Blackjump Wrist Suspension Restaints

The Blackjump Suspension Restaints

The Blackjump Suspension Restaints

Vendor: Blackjump


The basis of this toy is a 13cm wide wrist restraint. It is made out of latigo leather onto which a rather firm and thin padding with soft leather cover is sowed. The restraint is closed with two latigo leather belts equipped with roller buckles. Onto the body a long strap of latigo leather is riveted. Through several rivets it has an h-shape with a welded D-ring on each vertical part and carrying a brushed stainless steel grabpole on the horizontal part. The leather is high quality and the manufacturing is spotless. Yet due to the materials used it takes a little bit longer to break them in. The restraints come with a standard steel carabiner which as always I recommend to switch for a climbing carabiner.

Detail of the D-Rings and Gradpole

Detail of the D-Rings and Gradpole

Playing with it

If this restraint lives up to its name depends on your play style. Through the stiff body the wrist is kept upright and well supported. Yet the padding is way firmer than on that restraint so I would not recommend the weight of a body resting on the lower bones of the hand. So a suspended sub would have to hold onto the grabpole which is essentially the stress bondage. Some testees found that scenario incredibly hot! Personally I prefer the 4 buckle style – at least for suspension.

Detail of the Roller Buckles and the Padding

Detail of the Roller Buckles and the Padding

In different play scenarios I really love these restraints. Because the D-rings are centered above the hand you can really stretch a sub into a spread eagle. Also in a hogtie the bounding force being an extension of the arm feels more natural than pulling perpendicular on the wrist like when using a D-ring attached to the side of a cuff style wrist restraint. This more natural flow of force is also good in many other play situations, p.e. when fettering a sub into a sling. I used these restraints into a fisting once and the sub used the bars to lift him up and really thrust his ass onto my fist.

Speaking of position these restraints are good to compensate for the shortcoming of most crosses in play spaces. There are good reasons to put a St.-Andrews-Cross into a play space yet for flogging in combination with cuff style restraints they are not ideal. The arms get stretched up leading to tensed up shoulder muscles. If you use these restraints the arms can hang easily so that the upper arms are in line with the shoulder leading to relaxed muscles.

Conclusion: High quality heavy duty bondage belt
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Supports the wrist very well Padding is a bit too firm and thin Blackjump 249€
Allows for more “natural” bondage in some situations compared to cuff style restraints
Very well made out of quality materials
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