How to Upgrade your FM12 to work with the VAST Breathing System

Important Security Information

As hot and horny breath play is, NEVER DO IT ALONE OR BY YOURSELF! Every year we lose several members of the kink community to self-breathplay. No matter how much you think you have figured out the safety and falls backs, the is always a slight and sadly often lethal chance of it failing.

This especially applies to playing with inhalants like poppers or N2O/ laughing gas.

If you are curious about breath play, look for experienced partners to introduce you to this kink and its intricacies. Please just never do it alone!

Ever since I introduced the VAST Breathing System here and showed the Upgrade Kit in the Unboxing, I was asked how to modify an existing AVON gas mask. It took my some time to secure another AVON gas mask because I did not want to mess with one of my old ones. For photo, play and collection purposes I wanted to keep them in their original state.

A couple of weeks ago I have bought an AVON FM12 at UK eBay and had a friend bring it over into the EU personally. I would not recommend shipping a gas mask from the UK into the EU because they can be considered armaments. This can get you into serious troubles.

In this article I show how to upgrade an FM12. But it should basically work the same way with an S10. For good measure I also show at the end how to switch the net to the VAST Head Harness made out of superior latex.

Please do not be puzzled if the pics sometimes show modifications I will explain later in the article. In the process I made some dumb decision and figured out that it would make sense to do other steps first. So the steps and pics now come in the best order in my opinion.

Important: In order to work with the VAST Breathing System – like with the Rebreather – there as to be a unidirectional airflow inside the mask.  So DON NOT REMOVE THE ONEWAY VALVE on the intake port! This is a major different to modifying your gas mask for directly attaching rebreathing bags!

You start with removing the cover of the air intake.

Then remove the net from the back so you can easily access everything inside the mask.

Next, carefully take the drinking tube and then the respirator mask off.

On top of the air intake unit runs a metal ring. Carefully remove this ring with the provided too. Be extremely careful because when you slip you can damage the rubber. Small dents close to the opening are not an issue because the hardware you will put in is a bit large and thus will cover the area.

Once you have removed the ring, you can now take the entire unit out.

Now you have to remove the speaking valve by removing the ring around it on the inside. This is best done with long-nose pliers. If you want retrofit your gas mask later, be careful not to damage the ring. I managed to break it. Again, be careful not to damage the rubber.

To prepare the gas mask for the mounting insert, warm the rubber around it with a hair dryer in order to make the material more flexible.

In order to fit the mounting insert, put the female thread through the front hole, hold the male threaded part at the back and turn the female part until it fits snuggly.

Repeat the same steps starting with heating the area around the hole for the exhalation valve. Make sure that the GM40 port is on the outside. This step is a bit cumbersome because it is quite cramped inside the mask. Now your AVON gas mask is ready for play with the VAST Breathing System – once you have attached the net at the back again.

Alternatively you can replace the net with the VAST’s Head Harness for AVON gas masks. It is made out of their aramid-reinforced Superior Latex and comes in standard and locking variety. For addition fail safe reasons, I chose the non-locking version.

To install the harness, thread the straps through the loops where usually the straps of the next go…

… and secure them using the screw-down rivets. Depending if you prefer a sleeker or more industrial look, put the recess on the inside or outside.

Now the FM12 is fully upgraded and ready to play.

How the additional components of the set perform and why Flashlight has labia instead ass lips is a story for another day and review.

Alpha Whips Junior Snake Whip

The Alpha Whip 2ft Junior Snake Whip in a Custom Adaptive Version

Vendor: Alpha Whips


This whip is very traditionally made: At the bottom is a lead-weighted pommel to balance the whip followed by a spring core. Being a Snake Whip there is no dedicated grip section with a second knot before the body like on a Bullwhip. At the end of the body a single paracord becomes the so call “fall” to which the cracker is attached by a loop. The cracker can be made out of Dacron or Dyneema. Dacron is a bit more stiffer and sharper and thus more stingy. It also takes longer to break in for cracking the whip. The upside is that the falls at the end do not tangle easily when cracking. My cracker is made out of Dyneema because it is softer and the chances of breaking the skin are next to nothing.

Lengthwise you can choose between 2ft and 5ft. The length is measure from the end of the pommel to where the fall begins. Choosing the right length is not an easy task. The most important thing to consider is your play space: The more confined the short the whip should be. Next is your play style, how you throw your whip. As a beginner I would recommend 3ft because it is a good compromise between handling, being able to crack it and throwing the whip far away from you. Despite controlling my whip fairly well, I still manage to unintentionally hit myself… If you want Hollywood style show throwing and cracking, you will need longer whips.

Nota bene: My whip is a custom Adaptive Snake Whip in 2ft length and 12 plaits. So where on a standard Snake Whip the fall is, I have a loop for attaching various attachments like a Dragon Quirt or a braided nylon fall onto which my cracker is attached. The plus side of an Adaptive whip is versatility. In theory you do not need carry several whips to a scene but can exchange the impact implement. In practice I rarely do it because it takes a bit of time. The downside is that doe to the nylon fall I basically ended up with a 3ft whip.

On a normal Snake Whip the Fall would begin here. At my Adaptive Whip there is the Loop for attaching different Implements

What makes whip from Alpha Whip special is the material it is made out of: Is completely made out of paracord.  In case of the Junior Whip it is made out of 550lb Nylon paracord which is perfect considering the length of the whip and thus force the material is subjected to. If you have experience which leather whips, you will have to adjust a bit. Out of the box, the body is less stiff and thus the whip is easier to throw right away. But unlike leather, the material will not break in over time. The braid will loosen just a little bit but not too much. So once you have learned to control your whip your throwing style does not need to adjust much to the changing whip properties. Another advantage is that the whip does not need maintenance beyond exchanging the cracker.

Speaking of the braid, it is very neat, tight and even which is an indicator for the quality and long term durability of the whip. The Junior Series has as 12 plait braid which means 12 cords are used to make the whip. Higher braid count means tighter braid and more detailed patterns. Since all whips are custom made, you can choose from a wide range of patterns and colors. My Snake Whip is a two-color Double Diamond in black and neon green both on the handle and the pommel.

Lead-Weighted Pommel with Hanging Loop

The pommel can have a different color than the handle and you can choose if you want a small loop for hanging the whip. I would highly recommend this for shorter whips because since the nylon does not break in as much as leather does, you cannot curl the whip like Indiana Jones does. Better store them hanging.

Finally a word on pricing: When I talk about flogger or whips at my impact play workshops or with interested people after they have seen me throw whips at Quälgeist for example, a common topic is where to get inexpensive whips for beginners. Being made out of paracord, Alpha Whips are already on the lower end of the price spectrum for good handmade whips. It takes hours to braid a whip like this. It takes a large stock of material you have to finance in order to offer this wide range of colors. And most importantly it takes years to learn how to make great whips. For that reason whips quality whips that will last you years of heavy play cannot come at a discount price. So like with anal toys where I always recommend saving for more expensive but safer to play with platinum silicone toys, better safe for another half year and get a proper whip instead of something cheap.

But don’t safe or wait too long for the whip you want. For most whip makers making whips is a hobby. If they had to make a living from it, whips would be even more expensive. So on a regular basis famous whip makers stop making their toys because they cannot justify the – personal – costs anymore.

