Head Harness for AVON Gas Masks

The VAST Head Harness for AVON Gas Masks in Red Superior Latex

Vendor: VAST

Happy Nikolaus Day! As promised last Sunday, here is a short bonus review of a an add-on for your AVON S10/ FM12 gas mask.


The head harness has the same six-point-shape of the original rubber (S10) or mesh (FM12) head harness of the AVON gas masks. The main difference is that you install roller buckles mounted on small latex straps using screw rivets into the clamp locks for adjusting the original head harness. The roller buckles come in plain or locking variety without a surcharge depending on your taste. Using these roller buckles you can adjust the main body of the head harness. The six straps attached to the back piece are quite long so they will fit even large heads. Since this head harness is one size fits all, on really small heads the access strap can flap around a bit. If you want to learn how to fit this head harness on your gas mask, I posted a little guide here (scroll down to the second half of the guide).

A Roller Buckle mounted onto an FM12’s Clamp Lock

Since VAST uses it’s own aramide reinforced Superior Latex for this head harness you cannot shorten the straps on your own. The good thing is because of the reinforcement you can really tighten or pull on it HARD. You will rather rip the locks off than then tear the rubber so don’t exert too much force.

Off the rack the harness comes in the “standard” fetish colors black, red and yellow. But I am sure you can ask for custom colors within the 4D Latex color scheme.

Playing with the Head Harness for AVON Gas Masks

For me this head harness is an innovative and breath-play suitable answer to the often asked question “Where can I a hood attached to my AVON gas mask?” A few years ago many rubber makers used to attach hoods to S10/ FM12 gas masks with a zipper at the back for a full rubber drone look. Currently I think only Blackstyle in Berlin and Regulation in London do this anymore if at all. Attaching a hood was often a not quite satisfactory thing because getting the fit right was difficult: Unlike a flexible rubber hood which wraps around the head, there is a big, stiff “front piece” which determined the fit of the rest of the hood. One result of this was that the actual gas mask did not create a full seal, making it unsuitable for breath play.

The Head Harness Attached to a Breathing System-ready FM12

With this head harness made out of latex you can create a hot looking, full rubber feeling yet still gas-tight configuration. For this put on your tight fitting latex hood as a base layer and then fetter the gas mask over it. This way your head is completely enveloped in rubber but the gas mask fits tight enough for proper breath play. Despite being aramide reinforced the rubber is soft so lying on the head harness is not uncomfortable. The rubber buckles are on the side so even the locks on the locking ones don’t press into your head when bound to the back.

The Back Piece with the Long Straps

The rubber base layer also keeps the head harness’ rubber from touching your skin and hair so you don’t need to clean it. Since oils and fats which are present on your skin and hair can destroy rubber over time, you need to clean latex after skin contact. Keep this in mind when using the head harness on bare skin.

Despite the wide range of adjustability I strongly recommend initially getting the right size gas mask size for your head! In order to work properly, the gas mask needs to create a tight seal around your face. Choosing a too large or too small gas mask will make this seal difficult, especially around the chin regardless how strong you tighten the straps.

Conclusion: Great feeling and highly functional alternative to attached rubber hood.



Where to get


Wide range of adjustability for breath play-ready gas-tight fit



Full rubber feeling

Extremely sturdy

Lockable option available without surcharge

ToyTorture’s Stocking Stuffer I – Josh Herman X Harnesses

The Josh Herman X Fullbody Grant Harness

Hurry up perverts! Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year, we have the shortest possible per-Christmas season in Germany because the fourth Advent Sunday is Christmas Eve. Thus there will only be three gift tips this year! So without further ado let’s jump right into it.

What to gift a kinkster who has everything? Accessories – or more precisely – a harness. They are the perfect piece of gear for hard play allowing the top to move around freely, giving him something to grab the sub and they make every hot guy even hotter. Sadly some leather makers fashion their designs and cuts only for twinks or average sized guys. Many members of our community are beefier and heavier build and simply scaling up cut does not do the trick! Josh Herman celebrates this body type with harnesses and accessories designed with thick guys in mind. Naturally his designs also fit average guys but if you have struggled to find a properly fitting harness, check him out.

The Bulldog Harness & Armband both with the Stirrup Grip

He features all the classic designs from Bulldog (starting $149.99) at  over Shoulder ($149.99) and Stampede ($174.99) to Grant Fullbody (starting at $174.99) – with an option to either directly attach the harness to a cockring or with little carabiners at the end so it works as suspenders. The Bulldog and the Grant Fullbody harness can be ordered with a so called Stirrup handle. This is a stirrup-like leather look riveted and sown onto the chest-traversing strap. It is the perfect addon if you want to get pulled closer.

The standard range of his leather is black, red, olive, blue and caramel. But judging from the pics on his social media he might be open to custom work in your favorite hanky color. You can either choose a solid color, have a contrast colored piping or just have the handle in a different color.

Josh Herman X’s Fullbody Stampede Harness

If you don’t want to invest into an entire harness, Josh Herman also offer smaller accessories like arm bands ($24.99) which can add a nice touch of color to an outfit or let you flag your favorite hanky in leather style. What especially intrigued me were the Stirrup Leather Arm Bands ($75) which add the niftiness of the stirrup grip to the biceps so you have something to hold onto while railing your bottom HARD. I wonder if he would also make them in thigh size.

Every year I get many questions from thicker guys where to buy gear. And to my surprise I have never noticed one of this unique leather pieces in Europe. So hopefully this gift tips helps you get a harness the makes you feel even sexier than you already are!

Breathing System – AVON Upgrade Kit

Vendor: VAST

Important Security Information

As hot and horny breath play is, NEVER DO IT ALONE OR BY YOURSELF! Every year we lose several members of the kink community to self breath play. No matter how much you think you have figured out the safety and falls backs, there is always a slight and sadly often lethal chance of it failing.

