Asmodeus, Bael & Orobas

Toy Properties

Form: Fantasy Toy
Material: Platinum Silicone
Colors: Black & Red Marble
Firmness: Soft & some Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Twisted Beast

When Twisted Beast launched their Twitter page in September of 2020 they the ass pig world was wide open for their extravagant dildo design – partly due to their really good poppers. Their product design was on par with their marketing and storytelling. So I was quickly inundated with messages asking if their toys were any good. Doing thorough tests, it took a while – as usual. But here is my take on their three original designs now – while my mailbox continues to gather questions regarding their new knotted toy Marchosias.

The Twisted Beast Asmodeus, Bael & Osmodeus


Let’s start with their probably most sought after toy: Asmodeus, a toy for rolling in the depth of your colon! It starts out with a small, conically glove glans which is textured with a hinted urethra and a protruding corpus spongiosum like on a canine dick. This glans is the tip of a steeply tapering conical body with elliptical intersection which aspect ratio is 13:18. The body is heavily textured costal arch like bulges wrapping around it as a core. Their joining points on the top and the bottom form a band of pointy bumps. Laterally between the arches are small rips and grooves which texture the otherwise smooth core surface. The final pair of arches forms a plug like end. Its neck it embossed with Twisted Beast’s pentagram logo.  Towards the bottom the neck just slightly curves outward. This means, there is no real base and the bottom diameter is considerably smaller than the maximum stretch of the plug section.

Bael’s Tapered Glans with the Big Bulges

Beal starts out with a human-like glans which evenly opens up the sphincter. But below there is a considerable, steep drop around the rim. Beal’s shaft is even more textured than Asmodeus. The top of it a pair of thick and long, boil-like bumps support an even thicker yet narrower vertical ridge. While the sides are only textured with small and shallow veins the bottom starts out with a pair of boil-like bumps atop of a massive ventral groove. The base is two massive, realistic balls. The Twisted Beast signal is embossed on the other side on the bottom of the shaft.

Orobas is almost the anti-thesis to the previous two toys. While their glans was designed for easy penetration, his glans is not! In a discussion with an equine toy savvy testee I called Orobas’ tip “quarted-flared” and he agreed. A flattish half-dome with a meatus separating it into two halves is surrounded by a cluster of big, dullish bulges. Due to this the sphincter need to be a bit looser to welcome Orobas compared to an anatomically correct unexcited horse glans. But he is way easier to take than a big, brutish flared glans and is actually a good intermediate toy before taking a fully flared Friesian dildo. Unlike his predecessors Orobas’ shaft is relatively smooth. Only a loose cluster of thick yet smooth veins give it some edge. 2/3 down from the glans a median ring like on most horse dildos raises slightly out of the shaft. You can take Orobas even deeper before the shaft flares out forming a wide base. On that slope the pentagonal logo is embossed.

Orobas Flattish Glans with its Bulges Rim

Like most modern anal toys all Twisted Beast demon dicks are made out of platinum silicone. This means they are 100% body safe and should only be used with water- or oil-based lubed. The silicone oil in silicone or hybrid lubes can disintegrate the toy. Twisted Beast used to make their toys also in black but now you have one color option: Their signature streaky marble of bright red and tar black, aptly called “Inferno”. I like this color a lot! It gives of a brooding, sexy vide and resonates very well with the shape of the dildos! What I do not like is that they now only offer their toys in their signature firmness Shore 00-30 which is really soft to the point where it becomes a usability problem. (they used to offer toys in Shore 00-50 or A10). I promised my testees not to ramble on about the trend of only offering soft silicone so I leave it with the notice that like all soft silicone the toys attract dust very easily.

The Twisted Beast Vac-U-Lock hole has an opening diameter of 25mm and two lugs inside to lock the adapter in place. The adapter sits somewhat securely and can be pulled off with ease but compared to other manufacturer I always had the fear the toy would fall off. Compared to the massive suction force the 17mm diameter of a Mr Hankey’s Toys or SquarePeg (though their hole is not round but square) generate, a Twisted Beast on a Vac-U-Lock tool feels flimsy. Some of my testees have fuck machines and put Orobas and Bael on them. They assured me that the grip was sufficient enough for penetrating an open hole. But two testees managed to grip Bael’s glans with their anus and pull it off the rod. Furthermore most fuck machine owners were unsure how well the largest sizes, being considerably heavier would stick to the adaptor.

The Vac-u-Lock inside Asmodeus‘ Elliptical Base

Before we come to the size table, here is something to keep in mind when reading the number: My testees and I unanimously agree that all Twisted Beast toys feel smaller than they are. Don’t get me wrong, they are far from small and the sizes on the website are accurate when comparing to measurements of the physical toys. But as an experienced ass pig when you read a size number, it you have a certain experience/ expectations how the toy will fill you and if you can take it. Based on this experience I chose the sizes (in consultation with some of my testees). When the toys arrived, they looked good, they felt big in our hands – and we were all surprised how easily our holes swallowed them. This is probably due to Twisted Beast making some of the softest toys in the market (Topped Toys uses Shore 00-33 and to my knowledge only ElyX Toys goes softer with Shore 00-20)

So when choosing your size, be sensible of course! Don’t buy something absurdly larger than you can currently take. But when you are between two sizes, get the larger one! Because, don’t but the toys for the hole you have, buy the toys for the hole you want.

Due to Asmodeus elliptical body I am using circumference instead of diameter for the body measurement.

