Demogorgon & Votan

Form: Fantasy Dildos
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: All the colors of the rainbow  and more in marbles and fades sometimes with a dash of glitter
Firmness: Soft, Medium & Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Bad Dragon

The Bad Dragon review seems to have become a bit of a tradition with you. A few weeks into the anal toy specials, I have gotten more and more messages if there would be a Bad Dragon review coming. Well, on the Sunday before Black Friday where Bad Dragon has been known to have something special prepared for the anthropomorphic dildo aficionado I am giving you my thoughts on some more of their delicious dongs.

The usual disclaimer before you look at pictures: Silicon attracts dust like nothing. I washed all toys before the shooting, dried them with a micro fiber cloth. Then my telephone rang and well… so please excuse the lint and little spots. That is just letting silicon toys linger for half an hour.

Bad Dragon’s Votan & Demogorgon


I guess the most distinct thing about Bad Dragons toys is what they do with the platinum silicone they use to cast their toys. You can choose between three degrees of firmness (except for their largest toys which are only available in soft and medium) for free. The firmer the toys, the more distinct the texture is felt. Though compared to other “firm” platinum silicone toys of other manufacturers, the Bad Dragon firm is still relatively soft so even hard playing is relatively injury safe. Colorwise you get the largest selection of all manufacturers out there: Each toy has a unique “Natural” and “Signature” color pattern only available on that toy in addition to a few dozen elaborate colors patters, some available permanently, some only for a few weeks or even events. These patterns include my beloved glow in the dark colors which l look really hot in dimmed playroom after having been charged with light. To keep up to date on the special colors, I recommend subscribing to their Twitter feed or e-mail newsletter. And then of course there are the 56 solid colors to choose from which you can combine as fades or marbles leaving you way over 6,000 combination possibilities to toy around with. Since there is a configurator on for each toy, you really can configure your anal toy like you would with a car.

Detail of the Suction Cup inside Demogoron’s Base

Both toys I am looking at today – the Demogorgon and the Votan – can be equipped with two special features. First, there is the suction cup which turns the flat bottom of the base into a concave dome. So when you press the toy onto a flat surface like a shower wall it sticks to it. I have this feature on all Bad Dragon toys where it is possible. It simply makes playing on your own easier, especially when you are into riding the toys. Also, I find grabbing the suction cup’s edge a bit easier when fucking a bottom with the toy. The second feature is the cum tube. For this, a clear tube is cast in the middle of the toy with an opening where the urethra would be and about two feet of tube coming out of the bottom. Onto this tube you can put the syringe the toy comes with to push cum lube into your rectum when fucking yourself. Some of my testees love this feature, I just find it hard to clean and the sensation not worth the work. My recommendation is asking a friend who has a toy with this feature to try it out or get their Lil’Squirts for a first try before you invest serious money into your dream toy.

Like all Bad Dragon toys, Votan and Demogorgon are inspired by fantasy creatures. Demogorgon was inspired… well… by a Demogorgon. Being classically trained, I first thought the name referred to the demon in Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, but my testees soon pointed me to Stranger Thing’s which I never have watched. Since in both media, no dick is show, I believe the truth lays somewhere in the middle.

Detail of Demogorgon’s Four-Split Glans

The dildo starts out with a smoothly tapering, oval glans out that is split with four grooves and looks like a crocus just before it starts blossoming. After the glans comes a short neck for resting until the body tapers softly into a wide barrel shape. The front of the body is lightly textured with parallel running grooves while the back features some veins. At the bottom the body flows into an oval base.

For the Votan the guys at Bad Dragon took the Allosaurus as inspiration, one of the largest carnivore predators that ever roamed this planet. And I have to say, they succeeded in transferring the aggressiveness of a predator with the size or a large dinosaur. The tip of the toy is actually very easy to take because it has a smooth cone-shape. But after a quarter of the glans three thick ridges texture the surface. And to add to the stimulation, the sides of these ridges are textured with shallow but noticeable bumps. Once you have taken the glans, there is a long shaft to ride. It has almost no texture, just some very slight veins and a very soft ventral groove. The overall diameter increases very slowly and slightly before ending in a large, bulky scale textured base.