Progression of the Braid from 12 plait to the Fall

Playing with the Junior Snake Whip

Each whip has a natural orientation in which it wants to go. In order to find this orientation hold the whip on the pommel and see into which direction it leans. You should always throw the whip on this plane because it will naturally lean towards it. Throwing it perpendicularly will make it harder to control because the whip will be pulled sideways while the momentum is propelling it forward.

The Fluff of a Dyneema Cracker

In order to learn how to control the whip, a proven technique is taking a large piece of cardboard and draw the outlines of a human torso onto it. Put this on the wall and throw your whip at it aiming at specific areas. Caution: Make sure there is nothing fragile about a meter left and right of the target and behind you. My poor plants speak from experience…

There are two ways to throw this whip: The easier one is “lashing”. You hold the pommel in your dominant hand and hold the fall in the other. Now extend your dominant arm until it is slightly bend and pull the other arm backwards. How far you pull backwards and thus put load the whip with tension will determine the impact intensity. If you want to add even more intensity, press your thump against the grip. This will add a surprising amount of kinetic energy. With lashing you can fairly easy and quickly develop a good aim. Since you always have to “charge” your whip again, lashing it not made for rapid strokes.

The other one is called “rolling” because you roll the whip forward. It is the style seen in movies and most porn. For this style, you wind the whip up by putting it behind your back and propel it forward using your shoulder, upper and lower arm. In this style the whip hits the bottom diagonally from above. Since you use all the muscles in your arm and your shoulder to propel the whip forward (and for advanced players even in your torso when you add a turning it towards the bottom), you can gather considerably more kinetic energy and thus increase the pain. Also you can develop a pendulum movement for rapid strokes. But the whip is much more harder to control and proper aim takes a lot of experience. Especially since you need to adjust to the height of every bottom.

The Loop on top of the Fall for Attaching the Cracker

Regardless of the throwing technique, when pulling the whip back for the next stroke, be careful not to hit yourself! On numerous occasions I gave myself a more or less thorough arm and back whipping in a scene…

If you are into extreme, long whipping, especially if you want to break the skin, I highly recommend exchanging the crackers between partners. Otherwise pathogens get transferred from one player to another. Such whipping bottoms usually have their own crackers they give the top before the scene.

Finally, a word on cracking. Cracking is when you throw the whip and there is a cracking sound. This sound is emitted when the cracker breaks the sound barrier. Unlike leather whips, even the short Snake Whip can be made cracking with a bit of practice. I found it easier to crack the whip with lashing than rolling because the kinetic energy is focused in one burst instead of building over time. Since the whip apexes in the middle of the air instead on a bottom, be extra careful of your surroundings. It makes the whip a bit more difficult to control.

Conclusion: Really well-made single tail for beginners and experienced whippers
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Does not breaking in I could not really find any weak spots during the test. If you are in the market for a single tail and except it not being made out of the traditional material leather there is no reason not to buy one of these Alpha Whips Starting at 105€
Easy to crack
Good value for money
No maintenance needed
Made in Germany, so for EU readers no high shipping costs and import duties like on US whips

Oxballs Clone Duo

The Oxballs Clone MAX Ball Stretcher

Vendor: Oxballs

It has been over four years that I have last reviewed an Oxballs ball stretcher. Despite having reviewed so many over the past eleven years, I get many reader questions regarding them. So I decided to take a look an exotic model today which are designed to stretch your balls lower.


The Clone Duo is a set of two funnel-shaped ball stretchers; one black, one blue. It has a very short nuzzle on top of a big cone. It comes in two sizes: The Clone and the Clone Duo MAX which is the basis for this review.

The two stretchers have the same design and dimensions standing 41.5mm tall (37.5mm at the standard version). On top they have a diameter of 47mm and 68mm at the bottom. The top aperture has a diameter of 31mm and the bottom of 42mm. This means that the wall strength increases. This means that there is a spring force working towards the bottom.

The exterior is textured with texts and graphics: Around the nozzle runs a band of the product and brand name, the cone features bold arrows pointing down – just in case you were wondering in which direction the force works. On the MAX there is “HUGE” written between the arrows so you don’t confuse them with the standard ones.

The Tow Colors of the Clone Duo MAX

They are made out of platinum silicone making them very skin-friendly. The super-smooth surface reduces the chance of skin and to some extend hair getting caught. While the material is stretchty, it is more rigid and more importantly more shape stable than (Flex-)TPR even when exposed to kinetic energy and warmth over extended period of time (like in being worn 24/X). If you prefer to lube up your stretcher before putting them on, I recommend sticking to water- or oil-based lubes. Oxballs claims it is fine to use silicone lube but the silicone oil inside the lube will over time disintegrate the surface making it sticky. Speaking of sticky: Silicone itself is always a bit sticky so regardless how thoroughly you clean them, there will always be flint and dust on them.


Different materials use different plasticizers which can damage each other! Because of that it is important to store your ball stretchers apart without touching each other like in a shape sorter. Before putting them away, you should clean them, especially when lube has been used. Simply soak them in hot dish soap water, rinse them off, sanitize and let them dry before storing them away.


The Large Diameter Difference of the Top and Bottom Aperture

Playing with the Clone Duo


More than most other ball stretchers the Clone Duo is designed to stretch and extend your balls over time, turning them into low hangers. Unlike with stacking several rings above each other the spring force constantly and softly pushes your balls down. The lasting stretch might not come as quickly as with other methods (esp. like wearing a metal ball stretcher 24/x) but it is a gentle stretch that will affect your everyday life not too much – if you choose the right size. If you can already comfortably wear a 35mm ball stretcher, go for the MAX, otherwise start with the regular one.

As written above, the stretch force works in the direction of the arrow. So the lowest stretch is when you put the top aperture towards your body and the bottom one towards your balls. The next step up is turning it around and let the bottom press against your groin. From there you have to work quite a bit with stacking stretch rings till the next step which is stacking two Clones above each other. If you want to go harder and more, the next escalation is letting the bottom holes face each other and the final step is to the top holes meet in the middle. Though in order to achieve that you really need (meaty) low-hangers.

Meaty is a key word: The more intensely you stretch, the more likely it is especially for small balls to stay in place when putting the stretcher on or even worse slip through. Again, with added small ring you can prevent this. But with all training, who said it is going to be easy.

One of the more Intense Stacking Options

If you already have somewhat low hangers and enjoy a good swing, the Clone is worth a try. Weighing 68g each and stretching your balls good, there is certainly a good tug and swing. Of course it is far from a metal ball stretcher but my testees enjoyed it because you can wear the Clone longer than a metal ball stretcher at same stretch level.

When you plan on wearing the stretcher constantly for best stretching result, consider the size. The spring force causing cone-shape makes the Clone way bulkier than other ball stretchers. You have a very noticeable – and visible – silicone lump between your legs. Most testees got used to the feeling and did not describe it as more annoying than other stretchers. But there is still a cone of shame around your balls others can see (If you want to put a cone of shame around your entire junk, Oxballs got your covered too).