This especially applies to playing with inhalants like poppers or N2O/ laughing gas.

If you are curious about breath play, look for experienced partners to introduce you to this kink and its intricacies. Please just never do it alone!

An Upgraded AVON FM12

Two months ago I showed you how to upgrade an AVON FM12 in order to make it ready to work with the VAST Breathing System. As some of you might have noticed, I used the S10 Upgrade Kit to upgrade an FM12. Back when the Breathing System was first introduced, it was the only upgrade kit available. As you can see, it works perfectly. But if you have an FM12, you can save you some trouble and 10€ if you buy the correct kit right away.

For the Breathing System to work properly, the gas mask needs to fit tightly on the face. This can be done using the standard straps of your gas mask. But for added fetish value, VAST offers a head harness made out of their Superior Latex. I will take a look at this add-on in a small bonus review coming December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day in Germany.

The Mounting Insert with the different Tunnel Inserts


The Upgrade Kit consists of two groups of elements: One group is used to turn the standard mono-directional breathing of a gas mask into closed circuit for breath play. For this you first need to replace the front unit where the used air is exhaled with a mounting insert and sealing cap. Then you replace the speaking valve with an exhalation valve (S10) or change the breathing direction of the right GM40 port with a screw-in valve (FM12). The other group are a flashlight classic and a flashlight GO inserts and three simple tunnels (internal diameter: 40mm, 45mm and 50mm) you can screw into the mounting insert for added fun. To help you upgrade your gas mask, the kit comes with a stainless steel tool, silicone grease and plastic care.

All elements are 3D printed. For the first batches they sometimes used a dark blue polymer because it was sturdier so some of my elements are this shade. They have now found a black one with equal properties so you should get all black toys with the typical silky-rough surface of a 3D printed object. This manufacturing process also explained the price: Especially the larger items take hours to print and require a lot of polymer. Due to the small numbers these toys will be made cheaper manufacturing methods like die casting is not an alternative. So like with many kink toys you have the pay a premium for premium quality toy.

The Exchanged Front Unit and Exhale Valve

Being 3D printed, all elements fit perfectly into each other and are air-tight. The air seal is supported by the silicone grease which also makes all parts move smoothly. Do not use oil based lubrication for these toys! Oil and grease will damage and destroy rubber and latex! Since the gas masks, hoses and rebreathing bags for breath play are made out of rubber, you will harm these elements permanently.

Like most elements of the Breathing System the Upgrade Kit comes in a nice wooden box with foam cut-outs to store the individual elements. Since some elements are permanently installed in the gas mask, about half the box is empty after the upgrade process. But it is still a nice touch and adds to the value of the kit, especially if you want to gift it.

Playing with an Upgraded AVON Gas Mask

In order to use the VAST Breathing System with a (gas) mask need a model with two separate GM40 ports and unidirectional airflow (in through one port, out through the other). There are some rubber makers who manufacture specific breath play (gas) masks with these properties but they are quite expensive. Most military or civilian gas mask like the old UDSSR, German, Danish or Israeli ones only have one port.

The Installed Fleshlight GO Holder

Because of this VAST chose to offer an upgrade kit for the AVON S10 and FM12 respirators, one of the most common gas masks in the fetish scene. The FM12 already has two ports, the S10 can easily be converted to fit a second one. With a little bit of skill and strength, even a clumsy person like me can upgrade one of those masks. For people not very familiar with these gas masks, the steps are not intuitive and sadly at least my very early version of the upgrade kit did not come with instructions. Because of this I made this little tutorial. Once you have understood what to do and have the tools at hand, it should take you 10-15 minutes to upgrade the masks. The provided upgrade tool is nice and helpful. Without it I am not sure if I could have upgraded my masks because the blade of a screwdriver is narrow and has a straight blade. Still, please be careful when handling the tool because it has pointy ends. During the upgrade process I managed to give myself some small, superficial wounds.

If you do not want to play with a gas mask or don’t want to upgrade your AVON respirator, VAST offers a Medical Face Mask with a Splitter and a Superior Latex Head Harness to attach it to the head. This is good because sadly due to age, the Brexit and gas masks being export and import restricted armaments in most countries, AVON gas masks have become hard to come by, especially outside the UK. So it is good to have an alternative.

A Classic Fleshlight Turning the Gimp Into a Fuck Pussy

If you need the other elements of the kit depends on your personal playing style. I very much enjoy the tunnel inserts. They allow to facefuck or force feed the sub without taking him out of his gas mask/ drone headspace. Theoretically you could fuck him through the hole of the mounting insert but the tunnels cover the sharp edges of the thread. Also, unscrewing the sealing cap and installing a tunnel gave some very gimpy subs an extra kick because they are being manipulated like an object or refitted like a machine. The internal diameter covers the most common range of dick diameters. Though is you are very well endowed, the max. internal diameter of 50mm might be a bit too tight. If you struggle with tightness or want to enjoy the smooth friction of the tunnel walls, you can use both water or silicone based lubes to make your dick slide through more easily. To clean the tunnels afterwards, simply handwash them with warm soap water. The polymer the parts are manufactured out of is quite sturdy but I would not trust it to be dishwater safe.

The next level of objectification are the Fleshlight (GO) holder. The Fleshlight maker offers a wide range of designs from greedy mouth over slutty ass to technical, almost drone-like designs. Each different front has a different texture inside. So you can choose into what object you want to turn your slave into. Naturally the Flashlights are too long so you need to shorten them using a sharp bread knife. The final length depends on if you want a seamless transition from Fleshlight to slave mouth.