Name Size Diameter Head Diameter Shaft Usable Length
Demogorgon Mini 28mm 40mm 110mm
Small 35mm 49mm 132mm
Medium 43mm 64mm 172mm
Large 56mm 82mm 222mm
XL 71mm 98mm 250mm
Votan Mini 33mm 36mm 107mm
Small 43mm 50mm 146mm
Medium 56mm 62mm 178mm
Large 67mm 73mm 220mm
XL 79mm 85mm 316mm

Detail of the Bad Dragon Logo Embossed into Votan’s Base

Playing with the Demogorgon & Votan

I am reviewing these two toys because I have been getting reader questions to review “softer” toys from Bad Dragon, specifically asking for these two. And the two delivery on that promise – at least somehow.

The softer of the two is definitely the Demogorgon. With it smooth, flowing shapes – especially at the glans – it goes in easily and stretches softly. This makes it a good toy for those who want to train girth but not fuck themselves with a butt plug but ride a dildo. The slow yet steady increase in body diameter especially in combination with the suction cup makes this dildo a good choice for slow, controlled rocking motion for opening up the sphincter. However, since in theory you can force the sphincter open with your body weight, the emphasis has to be put on controlled! Otherwise, serious injuries can happen! For the texture junkie, the Demogorgon has not much to offer. But, the four-split glans is a nice feature when twisting and turning inside the sphincter. It creates an interesting sensation of motion and massaging.

Detail of Votan’s long and smooth Shaft and Massive Base

Calling for Votan’s review as a “soft” toy was probably the misconception of my readers. They just saw a long dildo with a tapered glans and thought it would be an easier depth toy than Stan. Oh well… Yes, the first quarter of the glans goes in easily. But the following ridges are intense and especially in firm nothing for novice – but quite something for the texture lover. Just fucking the anus and maybe a bit deeper for stimulating the prostate with it, twisting it inside the hole for the little bumps to take full effect, is fun and intense experience. This intenseness multiplies when you go deep with the XL or even with the large one depending on your anatomy. It is true, the smooth shaft is great for depth play. But before you can ride it, the serious glans must make it through the second sphincter which even for my most depth-savvy testees was a challenge. A hot one they admitted afterwards but feeling the ridges and bumps navigating through their colon was a new experience, making it harder to relax in order to take the toy deep. Comparing that experience to taking the blunt-tipped Chance Unflared they rated the Votan even more extreme. That doesn’t make the Votan a bad toy, quite the opposite: Through the combination of a challenging head and a long smooth shaft, the toy is currently unique and an enticing challenge for the depth player. But if you care looking for a toy to start exploring depth, you might want to look for a smoother toy.

Detail of Votan’s Heavily Textured Glans

Where to buy?

Bad Dragon exclusively sells through their website.  The Demogorgon as well as the Votan start at $55 in the smallest and most basic version and go all the way to $265 in XL with a custom fade, cum tube and suction cup. When ordering a custom toy from Bad Dragon, keep in mind that they are individually made and usually in high demand. So expect delivery times in weeks at best, in high season like after Black Friday sometimes in months. If you want something quick, check their clearance section which usually ships the next day.

SquarePeg Happy Hour

Form: Plug
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Graphite, Bronze & Black
Firmness: Soft & Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: SquarePeg (USA) & Regulation (EU)

Sometimes new products overshadow a classic: I did a little survey among the people asking me about SquarePeg toys which they considered the oldest and most iconic design of the manufacturer. Most answered the Egg, a large portion the Acorn and very few only the Happy Hour – despite this plug being incepted into the collection a year before the popular Egg Plug. This lag of attention is a shame because this delicate plug could push the buttons many of you desire to have manipulated. So let’s drag this hidden star into the limelight a bit.

