Christmas Gift Tip IV: Books

In a few moments I am off to my folks at home for Christmas but I don’t want to let you alone three days before Christmas Eve without some last minute gift ideas. Since books are still one of the easiest to obtain goods in our economy here are three books I would recommend for every Kinkster to own.

Leatherfolk by Mark Thompson


When I was in Chicago this spring this book was recommended to me by a fellow Kinkster of being a basic reading and I have to agree: Covering everything from the history of the scene by decade since the war through gripping autographical examples , essays that explore our lust and desire from a personal and scientific angle up to the spiritual aspect of kink it provides background info for the novice and new ideas for the experienced player.

Leathersex by Joseph W. Bean


This book has a more hands-on approach. It covers nearly every possible kind of play, gives advice and thus showcases what can be done to a sub. It goes into fairly depth in every topic so for a novice top it is a good basic read to get started. More experienced players will probably discover something new to try out.

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains


In Urban Aboriginals Mains brings science to the play party. He discusses the influence of our body’s gratification system on why we enjoy kinky stuff and how our scene works on a sociological base. Despite some hot example texts and quotes from kinksters it can be a hard read sometimes but when you want to know why your dick is jumping when certain things happen, read this book. But I have to give a word of warning: The book was written in the early 80s and I am not a neuro scientist so some of the things describe might be outdated or proven wrong. If you have knowledge about that please write me an e-mail.

Christmas Gift Tip III: Kinky Teddy Bears

One of the first pieces of advice I have gotten when I have started to get into heavier play was to always have something to hold onto ready when the endorphins should crash down hard. So I made it a rule to have a stuffed animal around when I had a play session. It is a standard one that might look a bit odd in a dungeon. Luckily there are a number of different options out there to get some kinky inspired cuddle material not only for the playroom but your couch or to piss of your siblings when you give their youngsters an “alternative” stuffed animal.

For many years Fetters has been making teddy bears made out of leather. Depending on the model they can be customized in dozens of ways: Different color combinations, collars, toys, etc.


 Daddy Fetter Bear 60cm around 110€


Bondage Fetter Bear 60cm starting at 112€

Fetters3Baby Fetter Bear 60cm around 90€

Just recently Recon teamed up with Fetters to create a teddy bear in their icon color combination of black and read. He comes collard and has a zipper pocket on the back to maybe store other post session stuff like chocolate.


Recon Cable Lock Leather Bear 88,88€

If you are not into leather and like the “classic” plushy bears there are also a number of different options out there.

HM Leather offers teddy bears in three different versions of leather gear from full body harnesses to chaps and vest.


HML Scene Teddys 39,90€

The SlingKing teddy bear is the ideal choice for bondage boy coming in a full body harness, leather cap, blindfold and restraints.


SlingKing Bär Marci 89,95€

If you are like me more of a pain pig Peitschenhandel has an entire range of stuffed pain pigs… ehm… bears engaging into tit torture, flogging or being bound into all kinds of positions.

Peitschenhandel1Peitschenhandel Teddy with Nipple Clamps 19,99€

Peitschenhandel3Peitschenhandel Teddy with stand pillory, Flogger and Shirt 59,90€

SeriousToyS “Janus” Paddle

Left: Cow hide side of the Janus Paddle
Right: The all lacquer coverd paddle

As you might know when it comes to impact play I am more a fan of thuddy sensations. So purchasing paddles is always a bit depressing since most of them sting. When I visited Demask Dortmund to take pictures of the Rubber sarcophagus I was surprised to find a new kind of paddle: It has the form and basic construction of the McHurt Mini Bat but is offered in new and exciting varieties: The first variety is an all black paddle covered in lacquer which has SERIOUS sting. The second one I have named “Janus” Paddle: One side comes in normal cow hide, the other side is made out of padded suede. While the cow side has the same sensation as the McHurt Mini bat, the suede has despite being small and light a nice, deep thuddy sensation which I love. This version of the paddle comes in different color schemes: All black or with red suede. Apparently there is a all brown version in the making and one with lacquer on one side and suede on the other side.

