I am delighted to announce that after weeks of negotiation is acquiring per April 1st 2013.

With last year’s success of “Fifty Shades of Grey” BDSM has entered the cultural main stream making more and more people curious of kinky sexual activities. Through its success the book was one of the best selling items on Amazon’s websites throughout the world drawing attention to the newly developed market of kinky items for the average person. In Amazon’s strive to deliver the customer a wide selection of products satisfying the most discriminating demands they looked for an expert source on BDSM toys not only to improve their purchasing competencies but also to give their customers a source of orientation.

In the few months after its launch has become one of the internet’s premiere websites testing BDSM toys. It attracts readers from all over the world serving them with reliable and independent reviews and thus making itself a perfect addition to’s portfolio of special interests sites. I am proud that so shortly after its lunch joins the ranks of famous and important websites like IMDb, or belonging to

I will remain editor of this website but look forward to benefit from the knowhow and resourced has to offer in order to improve the quality and experience on this website even more. It is still yet to determine how will be integrated into Amazon’s network. Please visit this website for further updates.

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