McHurt Screw-on Weights

Vendor: McHurt


50g weight with the snap-hook screwed on

100g weight with the snap-hook screwed on

The construction of this toy is basic and functional. The weights have a barrel shape with a diameter of approx. 2,7cm and a length depending on the weight (100g: 1,6cm; 250g: 4,7g; 500g: 9,1cm). The 1.000g weight has a diameter of 5cm and e length of 6,5cm. On top of every weight is a male screw threat with 7mm diameter and 6mm length; you find the corresponding female screw threat on the bottom. Also available are snap-hooks mounted free to move on a small barrel with a female screw threat inside to put the weights on all sorts of chains, d-rings, etc.

The weights are made out of steel with a chromium coating.

Playing with it

Generally speaking weights are very nifty toys: They can apply a steady draft without needing action from the top. Also you can incorporate them in basic yet effective mind games: The increased pain through the draft will make the bottom want to move. But when he starts to move the draft will get even stronger.

From left to right: 500g, 250g and 100g weight

From left to right: 500g, 250g and 100g weight

Through the different and thoughtful amounts of weight the draft can be dosed very precisely. Yet the construction with the small diameter can cause problems when you put together a lot of weight. I have sessions when I hit the ground due to adding more and more weights to a parachute. You could unscrew weights and exchange them for the 1.000g weights but this is not only complicated but contradicts the effect of constant added weight.

Rust on the screw threat

Rust on the screw threat

A more severe problem are the metals which are used. Chromium is a brittle material which more or less quickly comes off on the top surface and the screw threat. Because they weights are made out of normal and not stainless steel they will inevitably start to rust. At first I filed the rust away, used oil to stop it, etc. but at the moment I simply let it rust and don’t care. But if you are a fan of shine well kept toys, you should think twice before buying these weights.

Conslusion: Basic weights with some construction problems
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Will start to rust McHurt(Manufacturer) 100g: 9€

250g: 13,50€

500g 21€

1.000g: 32,50€

Hook: 2,50€

Easy to dose draft Weights become unhandy before a true pain pig has enough

Rubber 101

About the material

The basic material of rubber is natural rubber which is harvested in form of latex milk from rubber trees (hevea brasiliensis). When drying this milk turns into natural latex. However in this form you can’t work with the material because it is very sticks, breaks under cold and will disintegrate under heat. In order to turn the latex milk into a usable material a process called vulcanization is applied to the latex using sulfur, pressure and heat. During this process the white latex turns yellow due to the heat and the sulfur. If another color is desired pigments are added during the vulcanization.

Material properties

Generally speaking rubber is a very fragile and demanding material.

Latex milk consists of long polymer chains with free molecule endings. This “free” ends will join with the sulfur inside the material under heat and pressure but will stay free on the surface. Usually oxygen will dock on these ends causing redox which will change to color of the latex or can even destroy it (how to prevent this later on when I talk about taking care of you rubber). Also this effect is responsible of the friction when you put on a rubber piece.

Other harmful influences are ozone and UV-light, reactive metals like silver and cooper, plastificantes, oils and fats (this includes deodorant and perfume!) except silicone oil and great force.

On the plus side there is the flexibility and high thermal conductivity. But rubber mustn’t be overstretched because than it will not return to its original form.

The thrill of rubber gear

I am often asked what attracts me to rubber. There are a bunch of different factors. First there is the smell, than there is the touch of the surface, the feeling of the material tightly wrapping around your body. It is hard to put into words why rubber is something special. At best try it on at a local fetish dealer and find out for yourself.

Why is rubber gear so expensive?

Until the 1980s rubber was widely used in hospitals for various purposes like mattress covers or catheter because it was an easy to clean and quite robust material. But with the availability of cheap one-time products the demand for sheets of rubber decreased rapidly. Nowadays sheets of rubber which are suitable for skin contact and well made enough for lasting long are nearly exclusively made for the performing arts and fetish industry which leads to smaller quantities being made and thus increased price.