The SquarePeg Happy Hour XL and Monst in Supersoft Graphite


The Happy Hour Plug starts out with a domed, elongated head that tapers slightly at the bottom. At the back the runs a thin ridge towards the maximum stretch. This maximum stretch tapers cone-shaped after a small neck below the head. The cone is oval, being wider in the dimension parallel to the foot. This width is a bit undercut by a wide and deep v-shaped groove connecting the end of the ridge with the neck.  The maximum stretch tapers equally smoothly towards the neck which is also oval. Below the neck is a thick, oval base which was inspired by the Acorn so it fits comfortably between the cheeks. But it is also sturdy enough for a good grip of not too lubey hands if you want to fuck your bottom’s hole with it.

Comparison of the Monster’s Lateral and the XL’s Ventral Max Stretch

The Happy Hour comes in a plethora of sizes, but not every size comes in every color/ firmness. This is actually one of my personal points of criticism: The Medium or Large (which might be a bit too long) size in Firm Black would be my perfect version of the toy. But since SquarePeg considers this combo too extreme, they sadly do not offer it. For this review I was sent the Monster size and the new XL which in my opinion was a much needed addition to the range. The gap between the Large and the Monster was simply too big!

When looking at the following table, please keep in mind that all SquarePeg toys are individually handmade so the sizes can vary a bit (as I had to experience myself when I bought my large Acorn in Firm Black and I turned out 3mm smaller than the one in Supersoft Bronze…).

Size Overall Length Insertable Length Max. Diameter Max. Diameter Neck Available in Firm
S2 130mm 105mm 40mm 26mm Yes
S4 150mm 120mm 50mm 32mm Yes
S6 160mm 130mm 57mm 37mm Yes
Small 190mm 150mm 64mm 42mm No
Medium 195mm 155mm 76mm 50mm No
Large 240mm 190mm 82mm 54mm No
XL 210mm 170mm 89mm 58mm No
Monster 245mm 195mm 95mm 62mm No

Detai of the Happy Hour’s Base

Being a SquarePeg toy, you already know the drill: Every Happy Hour Plug is made out of pure body-safe, easy to clean Platinum Silicone. Perfect if you have allergies or need a toy for an orgy which can easily and quickly cleaned. Either throw them in the dishwasher, autoclave them, use bleach or dish soap. Like all anal toys, store them in a ventilated place without touching other toys and without pressure. Otherwise different plasticizers can damage them or the pressure can create creases. To keep the silicone in best shape and not risk tarnishing the surface, do not use silicone lube with the Happy Hour. They are safe with every other kind of lube like oil- or water-based ones.

Detail of the Happy Hour’s Head

Playing with the Happy Hour

Before getting my hands or rather my hole onto the Happy Hour, I always considered the Acorn the most intense of the SquarePeg plugs (Splitter) but the Happy Hour is a close contender! The head usually pops in easily if you chose the right size. If you buy the Happy Hour for width training, the “dull” dome tip can already be a little challenge, so I recommend a bit of pre-stretching with an Egg. With the head in, you can twist and turn the toy for the ridge to massage the anus and stimulate the prostate. Pushing in further, the challenge starts. Yes, the taper to the maximum stretch is comfortable and the oval shape follows the ergonomics of the sphincter. But, depending on the bottom’s anatomy, two things can happen. Either, the deeper you go (especially on the larger size), the chances of the head knocking the second sphincter increase, forcing the bottom to concentrate relax when both holes are stimulated. If the second sphincter is not directly in the way, the head will bend pressed against the intestinal wall, filling the rectum with a lot of mass already – before the large body has completely entered the hole. Especially for tighter built guys there is now a dual-struggle: Taking the width and the volume. So for most of my testees the most intense sensation was not the pop of the plugs but the sudden feeling of fullness inside the rectum!

