy's Christmas Tree made out of Dark Chocolate © Mademoiselle Chocolate 2014

Paul McCarthy’s Christmas Tree made out of Dark Chocolate
© Mademoiselle Chocolate 2014

Some of you might remember the sculpture of a big green inflatable buttplug called “Christmas Tree” put up at Place Verdome in Paris in October by artist Paul McCarthy. Sadly this piece of art was soon destroyed by a humorless and dull person. As a form of revenge Paul McCarthy opend up an exhibition at Monnaie de Paris called “Chocolate Factory”.

Santa holding a Tripple Ripple Christmas Tree made out of Dark Chocolate © Mademoiselle Chocolate 2014

Santa holding a Tripple Ripple Christmas Tree made out of Dark Chocolate
© Mademoiselle Chocolate 2014

There are chocolate versions of his “Christmas Tree” or Father Christmas holing an… ehm… triple ripple version of the Christmas tree. For all people who can’t travel to France to get their dark brown treat you can order them online at Mademoiselle Chocolate. They cost 50€ for either the tree or Santa Claus or 90€ for the set.

Christmas Gift Tip IV: Books

In a few moments I am off to my folks at home for Christmas but I don’t want to let you alone three days before Christmas Eve without some last minute gift ideas. Since books are still one of the easiest to obtain goods in our economy here are three books I would recommend for every Kinkster to own.

Leatherfolk by Mark Thompson


When I was in Chicago this spring this book was recommended to me by a fellow Kinkster of being a basic reading and I have to agree: Covering everything from the history of the scene by decade since the war through gripping autographical examples , essays that explore our lust and desire from a personal and scientific angle up to the spiritual aspect of kink it provides background info for the novice and new ideas for the experienced player.

Leathersex by Joseph W. Bean


This book has a more hands-on approach. It covers nearly every possible kind of play, gives advice and thus showcases what can be done to a sub. It goes into fairly depth in every topic so for a novice top it is a good basic read to get started. More experienced players will probably discover something new to try out.

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains


In Urban Aboriginals Mains brings science to the play party. He discusses the influence of our body’s gratification system on why we enjoy kinky stuff and how our scene works on a sociological base. Despite some hot example texts and quotes from kinksters it can be a hard read sometimes but when you want to know why your dick is jumping when certain things happen, read this book. But I have to give a word of warning: The book was written in the early 80s and I am not a neuro scientist so some of the things describe might be outdated or proven wrong. If you have knowledge about that please write me an e-mail.