With its elastic properties rubber is a material which can only be processed by hand so there is a large chunk of manual labor cost in the price which can hardly be driven down with scale effects. Add to that the usual pervert’s mark up and you end with the price of rubber gear.

How rubber gear is made

There are two major ways of making rubber gear: gluing and dipping. For dipping you dip a form p.e. for gloves, simple shirts or a mask into liquid latex, get it out and let it dry. The advantage of this the speed large numbers of items can be made but it is very hard to create an even material thickness.

For any larger and more complex items like suits, multicolor shirts, etc. the sheets of rubber are cut into pieces using patterns and glued together. There are manufacturers who sew rubber together but since this will cost elasticity I would not recommend it.

Another non industrial way of making gear is using liquid latex. You apply the liquid on the body and let it dry a little bit. This can be a nice and very sensual experience especially when done together but make sure that the body area is completely hairless! Otherwise you will rip them out when pulling the rubber off.

Choosing a Style

You can have nearly everything wearable made out of rubber starting with everyday attire over special play wear like suits with codpieces and zippers on important places up to super hero costumes. Since everybody has a different kind and preference I will not recommend something here. However I heavily advise you to not order your first piece over the internet without trying it on! On the one hand some things look better on you in your fantasy than in reality and it sometimes can be quite shocking when you wear your dream piece and it looks horrible on you. On the other hand normal clothes sizes don’t transfer one to one into rubber gear sizes. Depending on the effect you want to achieve – ranging from loose casual fit to skintight – you will need to find the right size for you which again can be a pleasant surprise (when you need an S instead of you usual L) or shocking (XL pants due to your thighs instead of M).

Choosing the Right Material Thickness

This is a tricky decision. Rubber clothing comes in material thicknesses between 0,18mm and 1,6mm which leaves you with a lot of choices.  The thinner the rubber, the better it will wrap around your body and the more you will feel touch through it. Also, thinner rubber is cheaper. However: It will tear more easily when you get stuck on something like p.e. a corner of the bar counter.

Thicker rubber is sturdier; when wearing it you feel the material presence much more and when you go beyond 1mm thickness on a made to measure piece the pressure it applies to your body can be an own kind of sensation during a bondage scene. Also I have made the experience that the thicker the rubber the more intense is the smell but that might be subjective.

But sturdiness can cause problems. The thicker the material to more draft is applied on the glue seams which are more likely to give in when moving a lot or with a lot of force.

Using Rubber

Due to the material properties it can be hard to get into rubber because it will stick to your skin. To prevent this use talc powder or silicon oil on the inside. Both will create a non-stick layer on the rubber. Also silicon oil is used to give the rubber the nice shiny look many rubber fetishists find attractive.

When playing in rubber mind the material properties. Too much draft will cause rips or hurt the glue seams. You will soon get a feeling what you can or can’t do in your gear.

Taking care of your rubber gear

As written above, rubber is a material which needs a bit of care.

Storing Rubber

Rubber is best stored in a dark place on a clothes hanger made out of plastic to prevent exposition to UV light and keep it from getting wrinkles. If you have gotten wrinkles into your gear try a mild dryer program. Sometimes this will get them out. To prevent it from redoxing soak it in silicone oil about once a month. Because especially thin rubber tends to stick together apply talc powder inside and outside on your gear.

Washing Rubber

After each usage wash your rubber with warm water and some form of soap. But yet again, make sure that you don’t use something with oils or perfume in it. The most basic curd soap, non-sented detergents or hyper allergic washing gel are good. There is a special rubber washing solution called Hexi Blue available which was once made for hospitals and is now nearly only used for fetish purposes. It has a bit of silicone oil in it so it keeps you from soaking your gear in it. However Hexi Blue is quite expensive and hard to get.

What if I am a lazy boy?