Detail of the Ridge for Massaging the Anus or the Prostate

Once inside, the fun starts with twisting and turning the plug. Since the small neck below the head is rather thick, it tries to erect itself again. So if through twisting it finds a softer space, it will extended again, massaging the intestinal wall. But also the prostate is in an exposed position. For most people the v-shaped groove is directly below the prostate. I leave it to your imagination what if feels like when the thick, little giving edges of the groove try to push the prostate away when twisting the plug.

Theoretically with the nice cone shape, the Happy Hour is a good to for stretch training. Actually, the oval and cone shaped maximum stretch very loosely resembles knots of anthropomorphic dildos. So it is a good toy to prepare your hole for this kind of dildo. But since the shape is so complex and stimulating in many ways, I recommend this toy only for loose and experienced hole. The rule of thumb developed by my testees is: When you can fit one size larger Egg plug comfortably, you are ready for the Happy Hour.

Detail of the Deep V-Shaped Groove for Prostate Stimulation

Where to buy?

When living in the USA, it is best to order from SquarePeg directly because you can get the toy in your desired color and firmness. The Happy Hour starts at $34 for the smallest version and goes up all the way to $159 for the Monster. In the EU, it is easiest to order from Regulation. The stock sizes from S to L in Supersoft Bronze, ranging from £69.99 to £128.99. Other sizes and colors can be ordered upon request.

Nick Capra, Lampwick & El Rey

Toy Properties

Form: Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Sokatik Natural Tan, Deep Brown and Black
Custom colors possible
Firmness: Soft to Medium, custom degrees possible
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Mr Hankey’s

After the Anal Toy Special this spring, I have gotten over a hundred messages from you, complaining that I never talk about realistic dildos. Since I always try to satisfy your thirst, I reached out to one of the best realistic dildo makers on the planet to give you this threesome review.


Like all toys in this anal toy special, Mr Hankey manufactures its toy out of platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is a premium, more expensive material than other kinds of silicone which for example use tin as a catalyst to cure the silicone. This means all Mr Hankey toys are 100% body safe, highly resistant towards acid and heat and with the super-smooth surface leave little possibilities for bacteria to linger and are easy to clean. I usually put my toys in hot water with dish soap and sanitize them afterwards for good measure. This is a quick and easy way to get the toys clean and sterile again between partners at a play party. But you can also throw them in the dishwasher or autoclave them. In order to keep the surface in this condition, never use silicone based or hybrid lube with silicone toys because they will disintegrate the surface. Water and oil based lube are safe to be used with silicone toys.

From Left to Right: The Mr Hankey’s Toys Nick Capra, Lampwick & El Ray

Silicone is a material that can be colored easily and which color does not fade over time. As standard colors Mr Hankey’s only offers their dildos in black, natural tan or deep brown. However, for $29.95 you can get custom coloring, mostly duo-tone fades like I got on my Nick Capra and Lampwick but other designs are possible. It is a bit of an investment but since these toys are cheap, I recommend customizing them for this small fee because they turn out gorgeous and make your toy a bit of your own! If you need inspiration, browse Mr Hankey’s Twitter feed.

Firmness-wise you also get only two choice. First there is Medium which is a bit firmer, about the firmness of a rock-hard dick. If you are a texture junkie like me, you definitely want to go this way because it makes every ridge and vein very noticeable! 75% firmness is a bit softer. It turns the texture into tantalizing massage spots and thus is more recommended for the novice. A word of advice though: Especially on longer and thinner toys, 75% firmness can be a bit too soft so the toy can collapse when riding it. Mr Hankey’s Toys does offer custom firmness if you want the toys smoother or firmer. I have not tried that service but I would only recommend it for their fantasy toys. In my testee panel none wished for firmer or softer option than the two available on realistic dildos. For only $4.95 a Vac-U-Loc hole can be added to every toy. Originally designed to attach the toy to fuck machines, there are a number of nifty accessories out there for this kind of system: Handles, Strap-On harnesses, suction cups and double-dildo connectors. Because of this I highly recommend adding this inexpensive feature to your toy. There are just too many useful scenarios along the way to go cheap on this one.