In order to Leave Space for the Sub’s Head, the Fleshlight needs to be Shortened

Some testees were driven wild by the look and headspace of turning their gimp into a fuck/ ass/ hole face. Personally, this did nothing for me. So my advice is to give it a dry run fucking the gas mask without a gimp because shortening it accordingly.

Some testees rightfully criticized that the upgrade kit is only sold with the different inserts and addons. They are a nice to have but personally I rarely use them and could very well live without them. Being big 3D printed objects they are probably a considerable part of the final kit price. Or in other words, expensive pieces of gear some people will have lying around unused. Because of this I would love to see the real upgrade parts being offered separately from the inserts.

However, I love the concept of the interchangeable front cover! I have already so many new cover ideas: An ash tray, a drink tablet, toilet paper holder, a chew gag on the inside, a piss funnel. The creative minds at VAST will probably come up with even more perverted ideas. So I look forward to the future of the system and its expansion.

Conclusion: Necessary tools to make an AVON respirator Breathing System ready bundled with some not really necessary accessories.



Where to get


All the necessary party to make AVON S10/FM12 ready for the breathing system

A bit difficult to install


S10 Kit 259€

FM12 Kit 249€

Interchangeable cover for added play options

Only sold in a bundle with different screw-in add-ons

Ouch Silicone Paddle

The Ouch Silicone Paddle

Vendor: Vuxen

Sometimes reviews take strange ways: About one year ago I have bought this paddle from Bens Wild in Germany. When I wanted to link the review to their product page, it turns out that they no longer sell this exact paddle but a new one from 665 Leather which due to the bendiness makes me wonder how controllable it will be… After some research I found the paddle on vuxen.se, apparently part of a Scandinavian online sex, party business and dog product (I start to spot a theme there…) conglomerate called Pure Fun Group. I have never shopped there – neither online or in person – so if you buy from them, let me know how your customer experience was!


The first thing you notice on this toy is the round ring on the end of the paddle. It is connected to the grip with a short and thin bar. I was skeptical how much physical force this fragile looking connection could withstand. But even when tugging on it when trying to pull the paddle from the storage hook in a sub-optimal angle or loosing grip of the paddle in full swing while securing it to my wrist with a loop it did not show wear of even tear.

The 170mm long grip tapers very smoothly and has great ergonomics even for people with smaller hands. For people with large hands it might be a bit too thin and narrow but none of my testees complained. The tapering flows into the impact blade. It is 210mm long and 58mm wide at a thickness of 6mm. One side of the paddle is covered in a shallow diamond-shape pattern which gives it the impression of being quilted. Around the edge runs a 4mm wide flat bulge. The other side is smooth except a thin band of 0.2mm wide and 3mm long bumps which should give the impression of a seam running around it.

The Funily Looking Hanging Loop

On the side there is an actual seam running around which is very thin, shallow and deburred speaking for the production quality of this two-piece mold paddle. When you fold the impact blade towards the middle you can see the 12mm wide spring steel blade which runs through the entire toy.

According to an old product page I found in the Internet Archive the paddle is made out of sadly yet again buzz-wordy “medical grade silicone” which feels like Shore A30. But this classification makes me optimistic that both the coloring agent and the silicone are body-safe. The paddle held up well when I put it through the cleaning paces: Putting it into the dish washer worked fine. Due to the metal spring in the core I would not recommend boiling it. If you want to be extra sure, you can clean it with bleach. While vinegar cleaner is safer to handle, it can tarnish the surface so I would not recommend it. Speaking of the surface: It is very scratch resistant. In combination with silicone not really aging I will be a toy that will be in your toy bag for years even with little maintenance.

The Smooth Side with the Seam Pattern Running Around

Playing with the Ouch Silicone Paddle

Compared to the last review the spring in the middle is a game changer – or rather a necessity when working with a soft material like silicone. It gives the toy the stability to actually make it usable it all. It also increases the play style and sensation range. From light taping of the balls with just the tip to tender strokes for warm up to hard blows much is possible. The spring steel’s rigidity is in a sweet spot: It is flexible enough for easy, bouncy spanking while rigid enough not to change shape when bend or flung intensely even over extended periods of time.

Being made out of silicone I expected this paddle to be severer on the pain side. While it is far from tame or even thuddy, with a bit of experience and only applying light force, you can do some kind of warm-up with this toy. As soon as you put in more kinetic energy, the sensation will soon turn to intenser sting. However, to really hurt, you have to put in much force! Due to the spring being bendy a considerable amount of kinetic energy does not get transferred onto the body. But if you want to make a bottom scream, you can do it with this paddle.

The two different surface textured hold a surprise for me. I was expecting the diamond pattern to be the more severe one. But since the pattern is so shallow there is no noticeable focusing on the “peaks”. It actually feels like the shallow recesses form air cushions, softening the blows. Due to the material being so smooth and the surface velvety soft, there no abrasion even when pulling the toy perpendicularly in during the impact. More painful is the untextured side. The kinetic energy gets evenly transferred onto the body. Since the seam is so thing and shallow you do not feel at all.

Showng the Spring Steel on the Textured Side

From an ergonomic point of view the Ouch Paddle is ok. The impact area is wide enough to spread the sensation over a larger body area. For hitting delicate body parts like where the thigh meets the ass or the palms or feet soles it could be a bit thinner but than it is a paddle and not a blade. With a bit of practice you can also hit these areas precisely. Due to the light weight and the powerful spring, the paddle is a bit unbalanced. The spring will develop a momentum you will have to counter with your wrist. So in extended scenes the paddle can tire out your wrist.