There is a solution for dealing with the stickiness and partly with the aging and the washing. You can chlorinate the rubber so that the oxygen on the free ends is replaced with chlorine. This will cost you a bit of latex smell for the first months and will alter the feeling a bit since it doesn’t stick to your skin anymore but has the advantage that you can put your rubber on like a cotton shirt, it will not age as rapidly as unhandled gear and doesn’t need instant washing after sessions or stuff put on it for storage. Also you don’t have to soak it in silicone oil as often as normal rubber.

2013 – An Outlook

The near year is already 3 days old. So it is time to brew some tea, get some soda biscuits and change into rubber to reflect a little on the upcoming 12 month.

Things I vainly hoped for in 2012

The Recon Android App

For half a decade iOS has been THE mobile ecosystem for gays. However things have change and with high class Android devices flooding the market and more and more people getting fed up with the restrictions of iOS I hoped that Recon would finally release an Android App. Sadly, I was wrong. Let’s hope for 2013…

A better Communication Style

I don’t know if I have been raised in the 19th century or if I expect too much but the communication style of most gays and BDSM retailers is really bad – to put it in a civilized way. Regarding gays when you get a facepic and you don’t like the guy, at least write him politely that he is not your type. Just staying silence is bad style. And when it comes to toy manufacturers or retailers, it is even worse: Some stores don’t answer inquiries at all – regardless whether you write to them over their website, twitter or a normal e-mail – or you get one answer and if you answer to that e-mail again, there is silence. My outlook for the next year on that issue? Grim!

What Products I would like to see in 2013

A worthy successor of the ET312b

Most of you know that I haven’t done electro yet. But as a quality maniac if I get into electro play, I want to do it properly with decent box. Most long-time kinksters and toy shop owners I have talked to said, that there isn’t a good product out there at the moment. The majority of the new boxes are not powerful enough p.e. for large plugs but they wouldn’t also recommend the ET312b due to being complicate to use and having a horrible, only beta-like PC suite. So I really hope for a powerful, easy to use and multifunctional e-stim box in 2013.


I know, most of you will be laughing by now but let me explain. Many kinksters I know what to show they perversion in everyday life but can’t use products like a wristband due to a dress code or unpleasant questions from the family. So the easiest solution would be a lanyard slightly hanging out of a pocket showing the logo of a major toy manufacturer. But weirdly neither Mr S Leather nor Mister B nor RoB nor Fort Torff, etc. pp. carry such a simple item. This is even more astonishing when you look at which price point fashion or sport brands sell their lanyards for and for which little price you can get a thousand of these made in China. So large margin combined with little capital lockup costs, I can’t really understand why at least one large retailer offers lanyards.


Another laugh but again, let me finish. Nearly every large toy distributor today started out as a small leather workshop catering to the demands of the local market. And still, many of these shops make their leather items themselves or even have a bespoken leather service because one of the core competence is high quality leather works. So again: I wonder why they don’t offer wallets. This is not only my everlasting struggle to bring kink in everyday life or my frustration that I can’t find a decent new wallet, but also a marketing issue. For many kinksters BDSM is also a lifestyle which doesn’t only influence their free time, party and mating habits, but also their mindset, their social values, it has created an own art aesthetic and so forth. Toy manufacturers can benefit from this development by not only creating a strong brand identity which interacts with the scene but also can make additional sales on lifestyle accessories – like wallets –kinksters have been buying from other brand.

What to expect from


I have long planed some Do it Yourself Articles but somehow there wasn’t the time and the place to realize them. And there probably will not during my stay in Chicago, so it will probably be fall until you will find blue prints on this website.