Conclusion: Tool for stretching your balls LOW for intermediate and experienced stretchers.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Soft and gradual stretch over time When using two difficult to put on. Clone Duo $66.00
Clone Duo MAX $99.00
Good stretch and weight for swinging balls Very bulky for 24/X wearing

Largo & Horse Dildo

Toy Properties

Form: Realistic & Animal Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Natural Tan, Deep Brown and Black
Custom colors possible
Firmness: Soft to Medium, custom degrees possible
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Mr Hankey’s Toys


All Mr Hankey’s anal toys are made out of platinum silicone. This material is 100% body safe, highly resistant towards acid and heat and with the super-smooth surface leave little possibilities for bacteria to linger and are easy to clean. I usually put my toys in hot water with dish soap and sanitize them afterwards for good measure. This is a quick and easy way to get the toys clean and sterile again between partners at a play party. But you can also throw them in the dishwasher or autoclave them. In order to keep the surface in this condition, never use silicone based or hybrid lube with silicone toys because they will disintegrate the surface. Water and oil based lube are safe to be used with silicone toys. Being easy to clean is a great feat because silicone is slightly sticky. It thus attracts dust and flint extremely easily.

The Mr Hankey’s Toys Large & Horse Dildo

Mr Hankey’s Toys chose this material not only because it is easy to handle from a production point of view but also because it easily takes on coloration. Until two years ago, MHT was famous for the dual-coloring with a solid color core and a contrast color shell. This pours very extremely complex and sadly have been discontinued. They have been replaced with split colors (on the Horse Dildo) or marbles (on Largo) which are also interesting and beautiful.

The toys from Mr Hankey’s Toys come in two firmness degrees. The firmer is called “Medium” which is about the firmness of a fully hard penis. This makes texture more intense but also reduces the flexibility of the shaft. While I usually enjoy firmer toys, due to the nature of Largo and the Horse Dildo, I would not recommend getting either one in Medium but go for the softer “75%” firmness. Even when they mare the toys a little bit harder to control because they flop around more. Mr Hankey’s offer custom firmnesses for $15.95 which I have never tried. I would only recommend this if you have a large collection of anal toys already and can imagine how a toy will feel in a certain firmness! Because the larger the toy, the firmer it will feel! So be careful not to over- or in rare cases undershoot.

The Vac-U-Lock along with the Dust Problem every Siliconme Toy has

An add on I always recommend is the Vac-U-Lock hole for just $4.95. The system was originally designed to attach the toy to fuck machines but both of these toys are too big and too heavy to be attached to fuck machines. But in the past years a number of nifty accessories came out for this kind of system: Handles, Strap-On harnesses, suction cups and double-dildo connectors. Because of this I highly recommend adding this inexpensive feature to your toy. There are just too many useful scenarios along the way to go cheap on this one.

The Texture on Largo’s Shaft

Playing with the Largo & Horse Dildo

Both toys have very telling names. Largo is large. Very large! With almost 410mm of insertable length and a diameter of 70mm it is made for serious depth player.

The glans has a nice smooth dome shape. It could have taper a little bit more and get more cone-shaped to open up the two sphincters more easily and gradually. The glans rim is slightly slated and there is a considerable drop of about 6mm which leads to a nice popping in sensation – especially beyond the second sphincter.

The shaft is heavily textured with many thick and high-rising veins. Below the glans there is a small cluster of ridges of cut foreskin. There is a slight, almost unnoticeable ventral groove. Due to the texture, riding Largo is a very stimulating experience. There is not increase of diameter so once the hole has relaxed and got accustomed to the size, you can focus on the texture which will massage both sphincters. Especially when going deep, the sensitive colon walls are subjected to an interesting and intense massage. This kind of sensation are rarely found because most thick depth toys are just smooth or have a big – flared – glans (see below) on which the sensations are focused so Largo offers something truly unique. Every kind of stimulation causes tensing up so riding Largo deeply HARD can be a challenge due to the colon trying to push him out instead of letting him in deeper. For really experienced players who use excessive amounts of lube and play with a partner, turning Largo is very hot experience. But be very careful when doing it! Parts of the toys can stick to the colon wall when drying up so turning him can cause heavy injuries!

Largo’s Tapering Glans

As you see and as I wrote in the beginning: Largo is not a toy for novices who just start out with depth play but for experienced players. If you can take Largo, you can take a medium fist DEEP because there is little size difference. Theoretically you can order Largo in Medium firmness but I would strongly advise against! Through the large diameter even the 75% firmness is borderline firm for going around the bends and kinks of the colon. Only one really skilled and trained testee could take my 75% firm Largo completely. Large is one of the few toys where getting a custom firmness – or rather softness – can increase the fun you have with the toy. Though keep in mind: The softer the toy, the harder to handle.

Some might just be intrigued by Largo’s texture, don’t care if they can take him completely and thus order him in Medium to make the texture more noticeable. Coincidentally a friend of a friend has Largo in Medium. It is a club! He is very hard to ride because it stands so tall and too heavy for fucking machines. If you like texture I would rather recommend the Lampwick in Medium instead of Largo. An important thing to consider is that both in Medium and 75% Firmness Largo will not stand up straight but always tips over making him a big hard to ride.

The Horse Dildi’s Blunt Glans

I rarely have ever encountered a so bluntly named toy as the Horse Dildo. It is just what is says: An anatomically more or less correct horse dick – at least according to veterinarian friend of mine.

Unlike on their Centaur toy, the glans is quite flat and only lightly domed. The glans rim is textured with bumps around. These bumps are almost the only added girth to the shaft so this toy is unflared.

Like Largo the shaft is column-like straight – except the horse-characteristically medial ring 2/3 down the shaft. This ring is only a slight ridge around the shaft so more of a depth indicator than a stimulating feature. The entire shaft is textured with very thin lateral ridges giving the toy a nice but not too intense texture.

The Horse’s Balls Float About 10mm Above the Ground

The base features two massive, anatomically correct balls. They give the top a good grip to hold onto and increase the immersion. But their lowest point is about the bottom of the shaft’s base. This makes the toy tip over easily because the big glans makes it already head-heavy. The Horse Dildo would have been easier to ride and control if the balls would have added to the base’s footprint.

Like Largo the Horse Dildo is not for novices. Event the smallest size aptly called “large” has a glans diameter of 72mm. Getting your anus to open up to an almost flat 72mm diameter disk is something that takes a lot of training. Taking the toy deep due to the long insertable length is an art. Once inside the shallow texture gently massages the anus instead of heavily stimulating it. So my verdict it, is you ever wanted to take a dildo that comes close to nature’s original both shape- and size-wise, the Horse Dildo is one of the smaller entries into this realm. But still a challenging one.

The Small Size Difference between the Glans and Column Shaft

Again I would not recommend getting this toy in Medium firmness. You need the softness of 75% for the sphincter to open up. Everything else is almost madness.

Where to buy?

Mr Hankey’s sells their toys directly through their website. This is the best way to get them when you want to customize them even further. They also run promotions on a regular basis (if you register for their newsletter they have an individual birthday promotion for example) so check their page regular to snatch a bargain. Being one size only Largo costs $189.95 plus customization while the Horse Dildo starts at $159.95. Custom solid colors costs $29.95, a marble $39.95, custom firmness $15.95.


