About ToyTorture

About ToyTorture

Born: March 1987

Home Base: Dresden

Nick Name: Mr Fuckin‘ ToyTorture – Jedi Butt Plug Master

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Relationship Status: Happily taken in a very open relationship

BDSM Orientation: Playful masochist, greedy fistee and sensual sadist

Fetishes: Mostly rubber, leather, chav and skin, but army, SWAT and sports gear are also cool. I have a sweet spot for leather tops with gloves 😉

Twitter, Recon & PlanetRomeo: ToyTorture

Live Motto: The best is yet to come!

Interview with Myself

Do you define yourself solely by your sexuality?

Not really. It is a part of me which shapes me in many ways. Some of my attitudes, my preferences, my free time activities, the people I hang out with are influenced by being gay and being into BDSM. But besides that, I am a a bit shy, a bit academic fun loving guy who enjoys nature and has a way to dry humor for most of the people around me.

Come on, you are shy?

Yeah, I am. A bit at least. So if you see me at a store/ event/ party, don’t blink, wink or glance at me if you want to talk to me. Just come up to me, I don’t bite.

So you are not all about being gay and a sub. What other hobbies do you have?

I tend to read a lot starting from SciFi and fantasy, esp. Pratchett, and ending with classics especially Fitzgerald. Despite my figure and the way to little time I spend in the gym, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with friends backing a lot and cooking a little (if I don’t have internet, I go into my kitchen to jerk off on my kitchen porn). Mostly these cooking events go together with board games, RPGs or movie nights. If I have got the time, to model and the location, I do fetish photography. Not as good as most of my friends due to lacking practice, but I am getting better. The weirdest of my hobbies is collection fountain pens and cultivating a sort of hand writing culture, a really anachronistic thing in times of the internet, but for me it is a great method to get my thoughts organized and expressed. Concluding, if I could afford it, it would travel way more often but so I have something to do when I have a full daytime job.

Since when have you been into BDSM?

If I look back even at my childhood I guess I was kinky before I even knew what sex was. My first real interest started when I was around 14, my first session was with another top after I moved to the Ruhr region 6 years later.

Why did you start ToyTorture.com?

When I started out venturing into the big world of kink I was looking for some orientation where to buy toys and which were good. Sadly at that point of time there was no such website out there. So as my toy collection grew and I experienced the culture and spirit of support and teaching in the community I wanted to give something back. So I decided to make the website I was way back then looking for.

How did running ToyTorture.com change you?

Definitely! Without the website and its Twitter account I would have never gotten in contact with so many great, creative, inspiring and talented people. It also changed the way I am looking at toys and buying them: Instead of buying toys for different kinds of scenes like a spanking scene I have started to look for different sensations they create. So if at the beginning I would have called myself a toy collection I would now call myself a sensation collector. Also, getting questions about toys from my readers I would have never considered trying out my readers helped me to discover new kinks I am now enjoying very much.

Don’t you think this website will hurt your career?

I am sure that at a certain point in my live, I will feel very sorry for setting up this website. Due to my studies I will probably work in marketing, probably in the luxury branch due to my apprenticeship. Being an open pervert is not the best qualification in a conservative environment.  Despite the facts speaking against it, I think, I made the right move. Even before setting up this website, on Google my name is closely related to my BDSM speech I held several times. Furthermore I don’t want to lie about myself and my preferences anymore. What you see is what you get. I keep my sexuality in my bedroom and my work in my study – and I excel in both of them. So everybody who finds about my “dark” side fits in one of the two categories: Doing something bad to me or being a pervert on its own. For both eventualities I can’t really bother because there always will be people who hate however I behave so I might just be true to myself. And on the upside: I can’t get blackmailed with compromising facts – it is all here. I know of executives in Düsseldorf who are into really kinky stuff but always fear of getting discovered. I am glad that I don’t have this problem – for the price of maybe not getting all the jobs I might want to get.

In the intro you wrote a very particular nick namen. Where did that come from?

Actually two people are responsible for it. The „Mr Fuckin'“ comes from a good friend from Manchester. At Folsom 2018 I think one of his friends asked him who he was talking to and he answered: „You don’t know him? That’s Mr Fuckin‘ ToyTorture.“ The „Jedi Butt Plug Master“ is an honorary title bestowed to me by Mr Stephe Lane aka Ox, the founder of Oxballs in a weird, derailed Twitter conversation. I don’t give much about titles but I found these two funny so I adopted them. The represent the kinky, chaotic and sometimes absurd way my life is.

So, if somebody is interested in getting to know you, where can they find you?

Since I live in a small town far away from any major kink places the best way it to message me on Recon or PlanetRomeo. If I am going out you can find me sometimes at Bunker in Dresden, the LAB and Quälgeist in Berlin. If you see, don’t be shy and say „hi“.

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