For the audio freaks, this paddle is a well of joy! None of my paddles make such a loud, deep and rich smacking sound. During warm up, it is noticeable. When you hit full force, you will draw attention to you. Like with soft and thuddy flogger – for example deer skin ones – in medium-range intensity the paddle sounds way more intense than it actually feels. Thus is it a great tool to fuck with your sub’s – and if you are doing show scenes – audience’s mind.

Conclusion: Versatile and low maintenance impact toy.



Where to get


Surprisingly wide range of intenstiy

A bit unbalanced


199 sKr

Nice, intense sound

Considering the material and manufacturing process quite expensive

Well build

Comically looking hanging loop

Tantus Snap Strap Paddle

Tantus Snap Strap „Paddle“

Vendor: Peep Show Toys, Sinful and many more

Tantus products have been popping up at internet and brick & mortar sex shops but surprisingly not BDSM and kink shops, I wonder why… Because of this there have been several reader questions especially about the Snap Strap Paddle. Since the toy doesn’t break the bank, I have bought one to see what is what. Oh boy, was I not prepared for what I have gotten…


The toy starts out with an oval tapering grip. At 12mm thickness, 130mm length and tapering from 43mm to 33mm it is somewhat ergonomically if your hands are not too small. But the edges are rectangular instead of rounded making holding the toy a bit uncomfortable. On the plus side is a hole in the grip for hanging the toy more easily. Though you have to add a loop yourself.

On top of the grip sits the impact blade. It is 320mm long and 51mm wide but only 3.3mm thick. Because of this I find the name of the toy a bit misleading or imprecise: It is clearly a strap, not a paddle.

The Firm Edges of the Grip

It is made out of “Tantus’ own unique blend of ultra-premium silicone.” which I would guess being somewhere around Shore A30 firmness or in this regard stiffness. While the material designation is no guarantee that is it actually body-safe 100% platinum silicone it held up well when I put it through some cleaning paces with putting it in the dish washer and boiling it. Even bleach did not tarnish the velvety smooth surface making tin as a catalyst unlikely. The material is quite scratch proof so this toy will last you long even when caring little for it.

Since there is a fine, surprisingly deburred seam running around it, the toy has most likely been casted in a two-piece mold. In the making only silicone has been used. Unlike other impact toys made out of silicone or leather, there is not metal spring inside…

The Extend of the Softness which makes the Strape impossible to Handle

Playing with the Snap Strap Paddle

…. which is a big issue! Lacking the added structural integrity of metal, the Strap is impossible to control. It just flaps around, making precise blows almost impossible. It is even hard to make the blade hit the impact area parallel since the blade has the tendency to twist downwards. This detrimental property is somewhat independent from the energy you put into the blow. Due to the softness and inertia of silicone compared to well-broken in leather straps there is a maximum of force that will straighten out the blade. From some point on added energy will only make it flap more. It really makes it a comically, a novelty toy instead of BDSM tool you can rely on. Sadly due to all these issues there is not novelty sound effect: No matter how hard or in what way you hit, you cannot produce a satisfying snap sound the product name advertises.

The only way to somewhat control this toy with medium energy is to strike downwards. But even with this simple motion parallel towards the force of gravity, the strap breaks out. If you land a blow, it is comically how “soft” it feels. Due to being made out of a stiff thin synthetic material the sensation leans towards sting. But comparing the kinetic energy you put into the blow which how little sensation the bottom feels is almost hysterical.

Due to this, you cannot build a scene with this toy. In order to somewhat straighten the blade, you always have to put in much force. But even if you do this, you do not know how much of the force will actually hit the bottom. Light tapping and warm-up is impossible. Even if you grab the blade in the middle thus shorten it and make it more controlled, the grip starts to flap around like an excited dog’s tail, unintentionally hitting the bottom.

The Softness is due to the Blade being Very Thin

To add potential injury to insult, being so poorly constructed, the toy is nowhere nearly balanced. The flopping around makes it impossible to establish an impact rhythm. If you should decide to do an entire scene or just a portion with this toy – which you absolutely should not! – your wrist will tire quickly.

All things considered this impact toy isn’t even cheap. At 15€ I would have said, it is a nice novelty item you gift a kinky friend for his birthday. But at around 40€ it is serious money! If you want sub-30€ impact toys, look at McHurts Mini Bat or Mum’s Little Punishment or the Mini Teacher’s Bat and Lady Rosewood for non-leather options (I guess I have to review these toys soon cause I own all of them…). But next week I will review a less expensive but way better silicone toy!

Conclusion: Overpriced novelity item unfit for serious BDSM scenes.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
  Impossible to control Sinful.de 39,99€
Uncomfortable grip Peep Show Toys $39.00
Tiring to use
Surprisingly expensive

Desiderate: New Twisted Beasts

Uriens with his THICK Knot

One and a half years ago I reviewed the first Twisted Beast toys and they took the ass player scene by storm. Maybe in the next Anal Toy Special I can review of these brutes again. And maybe by then they re-introduce Shore 00-50 for Centaur or Behemoth or even Shore A10 for Uriens to knot HARD.

Uriens follows the same idea I had when I designed the Knot Plug for Organotoy some three years ago: The intense knotting of a canine toy but with just a short shaft so you don’t run into depth problems. Twisted Beast took the idea further and textured the shaft and the neck below the knot for added stimulation and fun. Though with a knot circumference of 20cm already on the small, he is not for anal novices.

Behemoth’s Bulgey Shaft

A little bit tamer is Behemoth. He is what I would call a massage fucker. He starts out with a nicely tapering glans to slowly open up the anus. Though the glans rim is quite textured and rugged. Will be interesting to see how that feels going and and having it twisted inside ones hole. The shaft is textured all over with bumps and ridges. So when riding him, the anus will constantly stretch, moved and massaged, stimulating this very sensitive body area. It is hard to tell if there are special points which will target the prostate for added stimulation. We will hopefully find out in a review some day.