Form: Baseball bat
Material: Platinum Silicone
Colors: 20 colors in all patterns
Firmness: Very Soft to very firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Organotoy

Just in case you are wondering why you find this review in the Impact Toy category: Being modeled after a baseball bat, you can of course use it to hit people. I talk about the BaseMyBat as an impact toy in the second part of the play section.


In the whole world European anal toys Organotoy has a very special place: Founded 15 years ago it was the first European toy maker to only use platinum silicone. Today they are one of the few companies only using ISO 10993-10 compliant raw materials and are compliant with the ISO “sex toy” standard 3533 2021. This shows their dedication to product safety and quality.

The Organotoy BaseMyBat

Of course their platinum silicone has all the properties anal players love: Hypoallergenic and 100% body-safe, easy to clean with warm dish-soap water, easy to sanitize afterwards using spray-on sanitizer or even autoclaving and sliding in easily due to the super-smooth surface. Just please do not use silicone lube for this toy. The silicone oil inside the lube will over time attack the silicone and make the surface sticky.

As standard Organotoy “only” offers 20 colors. But they will mix any others that are not part of the standard range. If you want make the toy even more yours a former Hollywood FX artists works there and does custom airbrushes according to your design (like the biohazard sign on the first ever Sit-Plug  which I gifted to my BF) or for delicate colorings (my Rainbow Ripley was done this way). So in theory you could get your favorite baseball team’s logo in your toy and fuck yourself with it.

Another great customization feature is that you can virtually order any firmness between Shore 00-20 (almost too soft to play) up to feels-like-metal Shore A30. They have the common firmnesses in stock but will mix others for you. So if you like it extremely soft or need it extremely hard (literally) – especially if you want to use the bat for impact play – Organotoy is one of the few manufacturers who makes toys in the extreme ends of the Shore scale.

The BaseMyBall has the shape of a baseball bat used for sports. It is 490mm long; 250mm barrel and 230mm grip. The barrel has a diameter of 53mm. This means this is not a full size baseball bat. It is closer to a one-hand training bat than a full size Louisville Slugger and considerably  thinner…

The Dull Tip of the BaseMyBat

Playing with BaseMyBall

… which is good for depth play. This toy is made for everybody who has the fantasy of being fucked with a baseball bat yet feared the unforgivingness of aluminum or even wood (splinters in the nether regions anyone?). Due to the grip, the BaseMyBall is quite easy to handle even with somewhat lubey fingers. In softer firmnesses this even applies when you want to stuff your ass with it. If you go for a higher firmness degree (Shore A10 and up) there is too much leverage.

The toy itself is a bit anti-climactic. It is just a smooth barrel. So you get the feeling of is sliding in an out but not more. I could see great potential for this toy if Organotoy turned it into a club or mace with bumps and ridges and grooves added to the barrel and shortened the grip a little bit.

The Handle with a little Pummel for better Grip

Taking the toy requires pre-stretching because the tip is flat with a little domed rim. There is nothing to nicely make open up. This especially accounts for your second hole! The bat is not for novices! But if you have a bit if experience, it is a nice to toy to “straighten” the colon out.

Being modeled after a baseball bat, there is of course the question: How does it perform as an impact toy? Well, that depends.

For spanking it does not really work because of the material. Silicone is simply too soft and the barrel to heavy. Mine was made in Shore A20 and still the barrel flops around then trying swing the top at the impact area. When you grab is right below the barrel and swing it like a club, the grip bounces and swings causing unintended impacts. They are not intense but irritating for the sub because they are chaotic. Regardless how controlled and rhythmic you hit him with the barrel the grip flops around unevenly. Maybe a split firmness of A30 until the beginning of the barrel and an A10 or A20 for barrel could fix that.

Illustration just how much even Shore A20 bends

Baseball bats are also often used for CBT. They are just the perfect graphic ball busting tool for rough play. But again hitting somebody between the legs does not work due to the material. For what the BaseMyBall is great for is strapping your sub to the floor, legs apart and swing the barrel against his nuts. Due to the softness the bat swings easily with a lot of momentum bruising the balls nicely.

Where to buy?

Organotoy recently started a limited wholesale for their toys though I am not sure if that includes the BaseMyBalls. Especially if you want to customize the colors or want it airbrushed, ordering directly from Organotoy is the way to go. The BaseMyBall costs 99.96€ plus customization add-ons.

Desiderate: Textured Bad Dragon Toys

Seraphina his Signature Color

Those who have been following this little website right from the start – soon it will be 11 years, wow! – are familiar with Desiderates. In these posts I talk about toys I do not – yet – own and haven’t tested yet but find so interesting that I talk about why I find them tempting.

Due to personal reasons this Anal Toy Special is taking longer to finish than I anticipated. But it will be finished in two weeks. Since I started it, so many interesting new textured toys have entered the market that in the next few weeks I will post Desiderates on Friday on new toys I might review in the future.

Seraphina’s Siganture’s Glow in the Dark

We will start off with Bad Dragon who apparently has a new designer! Because so many great textured toys have been released recently. And since I am a sucker for texture, I will start of with this legendary brand.

I start off with the most extreme toy: Seraphina. It is an equine inspired toy so it is not for novices. The glans appeared to be a bit domed, encouraging the second sphincter to open up. But the glans rim is textured with bumps and ridges. Instead of one medial ring, Seaphina features three perpendicular ones. And for good measure there is a knot on the base. Laterally the shaft is also texture with veins so twisting this toy inside you will also be stimulating. But all this texture will make the toy hard aka interesting aka horny to take when you have the experience. It will be interesting to see how this toy works in medium firmness. Especially on the second sphincter the texture must be intense but being a depth toy, it will most likely not stand up in soft. I guess a thorough review is in order. Seraphina’s Signature color is a four color glow in the dark marble and as a GitD fan so I am already sold on that!

Slater in his Signature Color

The next on the decreasing intensity scale is Slater which reminds me a bit of Apollo, my first ever Bad Dragon toy. It is basically three bulbs/ knots stacked on top of each other with the top sphere tapering to a tip. So far so standard. But over the body meander several ridged of bumps in different heights and diameters. It will be an interesting toy to ride I can imagine it will shine the most being twisted inside your rectum by a top. Again, not sure if to get it in soft for a brushing or medium for an intense massage. In firm, Slater is probably going to be brutal!

Abyss in his Natural Colo

Abyss has a very particular design: A small nubby glans on top for easy entry – placed on a stumplike plateau shaft. There will be a lot of pre-stretching necessary to take him. The shaft is textured with thin grooves on lateral ridges and a scale-like texture on the ventral grove promising again to be a fun toy for twisting and turning. Personally I find the layout a bit creepy so not sure if I want Abyss in my playroom. But his Natural color has a nice Glow in the Dark effect so this might convince me.

Tempest’s Signature’s Glow in the Dark

Tempest looks like the tamer brother of Abyss. With a nice untextured and evenly tapering glans he will open your hole up easily. Once the glans pops in with the big glans drop the shaft is again textured with grooves and scales. But they are not as deep as on Abyss and lack the lateral ridges. Like his extremer brother Tempest Signature has a simple yet beautiful Glow in the Dark coloring.