Left: Padded suede side of the Janus Paddle
Right: The all lacquer coverd paddle

This toy has earned itself a place on my desiderate list  because it is the first toy I have come across that combines small size and light weight with great thud.

All versions of the paddle cost 39€ and can be ordered via e-mail.

Christmas Gift Tip II: SeriousToyS Rubber Sarcophagus

SeriousToyS Rubber Sarcophagus without a person inside

SeriousToyS Rubber Sarcophagus with the sub placed inside ready for the air to be sucked out

I have been in a bunch of crazy and intense bondage device but when I recently strolled through my local kink store Demask Dortmund I was amazed when I saw this piece of dungeon furniture: A rubber sarcophagus. It is basically two rubber bags filled with pellets connected with a run-around zipper. You lie down between the bags, wiggle around to create a bit of space around you and suck the air out of both chambers. The feeling afterwards is a bit like being restrained between big packs of vacuum packed coffee beans. Depending on the space you have created before the air got sucked out you can move a bit but not much (definitely too little to work pain out, at least for me…). The feeling of confinement isn’t as strict as being in a vacuum bed or cube but the upside it that there isn’t constant pressure on your thorax so in theory you can stay inside the sarcophagus indefinitely long. But despite other vacuum dungeon furniture the material gets compact and stable enough to support an average weight person to stand or sit on it. To make the time inside a bit more interesting there are access points for the genitals, nipples and the head.

The surface pattern once the air is sucked out

The sub ecapsulated inside the rubber sarcophagus

Due to being a kind of sarcophagus the guys at Demask Dotmund went for an Egyptian inspired design but since it is build to order rubber color and trim can be customized. You can order this bespoken dungeon furniture via e-mail. Price upon request.

Update 01/15/2014:

I have just gotten a mail from the guys at Demask in Dortmund: This specific sarcophagus has been sold. If you still want one, get in touch with them. It will be made to your speficications which include size, rubber color and trim as well as the number and position of access points.


Christmas Gift Tip I: Kinky Calendars

Like last year I will present on every Sunday before Christmas some gift ideas for perverted friends.

Today it is all about calendars. Not only are calendars useful but something nice to look at especially when the motives feature guys in gear or kinky action.

Let’s start with Mister B. The iconic leather store from Amsterdam is celebrating its 20th anniversary 2014 and used it as an opportunity to collaborate with famous photographer Erwin Olaf and hot fetish models and porn stars to raid the Boots in Antwerp. The result are two extremely hot calendars featuring a wide array of different kinks. There are two calendars available. The horizontal one is “perpetual” calendar because it doesn’t have weekdays printed on it.

Mister B Anni CalendarMister B Anniversary Calendar: 19,50€

The vertical one has weekdays for 2014 printed on it and its motives are details of the pictures of the perpetual calendar.

Mister B 2014 CalendarMister B 2014 Calendar: 19,50€

2013 was also the year that the guys from got into a photo studio to produce an amazing calendar show all aspects of leather life and kink. I have been told that this calendar is already sold out but maybe some lucky individual is able to find some last one.

CZ CalendarAnyone who loved this year’s MIR theme “Carnival of kink” will probably also love the 2014 Quälgeist calendar with the theme “Circus Freaks & Wildlife” taking an alternative and surprising look on kink, BDSM and fetish.

Quälgeist Calendar: 7,50€

If wall calendars aren’t your style there are also “inspiring” and distracting ones out there that will perfectly go with any leather desk accessory set.

RoB Berlin is putting out a new calendar each Folsom Europe which runs from September to August so you better get it sooner than later to get the most out of it. And best of all: It comes free with any order from their online store!

RoB CalendarRoB Desk Calendar September 2013 – August 2014: 5€

All previous calendars were ones that had one motive per month. If you want something new every day the Butt Calendar is the right one for you. Every day there is a new photo and a short interview, printed on Butt’s iconic pink paper.