Detail of the Nick Capra’s Base with a Vac-U-Lock Hole and the Link to his OnlyFans’s Page. Future Generations will Wonder what this will have meant…

As already said in the introduction, all three toys in this review are realistic toys. The closest to this definition comes the Nick Capra which was cast off the life dick of the porn star. It starts out with a very prominent yet nicely tapered glans which has a very prominent rim with a steep drop below. The shaft is very unevenly textured: Almost no veins on top and some very subtle ones on the back. After the glans drop the shaft tappers gradually towards the balls.

The Lampwick starts out very similar with a nicely shaped glans for easy entry and a very distinct drop below the rim. This is where the similarities start: The shaft is heavily textured with veins and a thick ventral groove but in exchange does not noticeable increase in diameter. In relation to the diameter, the Lampwick is a very long toy, almost prone towards depth play in 75% Firmness (as a texture junkie I of course chose Medium firmness ;)). The balls merge into a solid and thick base.

Detail of the El Ray’s Glans

The final member of this ménage à trios is called El Ray and it is the only uncut guy of this bunch. Finally an uncut realistic dildo! Being uncut myself and favoring uncut dicks with my play partners, I love seeing this feature on a dildo. Naturally this makes the tip of the dick a bit more challenging. The rock hard, straight up shaft has caused the foreskin to retract a bit, exposing about a third of the glans which could make for an easy insertion – if there wasn’t the small, steep rim of the foreskin as a first bump. Once you have taken that, there is the glans rim. Being covered by foreskin, the drop is smoother than on the other two but the bump is thicker. Below the glans the shaft diameter increases gradually to reach is maximum diameter at about a third of the shaft and then tappers softly towards the round base.

Toy Size Diameter Glans Rim Diameter Shaft Middle Diameter Above Balls Insertable Length
Nick Capra Original 48mm 58mm 58mm 170mm
Medium 57mm 70mm 71mm 203mm
LG/ XL 71mm 87mm 89mm 254mm
XXL 82mm 101mm 102mm 292mm
Lampwick S 40mm 45mm 47mm 178mm
M 59mm 63mm 65mm 254mm
LG/ XL 69mm 73mm 75mm 296mm
XXXL 75mm 83mm 85mm 325mm
El Ray M 59mm 71mm 65mm 279mm
L 64mm 77m 71mm 311mm
XL 71mm 85mm 79mm 330mm
XXL 77mm 91mm 85mm 356mm

Detail of Nick Capra’s Softly Tappering Shaft

Playing with the Nick Capra, Lampwick & El Ray

Let’s start out with the Nick Capra, because ever since I posted the first pic of this toy on my Twitter feed, I have gotten the most questions about this dildo. Maybe because of his large fan base… As already written above the glans is easy to take with a sudden drop. Especially in medium firmness and for the novice this might come as a surprise and will make taking out the toy after you have come a bit of a challenge. For the more seasons anal player, the ridge on top of the glans rim is perfect for massaging the sphincter and with a bit of practice to stimulate the prostate.

The glans’ cliff should not discourage the novices among you because the shaft is actually ideal for girth training. The increase in diameter is so gradual and smooth that in combination with the subtle texturing and the lack of a noticeable ventral groove the stretch is almost the only sensation felt when riding the Nick Capra. The low-hanging balls are also realistically sculptured. Though they are a bit soft and through the thin neck give in easily, they are good to hold onto for solo play if you chose not to get the Vac-U-Lock hole with a handle.

Detail of the Lampick’s Heavy Texture and Thick Base

While the Nick Capra is a good toy for stretch beginners, especially the ones who want to get into sphincter and prostate play, the Lampwick is made for loose holes. Even if the diameter fits on paper with  a plug, the thick veins make taking this toys a bit of a struggle which the stimulation of the sphincter can have ecstatic effects. Slowly ride the toy to massage the sphincter and in the right angle the prostate, twist it for the deep ventral groove to target the prostate or piston fuck the bottom’s hole to torment and tire it out. I had the opportunity to play with a friend’s 75% firmness LG/XL and directly compare it to mine. And yes, the heavy texture is felt less intensely. But if you can just barely fit the maximum diameter, it still will be an uncomfortable ride. But if you are into extreme stimulation of the many nerve endings inside the anus like I am, take a look at the Lampwick in Medium!