Echo’s Horn’s Signature’s Glow in the Dark

The final toy in this little list is Echo’s Horn which I thought was a rhino horn but had to learn it belongs to a Snow Strider (sorry, the furry and anthroscene is not my strong side). It has the shape of a rhino’s horn so evenly opens up your hole. The entire shaft is texture with shallow perpendicular grooves making it the perfect toy for riding vigorously, fucking your anus into orgastic oblivion. Surprisingly both Echo’s Horn Natural and Signature colors are Glow in the Dark. While the Natural is just a solid color of the shaft in Natural both shaft and base feature an artic blue core over which the ridges glow in aqua blue giving him a very cool design. If not for play, you can use Echo’s Horn as a beautiful silicone sculpture for door stopping (guys importing BDs know what I am talking about).


Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: 52 in marble patterns
Firmness: Soft or firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

The Neotori Andaro XL

Vendor: Neotori


Neotori is famous for their lavish, pearlescent UV-reactive color marbles which patterns often incorporate tones of precious metals like gold, silver or copper. Along with Glow in the Dark or solid ones you can choose 52 colors which can be mixed in double or triple marbles. No fades or anything else, just marbles. And Neotori excels every other manufacturer in those.  While with other manufacturer you sometimes have large areas in only one color, Neotori’s marbles are vivid and lively.

The Vac-u-Lock Hole in the Base

These beautiful patterns are only possible with platinum silicone because this material takes on color particles easily and mixes beautifully. Another property is that the material is 100% body safe and super-smooth. This means, the toy slides into you very easily and keeps bacteria and other nasty things from linger. It also makes the toy easy to clean: Wash or better soak in warm dish-soap water, rinse, spray with sanitizer and you are ready to go. This makes silicone the material of choice for all group setting players who need to clean and sanitize toys quickly. What some consider a disadvantage of silicone toys it that you must not use silicone lube with. The silicone oil inside the lube will disintegrate the toy over time so just stick to water- or oil-based lube.

Neotori offers their toys in two firmness degrees a quite soft Shore A00 called “Standard” and a form Shore A8. When you order toys in their “Standard” firmness, especially a longer one like the Andaro I am reviewing toy, be aware that they will not stand up but collapse easily! Especially so soft toys needs a bit more care. Store them without pressure otherwise they might get creases. If you are just starting out with anal play, softer the toys might be for you because softer toys are harder to handle yet ceteris paribus the easier to take. Each toy comes with a storage bag to protect it. But especially with soft toys don’t stack too many bags on top of each other 😉

Andaro’s Base

Handling can be improved when adding a Vac-u-Lock hole. There is a plethora of accessories like suction cups or handles for this hole which makes playing with toys easier.  It is also a convenient spot to place a finger to guide the toy when using it as a top. And of course, it is the most common standard for attaching a dildo to a fucking machine.

Playing with Andaro

As you can see in the drawing and flavor text on Neotori’s website Andaro is a horse-dong inspired toy. Like on an equine penis the glans is quite flat with a shallow dome in the middle. Around the side and the front runs a thick glans-rim bulge. Despite being flat, Andaro is far from flared yet to take him you need to pre-stretch. There is little to coax the sphincter to open up gradually.

A Dull but still Unflared Equine Glas

The shaft has an interesting texture: On the back of the glans two ridges converge chevron-like, “splitting” the top of the shallow ventral groove which interestingly gets wider and deeper down the shaft. This is mirrored on top of the shaft with two sallow ridges converging towards a shallow ventral (?) grove. Below the glans two bumps sit on the sides of the shaft in an almost perfect 45° angle.

The second half of the shaft is “textured” with a pair of very shallow bumps on the side. You almost cannot see those because they are so subtle. Unlike other equine toys Andaro does not have a medial ring. Instead there is a ring around the shaft just above the base. The top is quite shallow, the height and thickness is about the same as the bumps below the glans so I would not call it a knot.

Below this ring there is a short shaft for resting before flat ridges just above the base mark the end of the usable length. Two thick but not overly massive balls form the base giving the toy a good stand while still being easy to handle.

Andaro’s Ventral Grove

The play sensation with Andaro varies quite a bit depending on if you are riding him or getting your hole stuffed by a top. As already said, taking Andaro takes pre-stretching. The bulges around the glans rim and below are perfect for massaging the sensitive anus. If you are skilled and nimble you can lock your prostate below the glans rim and between the converging ridges for milking and stimulation. The parallel bumps increase the shaft rigidity where they are located creating areas where the shaft will bend more easily. This makes it easier to handle when taking the toy deep.

Taking it beyond your second sphincter is only for experienced depth players because yet again, that dull glans will not help with opening up this sensitive area easily. Once penetrated the intense stimulation does not stop because like the on the anus the bumps will “torment” the entrance to your colon. This might be the reason why there is now medial ring so you can focus on relaxing and penetrating the second sphincter.

When you take Andaro REALLY deep, it gets really intense: In addition to the bumps stimulating the second sphincter, the bump around the bottom stretches your anus strong and hard! Like with the glans, the flat and dull top does not open up the anus gently. If you like hard, intense play, this is double stimulation will make you leak.

The Big, Slated Bumps below the Glans

Of course you get all these sensation when a top stuffs you. But unlike when riding the toys, he can twist it inside you. This is especially important when targeting either the anus or second sphincter with the slated bumps below the glans. Since they converge towards the middle, one bump is getting pushed through the sphincter while the other is pulled out during one turn. This is a unique, intense sensation what I have never felt before!

Where to buy?

Neotori only sells their toys on their website. They usually have a few ready-made toys you can order right away. But their core business is to sell individualized toy so they are really yours.

Stony & Walton

Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Many
Firmness: Soft to Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Jack O’Toy

Back from vacation hiatus and sick leave – right into the Pride season. This means almost every weekend I will be on the go, demonstrating for LGBTQ+ rights. So not sure if I will be able to keep the one review per week schedule. But enough of gazing into a crystal ball and off to France…

Jack O’Toy’s Walton & Stony


Jack O’Toy is the next manufacturer in this small (and completely incomplete!) stroll through Europe’s anal toy manufacturer. Like all manufacturer in this special their toys are made out of pure platinum silicone. The most important feat of this material is that it is 100% body safe unlike PVC/ vinyl/ “real touch” or whatever clever name it is given or rubber. It also has advantageous playwise. The surface is super smooth so there is less friction when going in. It also keeps bacteria from lingering and easy to clean, making it a perfect material for group play when the toy needs to be cleaned quickly between partners. Simply wash with warm dish soap water (the warmer the better), rinse, dry and spray sanitizer on it. If you want to be extra sure, you can autoclave platinum silicone toys too. However a little pinch is that such toys must only be used with water- or oil-based lubes. The silicone oil inside silicone lube will disintegrate the toy over time and makes the surface sticky. Regardless if you have exposed your toy to platinum silicone or kept it in best shape, silicone is always a bit sticky. So it will attract flint and dust quite easily.

The Vac-U-Lock Hole on Stony’s Bottom

When it comes to customization, Jack O’Toy offers a wide. Firmness-wise you have three choices from soft (Shore A2) over medium (Shore A5) to firm (Shore A10) which is a more traditional, Bag Dragon-like firmness scale (their firm is Shore A8) and not like other manufacturer which lean to the softer side. The color range features 38 colors from standards solids over UV reactive to sparkling ones. These colors can be put into several patterns from solid over splits to marbles. For the colors of my two toys Jack O’Toy employed a technique previously done also by Mr Hankey’s Toys: Having a monochrome outer layer of varying thickness over a monochrome core. The varying thickness creates different hues and a very subtle marble pattern. It a very unique, interesting and sophisticated look! Sadly Mr Hankey’s Toys does not do this technique anymore because it is very difficult and time consuming. So I am very happy that Jack O’Toy offers it. If you are a collector and don’t have a toy in this technique, get one toy from France!