What I personally Hope for in 2013

Getting my visa in time for my departure on the 9th

An interesting, enriching and live changing semester abroad

Many critical readers for

Finishing my bachelor and starting my master

What I look forward to in 2013

Laughing with old friends

Meeting new friends

Dawn at Lake Shore

More kinkier, dirtier and perverted session

Cocktails and Cooking in Hamburg

Pain and Passion at Folsom in Berlin

Seeing my boy friend after 5 month in Chicago

What I Wish my Readers for 2013

Health, Success, Joy, Laughter, good Sessions and even better Friends, interesting Encounters and tempting Possibilities

BDSM Home Pharmacy

Even though all BDSM sessions should be RACK or SSC and thus shouldn’t harm the subs (or even the tops) body and soul there is always a slight chance that even in the most safe and controlled atmosphere something goes wrong. Here is a little selection of items I recommend to keep in the house to deal with the most common play related injuries.

But first, a word of warning: Most medicines which are used on the outside contain some form of oils so they can harm your rubber!


I presume that every household has some form of basic painkiller like ASS at home. Besides that some form of magnesium is an essential especially after long and hard bondage to prevent cramps. Another way to prevent cramps, to deal with muscle problems or bruises are cooling and heating gels or cool and heat packs (p.e. a grain pillow). They are also handy for first treatment when you’ve got a fracture or got a dislocation.

Not really necessary but useful to minimize the post-session problems is some form of aluminum chloride mono compound solution for gargling after deep throating. If you have swallowed a lot of piss, spit or even nastier things make sure to have something at hand to calm your stomach. I use medicinal clay for it but others use artichoke or some form of tonic preparation. It takes some time to figure out what works best for you.


Most BDSM related injuries can be taken care of with plasters. Some pharmacies sell especially thick ones. Have some of them at hand when your nipples are really sore and you have to work the next day.

But sometimes heavier wounds can occur p.e. after a heavy single tail whipping scene or when you have gotten a fracture or dislocation. Both things need immediate treatment from a doctor! But having some bandages at home for a first treatment is advisable.


Most sessions end in some sore areas or abrasion. To make them heal more quickly a couple of different ointments are useful. When you have played really hard and the skin is already weeping or shows small scissures you should use some kind of panthenol ointment. If the skin is “just” red after spanking or flogging a salve with urea, tea tree oil and maybe some cooling additive compound like peppermint extract will do the job. Since peppermint extract is quite aggressive do not put a crème containing it on cracked skin!

Especially after anal play I recommend calendula lotion for the anus and the sphincter.

Mental Health

Most Kinkster underestimate the mental impact a session, especially a mental breakdown can have. So it is always wise to have some way to heal a sore soul. The easiest physical thing to brighten someone’s mood is candy, especially chocolate. Sometimes the top has driven the sub so far over the edge that his touch and presence is not comforting but scaring and thus makes the situation only worse. Most subs I have talked to prefer a firm pillow or a stuffed animal in that situation.


Just to make this article complete, here a list of items most of us have already at home:

–          Condoms

–          Disposable Gloves

–          Rope cutter

Christmas Gift Tip IV: Books

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so you are running out of time if you need some gifts. So today I present you a selection of one of the most basic and easiest available gift: Books. I haven’t read all of them, but I have gotten recommendation from friends who own them. If you have a good gay book store around it should be possible to at least take look inside the book so you can check in advance if it is the right gift to present.

Leatherman's Handbook IIThe Leatherman’s Handbook II is THE classic of all leather and BDSM books. There is no discussion, every serious person into BDSM how has some interest in books should own this book. Despite the name it is not all about leather but also about BDSM. Since the origin of this book is way over 30 years old some parts are unintentionally funny. But still: This is the classic!

Skin TightsWhen you are or getting into rubber Skin Tight is the right choice. It talks a lot about rubber in general, the scene and the history. A fun book to read and not too thick (for some weird reason people accustomed to Facebook and Twitter seem to be scared by thick volumes :D).

The Complete Leatherboy HandbookI haven’t read the Complete Leatherboy Handbook myself but a friend of mine recommended it. I will be happy to get any feedback on this recommendation from you after Christmas.