One of my testees is really experienced in depth play (and he has a favorable anatomy). He was able to take the Lampwick completely with a lot of lube and a lot of poppers. He said that the pop of the glans through his second sphincter was probably one of the most intense experiences he ever had and twisting the rugged shaft inside his two sphincters lead to noises I have never heard from him. As demonstrate, it is possible to take a Medium firmness Lampwick deep, I advise even more caution than with usual depth play and would actually say, if you want to take this dildo deep, go for the 75% firmness option.

The Three Standard Color Options: Natuarl Tan, Deep Brown and Black

Due to the thick and wide base into which the balls flow, the Lampwick has a very good sturdiness. Even when riding it vigorously on your own, none of my testess had problems with the base slipping away. The base is also big and grippy enough, to allow for a top to hold and control the dildo comfortably when fucking a bottom with it. It only falls short when you want to fuck yourself with it. It is a bit cumbersome for that; I recommend a Vac-U-Lock handle in that szenario.

Last but definitely not least of this happy bunch is the El Ray. This toy was reason to much discussion in my testee panel. We all like the El Ray. The shape with the maximum diameter fairly far up at the shaft makes for an interesting experience: Once conquered, the toys is getting sucked into the ass. Usually when taking a toy out, it is getting easier the further out it goes. But with the El Ray, the diameter increases again, before you can rest. This is a very interesting and mind fucking experience.  The diameter increase is so gradual and smooth that in combination with the almost untextured surface it just feels not like a normal dildo. You cannot pinpoint it, it is just reverse and that makes it hot – especially when you are into the stretch sensations.

Detail of El Ray’s Relatively Smooth Shaft with the Maximum Diameter at the First Third of it

This very subtle increase in diameter at the top half of a dildo makes it also a good training toy for girth training. It gently massages the hole loose and open over time without have to go too deep. BUT: The glans with the foreskin half pulled over makes the initial taking of the dildo challenging for novices. Ever the experienced holes in my testee panel needed some prestretching and loosening up before the El Ray could easily enter. After this point, the gentle ridges the foreskin  created nicely massage the anus. But getting there takes some prep work. So since even the smaller sizes of the El Ray are already on the larger end of the experience spectrum, it is a toy for the more experienced anal pig.

Where to buy?

Mr Hankey sells their toys directly through their website. This is the best way to get them when you want to customize them even further. They also run promotions on a regular basis so check their page regular to snatch a bargain. Depending on the size and features, the Nick Capra costs between $129.95 and $233.90, the Lampwick between $129.95 and $229.90 and finally the El Ray between $139.95 and $194.90. Custom colors costs $29.95, custom firmness $15.95.

SquarePeg Blunger & Torque

Form: Complex Shape Depth Toy
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Graphite, Bronze & Black
Firmness: Soft
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: SquarePeg (USA) & Regulation (EU)


The Blunger starts out with an almost perfect half-dome with a diameter of 45mm to softly open up a trained sphincter. After a short resting recess, it gradually extends to 67mm after which a 50mm long and 51mm wide neck follows. Just at the end of the neck there is a 61mm diameter bulge, a bit like around the edge of an Acorn. Now again gradually the Blunger widens softly yet steadily to the max. oval diameter of 80x90mm. Below the maximum diameter it steeply drops to 69x80mm. After slightly decreasing in diameter for 35mm there is another 3mm bulge until you can rest on the neck above the rectangular foot after taking the entire 280mm insertable length.