The Bumps texturing Stony’s Body

You can order the toys with a Vac-U-Lock hole. If you know my reviews, you know, that I strongly recommend getting it! If is a good way to guide a toy when you put a finger into it while fucking you bottom. There are also so many accessories like handles or suction cups for it making it a very universal tool. Speaking of suction cup: Jack O’Toys offer suck on suction cups made out of silicone. They look interesting but I had not have a chance to play with them. If you have experience, send me an e-mail!

One of the most frequent questions I get about new toy manufacturer is their manufacturing quality. Jack O’Toy’s toys are very well made. The color distribution is very good, even small details are finely wrought, the surface is flawless with no burst bubbles and there are no rough areas or overly frayed edges at the bottom. It lies in the nature of the material to create rough edges at the bottom. They can be evened out like for example Bad Dragon does. However since you do not see them, they do not impair the functionality of the toy and if they are within limits, I am giving them a pass. If they annoy you, you can deburr silicone toys with a sharp knife.

The Canine Inspired Glans of Walton

This manufacturing quality actually surprised me: Jack O’Toy’s specialty are heavily textured toys which are a pain in the ass to get out of the pouring form. This process can easily tarnish a toy. But as I wrote they are flawless, even in a firm material like the Shore A10 mine are made out of. Kudos for that!

This leads a bit to the big elephant in the middle of the room: His toys are relatively small. My two toys are “large” and compared to almost every other manufacturer they are medium sized at best (if you shop at size queen manufacturer they might even qualify as small). On the one hand it is great for novices or people who do not want to outstretch their orifices too much to have access to heavily textured toys. But before you order, check the size chart thoroughly. Otherwise you might be disappointed.

The Crystal Column at the Back of Stony’s Shaft

For the time being Jack O’Toy does not plan to make (X)XL toys – which I can understand. It must be impossible to get these toys out of the shape. But if you are (dark) red hanky flagging guy, these toys might sadly be a tad bit small for you.

Playing with Stony & Walton

Stony starts out like a realistic dildo. He has a nicely tapering, big glans without a glans drop. From the two very subtle bulges below the top of the glans I assume he is an uncut guy. The shaft is a straight column. So much for a realistic dick.

But the shaft is textured with a cluster of geode shapes bumps. The is a line of for running down the ventral grove, the others are wildly scattered over the shaft. To underline the theme of being a stone creature shallow cracks run over the shaft. But you will not feel these amid the intense stimulation of the bumps.

At the bottom of the top a cluster of crystal pillars is growing out of the base. At the front two massive balls which are lightly textured with bumps and cracks make for a sturdy stand even when riding the toy hard.

Stony’s Nicely Tapering Glans

Riding Stony vigorously requires a good stretch and much relaxation because the texture is intense. Because of the chaotic array, there is no “easy” angle to take it. Everywhere is intense stimulation which is you are into this kind of thing, makes Stony a great toy. But texture also creates friction and tension of the anus so he is not an easy toy to take. However, there are two sweet spots: For the prostate owner, ride the ridges of the ventral grove for an almost saw like stimulation. For the front hole owner, according to my FtM testees the crystal columns are good for clitoris stimulation. Regardless if stuffing Stony into your front or rear hole, twisting him and letting the bumps stimulation the sensitive mucosa is horny fun!

Walton on the other hand plays a different game. His glans is very dull with a little tip towards the bottom – like glanses of canines are. It is bulgey which creates quite the glans drop. This shaft is barrel shaped and textured with many veins.

Walton’s Barrel Shaft and MASSIVE Knot

Being barrel shaped it tapers at the bottom again above the THICK knot. This leads to a knot-to-shaft-above-knot ration of an insane 1:1.9. As I wrote, size-wise Walton’s shaft is not that big. But that knot? Holy fuck! It can compete with grown-up knots from other manufacturer, especially considering the ration relevant for the knotting! If you are a novice and want an intense knotting despite not being quite there yet, get Walton in soft and try to work him in.

Like all canine toys Walton has a short straight neck for resting and enjoying the feeling of a thick knot locked inside oneself. Though I would not recommend to enjoy this feeling for too long because then you hole might tense up again. The this neck is even small leading to an absurd knot-to-neck ratio if 1:2.1!

Walton’s Thin Base. As you can see the shaft leans backwards.

The base is quite thin. As a counterpoint there are two massive, untextured balls. But still, the base is too unstury for riding Walton, especially when you struggle to take the knot. My recommendation is to buy a suction cup and back against the wall if you still learn to take Walton easily.

Where to buy?

Since all Jack O’Toy toys are custom made, you can only order them from their website. They have stock drops on a regular basis and run promotion on ready made toys. So follow their Twitter to keep up.

Hector & Wairu

Form: Fantasy dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Many
Firmness: Soft to Medium
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Blackfang Labs Hector & Wairu

Vendor: Blackfang Labs

Last week’s toys came from Berlin in the Eastern part of Germany, this week these two handsome brutes are coming from Düsseldorf which is in the far West of Germany.


Like all toys in this Anal Toy Special the dildos by Blackfang Labs are made out of pure platinum silicone. This means they are not only a 100% body safe unlike cheaper materials like PVC or rubber. Their surface is also super smooth which keeps bacteria from lingering and makes insertion and cleaning easy. Simply wash with hot dish soap water, rinse, dry, spray a sanitizer on it and you are ready to go again. This makes platinum silicone toys perfect for orgies. They are quick and easy to clean between partners. In order to preserve these properties they must not be used with silicone lube because the silicone oil will disintegrate the surface and make it sticky! Water or oil-based lubes are fine. So you can infuse your water-based lube with essential oils if desired.

The Cavernous Bodies and Ventral Groove Texturing Hector’s Short Shaft

When silicone toys started to become a major thing some 10 years ago the softer end of the spectrum was the most popular one. Blackfang Labs sticks to this trend with their soft being Shore 00-30 (a bit softer than Topped Toys for example), medium being Shore 00-40 and firm Shore 00-50 which is still relatively soft.

What set Blackfang Labs toys apart from other silicone toys is the coloring. DarkRat, the artist behind the toys has an extraordinary eye for beautiful fades. He combines bold colors in striking contrasts or layers soft tones in subtle fades creating some of the most amazing silicone sculptures out there. When I see his drops in Twitter , I am sometimes tempted to buy a toys just because the colors so vividly and seducing. Another specialty are multi-color marbles. They are more complicated than they might appear. Colored silicone easily blends creating mushy messes. In Kai’s marbles you can really see the different colors dancing around each other like in an abstract expressionist painting. It’s like K.O. Götz and Jackson Pollock started to collaborate on anal toys.