Butt 2014 Calendar: 30€

Mr S Ultra Blindfold

Venor: Mr S


Pads below the eyes

As always with leather toys from Mr S this blindfold is made out of high quality leather.  The basic construction is like a sleeping mask you get on an air planes but with measuring 20cm from one end to the other it is large enough to cover the face of even people with large heads. Around the part covering the eyes runs leather piping which helps keeping the mask in shape. Below the eyes there are two thick and soft pads which help to block any light coming from below while keeping pressure from the eyes. When worn the mask is held in place by two straps: One is running above the ears, the other below. The first part of the straps is made out of trifolded leather mounted to the leather using rivets. The second part is an elastic band which can be adjusted to make wearing it comfortable yet pull the blindfold tightly enough towards the head in order block any light.

Front view

Putting the blindfold on is a bit of a hassle because at least the clumsy me had problems adjusting the straps while the sub is already wearing the blindfold which resulted in taking it off several times until it fit perfectly. But once it does it is frankly the best blindfold I have every worn: It is comfortable enough to be worn for a really long time, when adjusted correctly it can even withstand a sub ferociously wiggling while strapped down to a bed and still will block out any light. A nice feature are the two little pockets formed between the padding and the leather which can catch the tears of the sub.

Besides the use in the playroom the blindfold has become my standard sleeping mask when travelling because it blocks the light so well and is so comfortable. It even led to some interesting conversations and encounters while traveling to kinky events. But that is a different story…

Detail of the double d-ring adjusting mechanism and elastic band

Mr S also offers a version of that blindfold called the Ultimate Blindfold which has only one strap running above the ear. I played around with it when I visited the store. It blocks the light as well as the Ultra Blindfold, is a bit more comfortable to wear because the ears sometimes get in the way of the lower strap and is $2 cheaper. However due to only having one strap to keep it in place it is easier for the sub to shed it when he is bound.

Conslusion: The best blindfold I have come across until now
Pro Cons Where to get Price
No pressure on the eyes and thus can be worn for an extended period of time Difficult to adjust while being worn Mr S (Manufacturer) $58,95
Blocks all light Regulation £54,99
Large enough for people with bigger heads
Good adjustability
Stays in place
Great quality


Christmas Gift Tip 0: Decoration Tree Set “Studio”

Like last year I want to give you some Christmas gift ideas on every of the four Sundays before Christmas. However, I want to start a bit earlier this year.

On my lunch break yesterday I flipped through the German gossip weekly Gala and found the decoration tree set “Studio” from Due to Germany copyright laws I am sadly neither allowed to post a photo of the article nor can post pictures from the webshop. But let me assure you: If you ever looked for a classy way to distributed wood anal plugs throughout your home, this is the way to go! However, you should be bit more on the experienced side if you actually are going to use them because the maximal diameter of these gorgeous “toys” ranges between 8cm and 10cm.

No Solo Breath Play EVER!

No Solo Breathplay Ever

I get several e-mails a week asking if I could recommend certain toys for a specific scene or kink and I am always glad to help if I know of something. Every couple of months I get an e-mail if I could recommend a toy for solo breath play. And the answer was and will always be: No! N-O! NO!!!

Ok, I wasn’t clear enough on that point.


There is no way of safe and secure solo breath play and will never be! No matter how smart you are and how well you have thought everything through eliminating every potential problem it is not safe. There is always something you haven’t thought of and eventually it will kill you! The kink scene has lost a lot of smart, nice, sympathetic, hot, kinky, perverted and experienced players who have thought that there would be a way to solo breath play. Believe me and many other kinksters: There is no way of safe and secure solo breath play! If you are into it look for a safe, sane, experienced top to live out your fantasies. It is the only way to have a long kinky live with lots of interesting breath play scenes!