Family JewelsAnother book which I haven’t gotten in my hand yet but which a friend found highly interesting and amusing is Family Jewels a book about CBT. And just for this camp interpretation of rough CBT on the cover you got to have it if you are a pain queen.

Pauls BücherIf you can read German or need a reason to learn German two of my favorite German books on gay BDSM. Pauls Bücher (Paul’s Books) is based on a real life master slave relation. They articulated their fears, wishes, etc. throughout a series of books which are reprinted in this book. It is one of the most intense pieces on BDSM I have ever read and is defiantly worth reading!

Bondage - Ausstieg aus der SelbstkontrolleSadly I haven’t found yet an English substitute for Bondage – Ausstieg aus der Selbstkontrolle (Bondage – Giving up self-control). It is a book about Bondage covering theory and practice for interested newcomers but also has a lot to offer for experienced bondage master.

Male BondageBrave - Men and FetishWhen you are not so much into reading or are looking for a more or less shocking book for your coffee table, take a look at Male Bondage or Brave – Men and Fetish.

SlingKing Leather Blindfold

Vendor: SlingKing

First Impression and Construction

This is a fairly basic toy: Being made out of three pieces  – two straps and the eye cover – of cow nappa leather the construction is simple yet the stitching and the leather show the very high quality. The blindfold is kept closed by a big Velcro patch which allows diameters between 14cm and 18.5cm. The two straps are 3cm wide and are bare leather on the inside. The eye cover is lined with a soft padding under a fabric cover and has a typical blindfold form with two roughly oval areas connected with a bridge over the nose back. The covered area per eye is 7cm in heights and 11cm in length.

I got the blindfold in black since it goes with all my other toys but you can have it in white, red or black and red.

Detail of the velcro in oder to adjust the size

Detail of the velcro in oder to adjust the size

Playing with it

I got the blindfold during Folsom 2011 and it instantly became one of my favorite toys. All sensations are some much intense when you are striped from your sighted. Not knowing what will happen and having to trust your Master in every way is a great experience. Even just the straps of a flogger just lightly fondling over your body will give you shivers.

Inside material of the blind fold

Inside material of the blind fold

Because this blindfold is much softer than others I have tried out and due to the Velcro adapting to every head size is fits very well and it blocks all light. Since there is no pressure the blindfold can be worn nearly infinitely long. The Velcro strip will probably not last for forever but with being the best yet least expensive mask on the market it is totally ok.

Conslusion: The best yet most basic blindfold on the market I have seen until now
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Good quality Closing mechanism will fail sooner or later SlingKing (Manufacturer) 9,95€
Easy to handle  
Blocks out light very well  
Very adjustable  



Christmas Gift Tip III: Everyday Pride

Christmas Gift Tip II: Everyday Pride

After another step to the total rubberization of your playroom and some art to make your living room a bit kinkier, it is now time to bring some pervert’s pride into your or the presentee’s everyday life.

The easiest and most common piece to show your affection is the wristband and probably everybody owns at least a simple one and/ or a wrist wallet. However, there are more elaborate ones, like a 3-strap wristband which has much more presence than a smaller one.

Wrist 2

If you like the feeling of a restraint being bound on your wrist but don’t want to run around with an actual restraint, maybe the 2 buckle Scorpio wristband will still your desire.

Wrist 3

For an even rougher look, try the linked armband or one with rivets. When you have a strong wrist the small size might also be wearable as a wristband.

Wrist 4 Wrist 1

Maybe a wristband is too obvious for you and your living situation. Then you can consider a belt from Mister B. It retails in a thinner, 4cm wide version which you can wear to a suit

Gürtel 4cm II Gürtel 4cm I

or you can have it with a double thorn clasp and 5cm width which again has more presence and won’t fit into most dress pants.

Gürtel 5cm II Gürtel 5cm I

When purchasing a belt you have to be careful: It sells with or without the Mister B logo embossment at the end, so you can choose if you want to have a bit of kinkiness or just a plain, high quality belt.