Wairu’s BIG Suctionc Cup

Just like the coloring the product quality is spotless! The surface is even without popped bubbles, rough areas or overly frayed edges at the bottom. Since after last week’s review I have gotten a couple messages about these frayed edges: It lies in the nature of the material to create rough edges at the bottom. They can be evened out like for example Bad Dragon does. However since you do not see them, they do not impair the functionality of the toy and if they are within limits, I am giving them a pass. If they annoy you, you can deburr silicone toys with a sharp knife.

For most of their toys, Blackfang Labs offers the option of a suction cup. Their suction cup is deep and taking up the entire base for a strong and secure suction. This is an option you should always order then possible. If riding a toy sitting on the floor for maximum sphincter and colon relaxation it keeps the toy from sliding away. If you prefer a more “natural” knotting position in doggy style, you can stick it to your shower wall without falling off or sliding down.

Hector’s Pointy Glans

Blackfang Labs offers two toys or rather tools which I have not ever played with but which are sounding interesting: First a double-sided suction cup to mount suction-cupless toys to a flat surface. This is a brilliant idea for toys which do not have this nifty feature. It is likely I might actually recommend this feature over a vac-u-lock suction cup because having a silicone foot will feel more organic than a firm plastic one. Also, it looks like the double-sided suction cup can bend a bit so it might adjusts more easily to your body movement. However, the cup has a diameter of 57mm so you must at least have base diameter of I guess 62mm for it to securely attach to making it feasible only for larger toys. Also it would be interesting to see how the different firmness degrees effect the suction and stability performance. The other vac-u-lock replacing accessory is a grip with a suction cup attached to it. This cup has a little bit smaller diameter at 54mm so will go with more toys. But even at Shore 00-50 I am not sure how usable or rather wobbly the grip will be. Yet, at 30€ each for a two-tone toy they are not too expensive. Maybe in the future I will take a look at them in another review.

Hector’s MASSIVE Knot

Playing with Hectore & Wairu

As the name might imply – at least for Germans – Hector is inspired by canine gentiles.  A husky to be precise. He starts out with a pointy tip of a bulgy circle on top of a tapering stump. The shaft is textured with two lateral bulging cavernous bodies which are very lightly textured with veins. On the bottom runs a faint ventral groove and there is a little more bulgy groove on the top. The shaft slightly tapers towards the knot.

The Intense Texture on Hector’s Long Neck

The knot is really extreme on Hector! While on other canine of vulpes inspired toys you have two or three spheres bulging out of the shaft, on Hector it is an almost perfect flattish bulge all around the body. Only at the top there is a small recess and there are two small ones next to the thick bulge below the ventral groove. While this does not sound a lot different, it changes the knotting dramatically. With spherical knots the individual spheres can be “pushed” to a side which fits the sphincter better. Also, the knot has an orientation; positioning it in line of the sphincter makes the entry more easily. With Hector is either goes in this way or is does not! This is little to coax the anus to open up. This led to many play partners underestimating Hector! In the profile the glans and body promise they will gradually open up the hole and the knot does not look more flattish than other knots. But it feels SO much more intense.

Wairu’s Textured Glans and Body

The neck below the knot is short but long enough for the anus to comfortably close around it. The little leverage in combination with the massive, dull knot means that it easily locks in place. The neck is textured with a cluster of thick grooves so there is an intense stimulation when twisting it. This is if your bottom can focus on this body part because the pressure of the thick knot pressing against the prostate if overwhelming.

The base is thick and sturdy so you don’t accidently swallow it when your hole already opened up to take the now.

The Smaller Pre-Knot and BIG Knot of Wairu

In comparison to Hector Wairu would be best described as “Two households, both alike in dignity”. He starts out with a tiny tapering glans. The glans rim is textured with pointy bumps. The shaft itself is not even half of the entire insertable length and its intersection is almost like a rounded square! On the bottom corner instead of a ventral groove there is line of pointy bumps. The sides and back are textured with scale-like ridges which have an pointy apex at the top. Yes, the body gradually tapers but through the texture it rather irritates the sphincter and causes it to tense up instead of gradually preparing it for the knot.

Wairu hast two of those. The first if what I call the pre-knot. It is a lot like Hector’s knot, a bulge around the shaft with only a small recess at the bottom. Its flatness’ effect is intensified by shallow yet noticeable ridges on the side which makes the knotting more intense.

The Neck of Wairu is less Textured than Hector’s

The knot itself is rather traditional with two big rounded spheres on the side, a medium one on top and a big recess at the bottom. So the anus can nicely squeeze the knot where it has to go. But the shaft-to-knot ratio is an absurd 1:1.7! Yes, bouncing on the pre-knot (1:1.4) helps a bit but still! The knot is texture with a few subtle veins for good measure but I doubt you will feel them in the intense knotting sensation.

The neck below has ridges like Hector yet fewer and shallower ones. Also, the neck is quite short. This in combination with the HUGE base create a lot of leverage, making it almost impossible to lock the knot inside the anus for extended periods of time.

Where to buy?

Since all Blackfang Labs toys are custom made, you can only order them from their website.

Vector, Bishop & Spritz

Toy Properties
Form: Fantasy Toy
Material: Platinum Silicone
Colors: Many
Firmness: Soft to medium Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Bad Dragon

Your thirst for new Bad Dragon Reviews never seems to stop – regardless how many of their toys I test. But I can understand you, riding their toys is very hot. Through your reader questions you pressure me to explore awesome toys – like Vector – I would have never considered. So not sure if I should call it “Time Honored Tradition” or “Broken Record” but here it is, the (semi?)annual Bad Dragon review.

Bad Dragon’s Bishop, Vector & Spritz


The most important thing about all Bad Dragon insertables (and to also fuckables) is that they are only made out of pure platinum silicone. Bad Dragon was actually the first major toy company back in 2008 to only work with platinum silicone so they have loads of experience which echos in their brilliant and elaborate color patterns. Silicone is the perfect material for colored toys since it takes on the color really well and does not discolor or fade over time. Each of their toys comes in different color patterns and can be highly customized. On their website is a configuration tool where you can see the toy in your desired pattern in 3D with a sizing tool. Just in case you are unsure if the toy is too big. Important when choosing the right size is to consider the firmness: The bigger the toy, the firmer it will feel. You can choose from soft (Shore A2), medium (Shore A5) and firm (Shore A8 which is still relatively soft).

Bishop’s Knot with the Small „Stopper“ Bump

More important than the coloring are the material properties of platinum silicone: First of all it is 100% body safe. This is extremely important because the human rectum has a very receptive mucous lining (That’s why you get extreme alcohol poisoning when you pour booze into your ass! Don’t do it!) so plasticizers or other potential toxins emitted from low quality PVC/ vinyl toys can enter the bloodstream easily.  Besides not being harmful to your body, platinum silicone has a super-smooth surface so it is easy to clean. For cleaning simple put the toy in warm dishsoap water, let it soak and rinse it off (I take post play bath with the toys on a regular basis). For extra cleaning, spray them with sanitizer or put them in an autoclave. While we are on the topic, a word how to care for your new silicone sculptures: Do not store them together with toys made out of other materials. The plasticizers leaving the material can damage your silicone toys for good. Especially when they are made out of soft silicone, store them upright. Otherwise they get dents and creases. One drawback of silicone is that is must not be used with silicone lube! The silicone oil inside will disintegrate the toy and tarnish the surface over time. Water or oil based lubes are perfect for them!