Nessus MASSIVE Shaft

The anti-thesis to Behmoth is Nessus the Centaur, as the name already tells an equine inspired toy. As you would expect from a horse dildo, the glans is flattish with a thick glans rim bulge but not flared! The shaft is more of a stump compared to other horse toys because his diameter is BIG compared to the considerable length. All over this length the shaft is textured with thick vains and thin yet plenteous parallel ridges. To add to the stimulation the is a THICK medial ring. Centaur will also be a horny toy to ride vigorously yet more horny irritating than softly massaging.

All toys come in four sizes on the spectrum from small to XXL. But I urge you to consult the sizing chart and don’t rely on the label! All these three are big boys and even in their soft Shore 00-30 firmness not easy to take when you have not played with your hole at all.

And since if often get asked where to buy leather cleaner: Twisted Beast also sells poppers which I sadly did not get to sample yet. If you know how it is, let me know!

Stony & Walton

Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Many
Firmness: Soft to Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Jack O’Toy

Back from vacation hiatus and sick leave – right into the Pride season. This means almost every weekend I will be on the go, demonstrating for LGBTQ+ rights. So not sure if I will be able to keep the one review per week schedule. But enough of gazing into a crystal ball and off to France…

Jack O’Toy’s Walton & Stony


Jack O’Toy is the next manufacturer in this small (and completely incomplete!) stroll through Europe’s anal toy manufacturer. Like all manufacturer in this special their toys are made out of pure platinum silicone. The most important feat of this material is that it is 100% body safe unlike PVC/ vinyl/ “real touch” or whatever clever name it is given or rubber. It also has advantageous playwise. The surface is super smooth so there is less friction when going in. It also keeps bacteria from lingering and easy to clean, making it a perfect material for group play when the toy needs to be cleaned quickly between partners. Simply wash with warm dish soap water (the warmer the better), rinse, dry and spray sanitizer on it. If you want to be extra sure, you can autoclave platinum silicone toys too. However a little pinch is that such toys must only be used with water- or oil-based lubes. The silicone oil inside silicone lube will disintegrate the toy over time and makes the surface sticky. Regardless if you have exposed your toy to platinum silicone or kept it in best shape, silicone is always a bit sticky. So it will attract flint and dust quite easily.

The Vac-U-Lock Hole on Stony’s Bottom

When it comes to customization, Jack O’Toy offers a wide. Firmness-wise you have three choices from soft (Shore A2) over medium (Shore A5) to firm (Shore A10) which is a more traditional, Bag Dragon-like firmness scale (their firm is Shore A8) and not like other manufacturer which lean to the softer side. The color range features 38 colors from standards solids over UV reactive to sparkling ones. These colors can be put into several patterns from solid over splits to marbles. For the colors of my two toys Jack O’Toy employed a technique previously done also by Mr Hankey’s Toys: Having a monochrome outer layer of varying thickness over a monochrome core. The varying thickness creates different hues and a very subtle marble pattern. It a very unique, interesting and sophisticated look! Sadly Mr Hankey’s Toys does not do this technique anymore because it is very difficult and time consuming. So I am very happy that Jack O’Toy offers it. If you are a collector and don’t have a toy in this technique, get one toy from France!

The Bumps texturing Stony’s Body

You can order the toys with a Vac-U-Lock hole. If you know my reviews, you know, that I strongly recommend getting it! If is a good way to guide a toy when you put a finger into it while fucking you bottom. There are also so many accessories like handles or suction cups for it making it a very universal tool. Speaking of suction cup: Jack O’Toys offer suck on suction cups made out of silicone. They look interesting but I had not have a chance to play with them. If you have experience, send me an e-mail!

One of the most frequent questions I get about new toy manufacturer is their manufacturing quality. Jack O’Toy’s toys are very well made. The color distribution is very good, even small details are finely wrought, the surface is flawless with no burst bubbles and there are no rough areas or overly frayed edges at the bottom. It lies in the nature of the material to create rough edges at the bottom. They can be evened out like for example Bad Dragon does. However since you do not see them, they do not impair the functionality of the toy and if they are within limits, I am giving them a pass. If they annoy you, you can deburr silicone toys with a sharp knife.

The Canine Inspired Glans of Walton

This manufacturing quality actually surprised me: Jack O’Toy’s specialty are heavily textured toys which are a pain in the ass to get out of the pouring form. This process can easily tarnish a toy. But as I wrote they are flawless, even in a firm material like the Shore A10 mine are made out of. Kudos for that!

This leads a bit to the big elephant in the middle of the room: His toys are relatively small. My two toys are “large” and compared to almost every other manufacturer they are medium sized at best (if you shop at size queen manufacturer they might even qualify as small). On the one hand it is great for novices or people who do not want to outstretch their orifices too much to have access to heavily textured toys. But before you order, check the size chart thoroughly. Otherwise you might be disappointed.

The Crystal Column at the Back of Stony’s Shaft

For the time being Jack O’Toy does not plan to make (X)XL toys – which I can understand. It must be impossible to get these toys out of the shape. But if you are (dark) red hanky flagging guy, these toys might sadly be a tad bit small for you.

Playing with Stony & Walton

Stony starts out like a realistic dildo. He has a nicely tapering, big glans without a glans drop. From the two very subtle bulges below the top of the glans I assume he is an uncut guy. The shaft is a straight column. So much for a realistic dick.

But the shaft is textured with a cluster of geode shapes bumps. The is a line of for running down the ventral grove, the others are wildly scattered over the shaft. To underline the theme of being a stone creature shallow cracks run over the shaft. But you will not feel these amid the intense stimulation of the bumps.