Of cause there are some pigs out there who want to show really brash their nasty desires. For such perverts the Gear Store Berlin carries a great line of t-shirts which enables you to tell the people around you about your occupation

Slave Master

or some nasty kink.

Dirty DicksSneaker Cleaner

Yet pervert’s pride doesn’t stop with attire. How about a leather gym bag

Gym Bag

or a small toiletries bag from a kinky brand in order to score some flirtatious looks in the shower.

Toiletries Bay

You can even get a matching travel bag

Travel Bag

and a stylish way to transport your suspension bars, canes and other long, not too heavy toys.

cane Bag

What I want for Christmas

In the last couple of days people asked what I want for Christmas. So here is a short list what would make which part of my personality me happy.

The Toy Collector

Mister B Yellow-Black Rubber Restraints Set – the only really good rubber restraints I have seen to date

Boutique Bizzarre Leather Whip Size L with soft leather – once experienced it, loved it, got to have it!

E-Stim toys – When coming back from the USA I want to make a big feature on e-play. But I have nothing. So I need a good box, electrodes, other toys, etc.

The Economist
Mr. S Gift Card – the best way to make my stay in the USA enjoyable 😉

The Connoisseur

Lars Deike’s Painting “Unterwerfung” – Since I have seen this painting in September I am intrigued by its rough yet intimate sexual energy – despite featuring only skin heads.

A bottle of Comb 9 Gin – Can’t get this gin in Germany but reviews promises a unique taste experience.

The Luxury Bitch

Dunhill Avorities North South Bag – Finally a stylish man purse which is large enough for a small toy collection 😉

Smythson Hamilton A4 Lippiatt Folder – The only way to store and travel with stationary in style.

The Academic

Too many books to

The Average Kinkster Joe

A new rubber outfit – Put together black Chaps with yellow stripes, a codpiece jock with a yellow stripe and a zipper shirt with yellow stripes and finally I have a play outfit which looks fairly good and isn’t a surf suit.

Two new belts – 95cm of leather to bring more kinks into everyday life.

The entire Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Collection – I can’t simply have enough Fred Perry Polos in my Drawer

Some Crazy Nike Max90/ BW – For years my friends have been complaining that my foot wear is too dark and I am finally comfortable with a bit more colorful – that is if the all black leather Max90 isn’t too tempting 😉

Christmas Gift Tip II: Paintings from Lars Deike

When it comes to kinky gifts most people think of gear, toys and maybe coffee table books. But why not support a fellow kinkster and enhance your living space by getting yourself some art. So today’s Christmas gift tip will be the paints from Lars Deike.

Lars Deike is one of Germany’s most renowned nude and fetish photographer. He has studied photography in LA and has exhibitions all over Germany and abroad. Two years ago he started to paint fetish motives in acrylic paint on canvas. He draws his inspiration from his photography and own experiences in the fetish world. I first came in contact with Lars’ paintings this Folsom when exhibited his paintings at Axel Hotel in Berlin. I was instantly intrigued by the motives, the style and the briskness of his pictures.

You can find a variety of different motives on his website The pictures can be ordered via e-mail or you can commission your own motives. There is also a post card collection available. Sadly no poster and art prints are offered yet

Regulation Rubber Flogger

As a rubber fetist myself I sometimes find the dominance of leather in the kinky scene annoying especially when it comes to toys. Of cause, leather is the ideal material for many purposes but nevertheless when you are into the feel and the smell of latex nothing else will do. So I am always happy to find a toy made out of rubber.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about the rubber flogger from Regulation which he tried out in London. Being into rubber himself he was delighted by the smell and feeling and amazed by the build quality. Even though rubber isn’t as strong as leather this flogger will probably be good enough for a strong and serious flogging session. And serious it will be due to the rubber being softer than other rubber flogger but as an artificial material it is still harder with sharper edges than a soft leather flogger.

The flogger comes in various color variations and costs £99 each at the time of the publishing of this article.