Spritz Textured Neck with the Suction Cup Base

Most toys can be customized with different options: The newest is called Dragon Mount but is actually a Vac-U-Lock hole. If your toy can be equipped with it, get it! While especially the larger toys might be too heavy for fuck machines, there are tons of Vac-U-Lock accessories like handles out there. When playing as a top I also like to guide the toy by sticking a thumb into the hole. The next best thing is the suction cup. Unlike with other toy companies, the Bad Dragon suction cup it deep and thus heavy duty! When you want to ride larger toys, I consider it an essential because otherwise the base will slide away. The suction cup is strong enough to stick even XL toys to the bathroom wall and you don’t pull them off when you deknot. The cum tube is a controversial topic. None of my Bad Dragons have a cum tube. With friends’ toys I was able to try the effect of shooting cum lube up my ass. It did not feel so intense but added a fuckton of effort to the cleaning. However, after every Bad Dragon review I post I am getting inundated with messages from people who swear by the cum tube! It adds so much of immersion to their toy that they would never buy a toy without it. If you have never tried a Bad Dragon with a cum tube and consider it, I highly recommend buying one of their Lil’Squirte to test the effect before buying an equipped big toy.

Vector & Chance next to Each other

Bad Dragon used to make every toy according to custom orders. This led to production times up to half year. So two years back they switched their order system: On a more or less regular basis they now have drops of already made toys. Sadly XL toys are rare in these drops and I know what you ass pigs are after. Once in a blue moon Bad Dragon opens custom orders for a limited number of orders. Then you can order your dream configuration. A lot of guys complain to me that this system sucks. I actually find it a lot better than the old one since they only take as many orders as they can process in a foreseeable time so you do not have to wait forever to get your new fantasy dong. Also, I do not know when the next drop/ custom order date is! Best you follow them on Twitter or Instagram; they announce drops and custom orders there.

Playing with Vector

Not sure why, but there has been an influx of review requests for equine inspired dildos. And “inspired” is the right term for Vector because he is a cyborg variety of a horse.

Chance & Vector’s Texture

The most often question I have gotten asked was “Is he larger than Chance?” Vector is slightly taller and the shaft is slightly thicker. The base is about the same side and cannot be equipped with a suction cup. This makes riding Vector a bit more challenging. Due to being larger, he is even more head-heavy than Chances and likes to tip over in medium firmness. Usually I don’t give firmness advice but for Vector I would advice to go with medium. In soft he flops around too much and is difficult to control, especially when playing alone. In firm he is too rigid and does not bend around the kinks of your colon. In medium he is just bendy enough tough due to being bigger than Chance he is a bit more rigid.

Vector is unflared so there is just a little bluge going around the glans rim. But the glans itself is wider and even flatter than on Chance. You need a good, pre-stretched hole to open up to this dull tip. Being a cyborg toy, the shaft is lightly textured with conducting paths, very subtle bumps & ridges and shallow panels with hexagonal patterns. Much like Chance subtle veins the pattern adds just a bit of friction when riding the toy but is mostly unnoticeable. The largest rising is the quite prominent ventral groove running down the shaft. And of course the medial ring which is wide band which rises vertically from the shaft so it is more noticeable than on Chance. The medial ring sits about 2/3 down the shaft. Below it the texture gets deeper and thus is more noticeable. But still far from the scales of a Clayton or Flint.

Vector’s Cowboy Boot Base

The base has an interesting design. Instead of big stallion balls it is shaped like a (space) cowboy boot. The apex of the instep strap goes about 40mm above the rest of the base which is a bit of a challenge if you want to take Vector (w)hole. The bottom of the shaft is a bit disappointing compared to Chance. There was a cluster of this lateral veins about 50mm above the base which massages the anus when riding him deep which I enjoy very much. But since Vector goes deeper and wider it is probably wise to not over-stimulate.

Playing with Bishop

Bishop comes from the same cyborg inspiration as Vector. But instead of a horse a dog was the inspiration for this dildo. And he plays a much meaner game than Vector.

The Curvature of Bishop’s Body

The first thing you notice when looking at Bishop is the unusual overall shape: The dildo is arching backwards. So if you ride him the traditional way with his balls pointing to yours, there is a constant light pressure on your anus. The shaft protrudes and pushes against the prostate. Until you come to the knot! Unlike other knots which are located below the shaft Bishop’s bulge extends backwards. This makes the knotting experience quite intense. And the knot-massive to-neck ratio of 3:2 makes the deknotting equally impressive! And that is before you start looking at the texture.

The glans is very tame. Gradually tapering it opens the anus up nicely. But since its orientation is perpendicular to the anus openung it is a bit more challenging than other toys. The shaft is textured with ridges in the form of metal plates welded on top of each other. The shaft’s bottom is textured with 7 scale-like plates mounted on top of each other for a saw-like texture, much like Flint only shallower. The top as well as the upside of the knot only has a few large plates with shallower drops mounted on top of each other so it is a bit smoother ride. The bottom of the knot has a faint hexagonal pattern imprinted. A nice touch are two round bumps just above the neck at the bottom of the knot. They might not look big and are easily compressed. But this little added texture makes the deknotting even more intense.

The Welded Plate Texture on Bishop’s Top

The intense texture in addition to the unusual curvature make Bishops a horny toy to ride if you are experienced and are in for hard prostate and anus stimulation. Depending on your physiology the large will already penetrate your second hole. Due to arching backwards the penetration is intense. Despite not going deep and the glans tapering gently, I would not recommend this toy for depth novices. Overall, Bishop is a compact toy. He stands sturdily straight up, especially when fixed with a suction cup. So you can ride him vigorously without him accidentally slipping out or away.

Playing with Spritz

Compared to the previous two toys, Spritz is a very traditional design. But Spritz has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Spritz tapering Glans

Like Bishop’s glans, Spritz’ glans is perpendicular to the anus orientation. But it is even more cone-shaped for gradual opening up. There is no glans drop but three ridges below the glans. They are quite stimulating but also add friction so going deeper is a challenge.

The shaft is extremely, almost 90° curved. This adds pressure inside the colon but also makes taking the toy deep a bit easier. There are two thick lateral bulges on the shaft which are only really noticeable when you turn the shaft inside the rectum.

Above the knot are again three thick and high ridges. Especially the drop below the last one is significant. They stimulate the anus intensely but make taking the knot more difficult. When the knot is still a challenge you usually ride the top of the knot, recede a bit onto the shaft to rest and attack it again. But the rest phase “irritates” (= stimulates) the anus, making it tighter. The knot is voluminous but tapers softly so the knotting itself is not hard just a lot of volume. Funnily there is a ventral groove on the knot which works as a bit of a guiding rod.

The Extremely Curved Shaft of Spritze with the Two Clusters of Ridges

The neck is very short but long enough for the anus to close completely. It is a bit textured with vertical grooves which are only noticeable when you turn the toy. But especially in the larger sizes this will hardly ever happen due to the strong curvature. What I would have liked more would have been lateral bumps like Clayton’s so there is a bit of stimulation when you are bouncing on the toy. Luckily the base is massive and can be equipped with a suction cup so riding Spritz hard is not an issue.