Toy Size Overall Length Insertable Length Diameter Head Circumference Above Base
Asmodeus S 381mm 330mm 27mm 183mm
M 495mm 445mm 36mm 241mm
L 635mm 584mm 40mm 304mm
Bael S 177cm 165mm 40mm 167mm
M 228cm 203mm 58mm 221mm
L 274mm 254mm 69mm 264mm
XL 330mm 292mm 76mm 312mm
Orobas S 203mm 165mm 36mm 257mm
M 284mm 254mm 60mm 228mm
L 342mm 292mm 69mm 279mm
XL 444mm 381mm 85mm 355mm

Beal’s Textured Shaft Bottom and Big Balls

Playing with the Asmodeus, Bael & Orobas

I am going to look at these three toys in ascending perceived experience level needed to enjoy them based on my testees’ verdict. Which makes Bael first of the list.

With his human-like pointy glans he is the best toy to open up even a tighter sphincter. The massive glans drop might be a challenge for the uninitiated but due to the softness of the silicone getting the toy out was not even a problem for a guy new to anal play. The edge the glans forms it actually the first highlight of the toy. With a bit of practice it is perfect for stimulating the prostate. And if you get looser the plopping in and especially out of the sphincter is a joy of its own.

You can ride Bael vigorously but a lot of his fascination is lost then. For this he would need to be firmer (the now abandoned Shore 00-50 or even better A10 would be necessary); in the soft silicone riding him quickly turns him into a soft blur. Bael is best enjoyed riding slowly, feeling the bumps and ridges stretch certain areas of the sphincter while others can relax. The apexes of them are carefully arranged so at least each cluster can be felt individually.

The Medial Ring on Orobas‘ Shaft and the Big Base for a Sturdy Stand

Since the texture is not only arranged vertically but also horizontally, Bael shows an entire new facet in the hands of a top! Twisting it either stationary or while moving in and out unleashed completely new sensation. For example place the prostate between the ventral groove and the bump on top of the shaft and start slowly a pendular motion. The alternation of pressure made some testees leak (pre)cum.

There was a lot of discussion which toy should come second but we eventually agreed on Orobas. Since we “only” had the large to test some testees including me could take him into the rectum without much prestretch. But for the more novice, I recommend pre-stretching your hole with a more tapered toy – unless you want to experience the natural, brutish entry of an equine dick. What most definitively needs to be pre-stretched is your second sphincter! Orobas is designed to go deep but its flat glans does not go deep easily. And don’t worry; pre-stretching won’t lose you any of the experiences. The bulge around the glans might look small but it popping through your second sphincter or massaging the kinks of your colon it is very noticeable.

Twisting the toy might only be necessary to get around said kinks. Most of the time stimulation is focused on the tip so the veins are hardly felt if not focusing on them – again due to the softness of the material. Same accounts for the medial ring which most of the time just pops through the anus. It is a good depth indicator when riding the toy slowly.

Asmodeus‘ Glans

Speaking of riding, despite Orobas’ glans being in the middle between an unflared and a flared horse glans, this dildo is actually a good toy to start out when you are interested in riding equine inspired toys. The wide base in combination with the shaft standing up straight makes it the best solo rideable horse dildo I have come across yet. To do so, kneel down, maybe prop Orobas up with a yoga block and insert him into your anus. In this position your colon is most relaxed and thus prepared to take a dildo deep. Also, in this position you can most easily control the speed and force it nudges forward.

This position is also best to enjoy Asmodeus when you are doing solo play. Lying down on your back, crunching to shove the toys inside you will make your core way too tense and hinder the toy to go deep. However, the non-existing base in combination with the thin neck which is basically hallow due to the Vac-u-Lock hole causes a major stability issue! The only way to ride Asmodeus without the “base” breaking away is to insert a Vac-u-Lock adaptor into the base. I recommend a suction cup adaptor for this. I recommend this adaptor also for another reason: It widens the base. One testee of me way so caught up in the bliss of riding Asmodeus all the way inside, that he swallowed him whole! Luckily, everything that goes in will come out again. But this shock moment is something that can be avoided.

The Ridges Texturing Asmodeus Shaft

Once you had secured the base, Asmodeus is a great toy – if you prestretched your second sphincter. His glans is small and nimble but will also easily bend easily. So your second sphincter must not tense when Asmodeus wants to penetrate this sensitive body area. Once inside your colon, feeling Asmodeus sliding deeper inside you is pure bliss! The ridges on the body are wide enough apart to be felt individually yet narrow enough together for a smooth motion inside you. The ridges are also kind of predetermined bending points. So this toy will find its way even around the many bends in your colon.

Especially with the Large size you will go DEEP. But the overall shapes and edges are smooth and rounded enough that in combination with the soft material, injuries are almost impossible. Reaching this depth is helped by the very elliptical shape of the toy. If you are at a tight spot and cannot go further, retreating a bit and slowly pushing forward in a twisting motion will widen the passage. While this is a great way to go deeper, always listen carefully to your body. If with a gentle push you cannot go deeper or an uncomfortable feeling becomes pain, stop immediately! Your colon is a delicate body area which can be easily injured! Rather try another day if you run into a tight end so you can enjoy Asmodeus for many scenes to come.

The Small Neck and „Base“ of Asmodeus compared to his Big Plug Section

All things considered, the three Twisted Beast toys I have reviewed here are each very different but united in how cleverly their shafts have been designed – probably with greedy holes in mind. For my personal taste, it would be great if they were available a bit firmer (especially looking at Marchosias I prefer a firm knot to pop through the sphincter instead of a soft one sliding through).  But if you are like many people currently and love soft toys, all three are highly recommended – good enjoyed alone, best relaxed with a top who will unleash their full demonic magic upon your hole, rectum and colon.

 Where to buy?

Twisted Beast sells their toys only through their web shop. Asmodeus starts at £89.95 for the small and ends at £179.95 for the large. The price range of Bael is from £59.95 to £179.95 and you can get Orobas for between £49.95 and £219.95.

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