At the bottom of the top a cluster of crystal pillars is growing out of the base. At the front two massive balls which are lightly textured with bumps and cracks make for a sturdy stand even when riding the toy hard.

Stony’s Nicely Tapering Glans

Riding Stony vigorously requires a good stretch and much relaxation because the texture is intense. Because of the chaotic array, there is no “easy” angle to take it. Everywhere is intense stimulation which is you are into this kind of thing, makes Stony a great toy. But texture also creates friction and tension of the anus so he is not an easy toy to take. However, there are two sweet spots: For the prostate owner, ride the ridges of the ventral grove for an almost saw like stimulation. For the front hole owner, according to my FtM testees the crystal columns are good for clitoris stimulation. Regardless if stuffing Stony into your front or rear hole, twisting him and letting the bumps stimulation the sensitive mucosa is horny fun!

Walton on the other hand plays a different game. His glans is very dull with a little tip towards the bottom – like glanses of canines are. It is bulgey which creates quite the glans drop. This shaft is barrel shaped and textured with many veins.

Walton’s Barrel Shaft and MASSIVE Knot

Being barrel shaped it tapers at the bottom again above the THICK knot. This leads to a knot-to-shaft-above-knot ration of an insane 1:1.9. As I wrote, size-wise Walton’s shaft is not that big. But that knot? Holy fuck! It can compete with grown-up knots from other manufacturer, especially considering the ration relevant for the knotting! If you are a novice and want an intense knotting despite not being quite there yet, get Walton in soft and try to work him in.

Like all canine toys Walton has a short straight neck for resting and enjoying the feeling of a thick knot locked inside oneself. Though I would not recommend to enjoy this feeling for too long because then you hole might tense up again. The this neck is even small leading to an absurd knot-to-neck ratio if 1:2.1!

Walton’s Thin Base. As you can see the shaft leans backwards.

The base is quite thin. As a counterpoint there are two massive, untextured balls. But still, the base is too unstury for riding Walton, especially when you struggle to take the knot. My recommendation is to buy a suction cup and back against the wall if you still learn to take Walton easily.

Where to buy?

Since all Jack O’Toy toys are custom made, you can only order them from their website. They have stock drops on a regular basis and run promotion on ready made toys. So follow their Twitter to keep up.

Merry and peaceful holidays your delightful perverts – whichever holiday your are celebrating right now!

What a year it has been on so many levels….Frankly, I am amazed that this little project of mine is still up and I still publish reviews on a regular basis. This is to a large extend your credit! Your ongoing interest, review requests and questions motivate me and show there is a big demand for an indepent toy reviews. Thank you for pushing me to make it to the 10 year mark and beyond! However, the rigid review schedule cannot continue this way. In the future my professional and personal life will take even more precedence over publishing a review each and every Sunday. But of course your ongoing support and curiousity is the fuel that drives this still entirely non-profit and independent project. So for the time being I will continue to write reviews and answer all your questions. It might just take a little bit longer.

Before I go on a little hiatus at the beginning of the new year, you can expect two special reviews coming in the next few days. End of January/ Early Febuary, I will return with the traditional Anal Toy Special – because somehow you sluts cannot get enough of silicone dongs. This is if you are not pressuring me to review more of the VAST Breathing System before that so I have a simple link to send as a reply to the many reader questions about it.

While I will be spending the holidays among my family in harmony, I know that the holidays can be a rough time for many. Like every year here is the link to a list of helplines all over the globe. If you are a LGBTQ+ youngster, the holidays can be especially tough for you. Take a look at the  Trevor Project who is focussing on supporting you.

Now I am wishing you nice, relaxing, funny, happy and tasteful holidays!

ToyTorture’s Stocking Stuffer III – Kink Inspired Beauty Products

Set of Leather Daddy Beauty Products

Being a fresh looking kinkster can be hard: Late night parties are followed by early brunches, too much poppers at Sunday fisting martinees before a presentation on Monday or the packed schedules of four days at Folsom Europe can take it’s toll. And I haven’t even started to talk about age.

Being gay, most of us have our beauty routines and preferred products – including me. But what if there were products made and developed by a kinkster for kinkster. Leather Daddy Skin took up this task and developed a line of high end beauty products for men.

The Leather Daddy Cum Rag

The products take care all the essential body parts from hair over face and beard (surprisingly, they don’t offer a shaving soap and after shave for those who trim their beards – yet) to the torso. While their first products were quite traditional, they recently introduced flavored body scrub. So if you ever wanted to combine body worship with shower sex and a taste experience, this is the way to go. For more “conventional” intimacy, combining their massage oil with a cumrag would be a nice stocking stuffer.

The Leather Daddy Cologne

One of their latest products is a cologne which combines the sexy scent of leather with other masculine notes. I tried to get a whiff of it before writing this but living in bumb fuck nowhere in Europe… Well. A friend of mine is using it and he says it’s combines elegance with a kinky twist so I take his work for. At least the bottle looks really cool nice and would be equally at home a bathroom or a dungeon space.

I have already created my own personal wish list for when I make it back to the USA (so not kinky SPA for me this Christmas). So in the meantime it is up to you to support a small business of a community member and thus make a good friend – or youself – glow and shine even more.

Cutler X, Ray Diesel, Horny Rhino & Cockadile

Toy Properties

Form: Realistic & Fantasy Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone
Various standard and many Custom colors possible
Firmness: Soft to Medium, custom degrees possible
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Mr Hankey’s Toys

I wanted to review these toys early next year so you can start out with FFun in the dark months following the candle-lit holidays. But since next Friday is Black Friday and apparently many of you want to stock up, I have gotten many questions about these toys. So I decided to review these for big and challenging brutes today before switching to bondage gear for the Advent Sundays how it has become a beloved tradition.

