Black Silikone Gag Ball

Vendor: Chinese Manufacturer via

First Impression and construction

Because I ordered this gag ball via eBay from Hong Kong, I had doubts about the quality especially I was about to put this thing in my mouth. But after unpacking it, I was pleasantly surprised: The leather of the strap is a good standard quality for BDSM toys. The buckle material seems to be a bit thin but since there are no D rings on the strap there shouldn’t be too much force which might break it. Other than the buckle the rivets make a very good impression just like the silicone of the 3,9mm thick ball itself. I am not a chemist and I actually don’t want to know what nasty stuff can be put into silicone. But until I know, I just assume that silicone is a fairly safe material as long as you let your toys rest for about a month so they can lose all volatile substances. A real weak spot of gag is the whole distance at the strap: 2,5cm is just too much, especially considering that the toy is used at the head and must not be loose. On the bright side: there is enough space between the wholes to make one or even two on your own.

The strap has a minimum diameter 14cm of and a maximum of 18cm.

Playing with it

Despite having the opportunity to adjust the wholes nearly to your desire and thus make it a night fitting gag device, I wouldn’t recommend it. The leather strap cuts pretty badly into the corners of the mouth making it a quite short pleasure. I haven’t had a chance to try other gag balls out. Maybe softer leather or rubber could fix the problem.

Otherwise it does what a good gag ball should do: Muffle the sounds a bit and make the sub produce lots of saliva – an own kind of torture and sensation. What it doesn’t do and what I think is a common misconception: It is not a gag to make a sub silent. Of cause, having a silicone ball in your mouth prevents the sub from articulating and muffles every sound but he can still scream pretty loud.

Conslusion: A simple gag ball which does the job ok but has a lot room of improvement
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Light weight Uncomfortable to wear for a long term eBay from some Asian manufacturer About 8€ including shipping from Hong Kong
  A bit shakily
  Not really made for hard games
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