Oxballs Slingsack Electro: The unwritten Review

Oxballs Slingsack Electro

8 months ago I had the great pleasure of screaming the shit out of my body at YngMstrDetroid’s house for a weekend and I was the first one to try out his new Oxballs Slingsack Electro. And we both were surprised: Usually Oxballs is known for their high functionality but it was a nightmare putting this toy on in a way that it would actually work. 10 minutes later and using an Oxballs Splitz ballstretcher we got it to work – and had a ton of fun with the microphone of the ET30R 😉 Before I headed back to Chicago I wrote down the measurements of the toy, took the pictures and intended to write a review sooner than later. But in the following days and weeks I wondered: How can the guys at Oxballs who usually so thoroughly design their toys with discriminating pervert in mind put out a toy so unpractical to use. Putting it on in a playful and relaxed atmosphere may just be still ok but in a D/s scene it would have completely killed the mood. A few months later I checked back with YngMstrDetroit and he said he still experienced the same initial problems. So I decided to put off the review until I have gotten my own hands on this toy again, especially since I have gotten some advice how to better handle it. So I have to reach out to me readers: If you are in Northrhine-Westfalia and own this toy I would love to hear from you in order to give it another round or two in my dungeon in order to get a second maybe different opinion.

DeTails Toys Set of Flogger

Vendor: DeTails Toys

Detail of the handle

As I have written about in this blog post a couple of month ago, I had a VERY intense experience getting flogged in the USA. Besides the unique sensation of getting flogged I was stunned by the craftsmanship that went into weaving the leather into the handle, the knot both providing enough strength to hold the tails together when thrown onto a sub with full strength.

Detail of the knot

A quick and honestly very superficial survey of the European and especially the German market showed that there weren’t any vendors providing me with what I want: A custom woven flogger. Turning to the US market showed that not surprisingly considering the amount of crafting and using of high quality leather getting a custom made set of flogger on a student budget proved to be difficult. At the end of my market analysis I ended up ordering my set a DeTails Toys who were considerable inexpensive and still showed some level of quality.

The four floggeres reviewed in the article


My order consisted of four floggers: Three with 50cm tails for torso flogging and one with 25cm tails for CBT, tit and ass play.

The three long floggers are an 18 tails deer skin with round ends for warm up, a 45 tails elk with angle cut as a universal flogger and a 45 tails bull thudder with a straight cut tail ends. The small one has 10 tails and is made out of medium stiff buffalo so it can either sting or thud with straight cut tail ends.

The leather quality for the floggers‘ tail is quite good. It has a natural feel to it and isn’t taned to death like you often see with low cost toys made in Asia. If I look at some friends’ floggers there is a better leather quality out there. Also the color from the loop rubs off a bit. But still the value for money is really good.

Different tail end cuts from left to right: Angle, round and stright cut

The biggest cost factor when making a flogger is the time it takes to create a tight knot and handle patter so that the flogger won’t fall apart. This is one of the reasons most flogger makers sooner or later go out of business: Getting a decent hour wage and still selling their floggers for a price that the consumer accepts is nearly impossible. So when I compare my DeTails floggers to some which cost between twice or thrice that much you can again see that they haven’t been given the same attention to detail as other ones. The knot and handle aren’t painstakingly tightly braided. But after excessively playing with my set nothing got loose and I am very confident they will give my fun for years to come.

Detail of the four handle colors

Playing with it

When it comes to throwing the flogger at a sub’s back they perform quite well. Some tails are a bit longer than the rest and on each flogger there are one or two tails who don’t fly with the rest. So these floggers take a little bit longer to master them in order to let them fly in a controlled way. But this is a process you have with every flogger so every testee I gave them for review experience barely noticed the longer personal breaking-in period.

While the Deer skin is very well balanced the heavier Elk and Bull flogger are a little bit tail-heavy which is


Different length of the tails

Different length of the tails

As skeptical as my review might have sounded I really enjoy playing with this flogger set. Once you mastered them they perform as good as way more expensive ones. Of cause there are floggers out there which are better made. So if you are looking for a perfect piece of craftsmanship these floggers might not be the right ones for you. But if you look for a good, custom flogger for intense play, I really encourage you to look at the ones from DeTails.

Price at the Date of Publishing: Between $80 and $130

Link to the Manufacturer