The Mr Hankey’s Toys Ray Diesel, Cutler X, Cockadile & Horny Rhino


All toys by Mr Hankey’s Toys are made out of platinum silicone. This material is 100% body safe, highly resistant towards acid and heat and with the super-smooth surface leave little possibilities for bacteria to linger and is easy to clean. In order to keep your silicone toys in top shape, never use it with silicone or hybrid lubes! The silicone oil inside the lube will tarnish the surface and disintegrate the material over time! Water- and oil-based lubes are fine. After play, the toy should be thoroughly cleaned. Putting them in hot water with dish soap and sanitizing them afterwards is usually enough. A lazy way is putting the dildos in a dishwasher or autoclave them.

The Vac-U-Lock Hole at the Bottom of the Horny Rhino

Silicone comes in a wide range of firmnesses. Off the rack Mr Hankey’s Toys come in two firmness degrees. The firmer is called “Medium” which is about the firmness of a fully hard penis. If you enjoy texture like me, this is the one to pick, especially if you want to feel the real deal with a realistic dildo. The softer variety is called “75%”. 75% is popular with longer toys because they bend more easily around the bends in your colon. However, the softer the toy, the easier they collapse and the harder they are to ride. In the end it comes down to personal taste if you prefer your toys to force your sphincter open or to pop through. Mr Hankey’s offer custom firmnesses for $15.95 but I have never tried that. I would only recommend this if you have a large collection of anal toys already and can imagine how a toy will feel in a certain firmness! Because the larger the toy, the firmer it will feel! So be careful not to over- or in rare cases undershoot.

Another great material property of silicone is that it takes on coloration easily for vibrant colors that don’t fade over time.  Depending on the toy, it comes in only one standard color (Cutler X in Deep Brown) or up to five (Horny Rhino & Cocikadile in Gunmetal Grey, Metallic Green, Black, Deep Brown & Natural Tan) from which you can choose with no surcharge. For $29.95 you can get custom colors or color combinations. Mr Hankey’s Toys used to make gorgeous fades where a contrast color was poured over a solid colored core. Sadly they stopped these extravagant designs and now do marbles. For the Cockadile I tried a reptile like Green & Brown marble and for the Ray Diesel a Black & Yellow. And I like both a lot!

The different Bases

While custom firmness and colors are a nice option, I highly recommend getting the toys equipped with a Vac-U-Lock hole for just $4.95. Originally designed to attach the toy to fuck machines, there are a number of nifty accessories out there for this kind of system: Handles, Strap-On harnesses, suction cups and double-dildo connectors. If you play with a partner, he can also put his finger inside the hole to guide the toy.

Cutler X

This dildo is a life-cast toy from the famous gay porn star Cutler X. Because of this, it only comes in one size. And that size is also plenty of dildo. If you every fantasized of getting plowed by Cutler X or need a silicone dong to ride while watching his porn, this toys is the way to go!

It starts out with a nicely tapered glans which ends in a double bulge rim and no glans drop. The shaft is almost perfectly straight and opens up a bit in width a bit but not in depth. It is lightly textured with shallow veins. Two massive balls form the big and sturdy base.

Comparing the Glans of the Ray Diesel & Cutler X

If it wasn’t for the massive size, I would call the Cutler X a good beginner’s toy. The tapered glans gradually opens up the anus and the straight shaft is perfect to get used to the feeling of getting fucked. But since it is a relatively big toy, you should have some experience to enjoy it. If you have this experience level, the Cutler X is a great dildo to put on a fuck machine and get plowed for hours. The shallow veins and ridges are perfect for stimulating the many nerve endings inside the anus, especially in medium firmness. Since the shaft has an oval intersection, it is a good dildo for opening up the hole. Simply twist and turn it while slowly fucking the bottom in front of you in the sling.

Much like the XXXCalibur (link to review) the Cutler X is good toy for depth training. Unlike the XXXCalibur the Cutler X has a massive base and it not head-heavy so it does not tip over. Because of this it is perfect for riding the toy and applying just the right amount of pressure when stretching your second hole.

The Cutler X costs $149.95 at MHT’s online shop.

Dimensions Glans Dimensions Middle Dimensions above Base Insertable Length Overall Length
60x57mm 72x62mm 69x68mm 282mm 350mm

Ray Diesel

Like the previous toy, the Ray Diesel is a life-cast dildo from the eponymous power top. Unlike the predecessor it comes in five sizes so you can adjust the dildo you are getting to your experience level.

The Light Texture of the Cutler X & Ray Diesel

At the top there is a dullish glans with a big and wide glans drop and bulgy transition to the shaft. The most striking feature of the shaft is its form: It is SO wide that I would almost call it oblong instead of oval. It also strongly curved. Except one bumpier vein on the top right side in the middle, the veins are even shallower and thus the texture more subtle than on the Cutler X. The ball sack forming the base is again massive. Apparently Mr. Diesel has so bug bull balls that you can hardly make out the individual testicles in the cast of his scrotum.

To make a long story short: The Ray Diesel is a butt buster! The glans with its dull tip and big drop pushes the anus open instead of gradually coercing it to open up. Over the first half of the shaft, its width increases by 30% which is a massive stretch over such short distance, also giving the rectum little rest during the process. Taking the Ray Diesel completely is a different challenge, especially in the larger sizes. Due the curvature, it has quite the strong orientation and “spring” to it. If your second hole does not lie in the direction of the dildos, its tendency to return to its cast shape will make taking it deep even more difficult than the dull glans would imply.

Riding the toy is a unique experience: If you ride it like getting fucked, the dildo enters the anus perpendicular to the natural orientation of the anus, stretching your hole HARD. If you let the dildo enter in the orientation of the anus, the curvature will push the shaft against the anus. So regardless of the orientation, the Ray Diesel will challenge your hole.

The Massive 4:3 ratio of Ray Diesel’s Shaft

In the right hands and right hole, the Ray Diesel is a toy for a steep hole opening regime. Push it in in the orientation of the hole and then slowly turn it. Due to the absurd width-depth ratio of almost 3:4 twisting only a bit will already put a lot of pressure on the anus.

Even when you are a greedy ass pig, don’t be too ambitious and let yourself be misled by the size information. The shape of the dildo makes it considerably harder to take than similarly sized dildos. Looking for a big and challenging dildo I went for the XXXL in Medium firmness since it didn’t look too big, especially compared to some of my – firm – fantasy dildos. But I can hardly take half of it and it is a quite straining experience. So my advice is to choose a smaller size if you look for still heavy but manageable FFun.

The Ray Diesel comes in five sizes starting at $129.95 for the small and ending at $219.95 for the XXXL plus extras.

Size Dimensions Glans Dimensions Middle Dimensions above Base Insertable Length Overall Length
Small 39x41mm 54x43mm 55x44mm 180mm 231mm
Medium 47x49mm 66x52mm 68x54mm 219mm 273mm
LG/ XL 54x57mm 75x59mm 76x61mm 249mm 311mm
XXL 61x64nn 84x66mm 86x68mm 279mm 343mm
XXXL 68x71mm 96x74mm 96x76mm 311mm 385mm

Horny Rhino’s Glans

Horny Rhino

Unlike the to previous toys, the Horny Rhino isn’t a life-cast toy. It isn’t even sculptured after a rhino penis (doing zoological research for these reviews is… interesting). But nevertheless, it is a literally a horny toy to play with!

It starts with a dullish glans that looks like peaking out of foreskin. The foreskin rim is textured with little bumps. From the bottom of the foreskin two thick strains wrap around the shaft to the front. In the middle, the shaft bulges outward a bit. To add even more girth, there are two thick lateral strains. This leads to a basic shape of two bulges being stacked on top of each other if you look at the dildo from the top. The shaft ends in a pocket-like sheath which is a final, massive stretch before you can rest on a wide round base. The entire dildo is textured with horizontal folds and wrinkles. To add even more texture, there are several medium-thick veins running perpendicularly.

The Texture and Complex Shape of the Horny Rhino

The Horny Rhine is a toy for texture junkies! The many crossing over textures on the shaft stimulate – or torment if riding the toy quickly – the anus.  The complex shape leads to a wave-like flow of stretch and tightening which stimulates the anus even more. This is of course best enjoyed lying in a sling or being in doggy position and a top handling the toy. Twisting the toy inside the bottom adds a new layer of possible sensations. One top managed to prostate milk his chaste sub with the strains. To fully enjoy this overflow of sensations you should be well-stretched. The dull glans does not make taking the toy easy and the texture will make the anus tighten up again.

Surprisingly, the Horny Rhine goes deep relatively easily (if you second hole opens up to the dull glans and does not clench due to the stimulation). The complex shape of strains and bulges create predetermined bending points for the dildo following the rectal anatomy. So even my medium firmness Rhino dildo went deep easily.

You can get the Horny Rhino in four sizes from small starting at $129.95 to XL for $192.95 + extras at the MHT online shop.

Size Diameter Glans Diameter Fist Bulge Diameter Second Bulge Diameter Third Bulge Insertable Length Overall Lenght
Small 42mm 48mm 56mm 58mm 209mm 235mm
Medium 50mm 57mm 67mm 70mm 251mm 277mm
Large 58mm 67mm 80mm 84mm 298mm 323mm
XL 72mm 79mm 93mm 96mm 337mm 368mm

The Different Textures on the Cockadile


Over the first waves of COVID alligators and crocodiles have gotten some cultural significance in the gay scene (Flat Fuck Friday anyone?). So it was only a question of time until the first reptile inspired dildo came out. And here we are with the Cockadile.

Basically this dildos is the stylized torso of a crocodile. It starts out with a pointy, snout-like glans. Following a short neck the shaft has the shape of a flattened barrel make the intersection oval. It sits on a round and wide base. While the shape sounds not spectacular, the texture is the highlight of this dildo! On top of the shaft runs a thin band of full-size scales worthy of an Hermes Birkin Bag. The flanks feature very small scales. To also make this side interesting, there are a number of bumps. The bottom is flat with wide ridges. Finally the glans is jagged and features small scales like on a real critter.

The Snout-Like Glans of the Cockadile

Due to the pointy glans the Cockadile is easy to take so it is a great to get into texture play. Unlike the Horny Rhine the basic shape is not that complex so it is easier to take and you can focus on the texture. The texture is complex and plentiful enough for an intense stimulation of the anus. The bumps on the side give a bit of added stretch but not too much to make the anus clench.  A beginner should take the dildo aligned with the anus to there is a more “scratchy” side (= the more textured top). If you are more experienced and lie relaxed in the sling, it is worth to let your top fuck you with the Cockadile perpendicularly. The big scales on top scratching the prostate is very hot! Similarly to the Horny Rhino the Cockadile is relatively easy to take deep because the snout bends quite easily.

Depending on the size, the Cockadile can be yours from the MHT online shop from between $129.95 and $208.94 plus extras.

Size Dimensions Glans Dimensions Middle Dimensions Above Base Insertable Length Overall Length
Small 44x41mm 58x53mm 54x50mm 209mm 241mm
MD/ LG 55x52mm 72x66mm 68x62mm 260mm 295mm
XL 66x62mm 87x79mm 81x74mm 311mm 345mm
XXL 76x71mm 100x91mm 94x85mm 359mm 404mm