Left: SquarePeg Blunger, Right the Torque both in Supersoft Graphite

The Torque is a completely different kind of toy: It starts out with a small, slightly point yet rounded tip. From there on four thick, deep ridges – like a wood drill -meander around an in diameter increasing core. The ridges are disrupted by two small untextured “necks”, dividing the toy into three, 85mm long segments. The first is one starts out at around 15mm with the tip and has a max. diameter of 65mm at around 70mm measured from the tip. The second segment is starts out at 62mm and a max. diameter of 77mm. The last one starts out at 75mm and flows into the rectangular base at 290mm insertable length without a neck at a whopping 100mm. The maximum diameter has to be taken with a grain of salt though: These is the maximum extension of two ridges, there is space between them to compress them. So taking the entire toy is feasible yet challenging even if you can’t take a 100mm plug.

To my surprise both toys despite being VERY intense are not only made in SquarePeg’s signature Supersoft Bronze and Graphite but also in Firm Black. Since the firmness also effects the bendiness of toys, I am actually not sure how a Blunger in firm black could work. If you have experience, please write to me.

Detail of the Blunger’s Round Tip

Material-wise both toys are made with the high standards of all SquarePeg toys: Pure body-safe, easy to clean Platinum Silicone – ideal for allergic people or orgies. To clean them, throw them in the dishwasher, autoclave them, use bleach or dishsoap. They toys won’t mind and thus they are quickly clean and sterilized to be pushed into a new hole. Especially when you get the soft versions of this toy, store it upright or laying down without pressure to keep the toys from getting creases. Like all anal toys, you should store them only with toys of the same material together. Otherwise the plasticizers of vinyl for example can damage the silicone permanently and irreversible.  To keep the silicone in best shape and not risk tarnishing the surface, do not use silicone lube with these toys. They are safe with every other kind of lube like oil- or water-based ones.

Detail of the Torque’s Wood-Drill like Tip

Playing with the Blunger & Torque

This is going to be hard again: My testees and I all love both of these toys because of their creative, unique shape. These toys are great examples for the founder of SquarePeg being a sculpture and real ass aficionado. He just KNOWS how a toy needs to be shaped to hit the right spots. But because of their complex shape, the greatness is hard to convey this time. So I am going to give it a try…

In the quick info box I called both toys “depth toys” and that is true to some extended. Both are long enough to penetrate and stretch the second sphincter. But until you get there, you have to master both of these toys which is an intense, hot and horny challenge.

The Acron-Like Prostate stimulating Bulge on the Blunger

The Blunger feels a bit like a Best-of of all SquarePeg toys: It has the flowing thickening of the Ballistic toys, the prostate stimulating bulge of the Acorn, the round, easy-entry tips signature to Rik Jammer, the long resting necks of the Egg and the gentle neck decrease of the Slinks. All these unique shapes have been designed with a specific stimulating purpose in mind. By itself they are great, in the combination they are close to sensory overload. When vigorously fucking a loose (!) hole with the Blunger, a firework of different sensations is set off: From stretch in the sphincter over prostate simulation followed from a short moment of just “relaxing” friction at the middle-neck until the rodeo starts again. For most of my testees the most intense sensation was when taking the toy completely: Depending on your anatomy, you are either at maximum stretch or are stimulating your prostate at the last bulge when the tip begins to stretch the second sphincter and the Blunger starts to go deep. It is an intense, literally mind-blowing experience and not for the faint of heart. Especially when playing hard with the Blunger, make sure that the hole is trained and nicely loose. Otherwise the many stimulations can make it quickly tighten up.

The Short Resting Neck which Segment the Torque between the Thick Ridges running around the Toy’s Core

Again, the Torque is a different kind of game. The small tip and gradual diameter increase make it a toy easy to take. Once inside the piece de résistance of the Torque is twisting it inside the hole. The thick ridges massage the sphincter, creating an interesting mix of friction and stretch sensation. If you go deeper, you can start playing with the angle to target the prostate and either forcefully massage it with the full width and thickness of the ridge or just lightly brush it. Once taken to the point that the tip reaches the second sphincter, it gets interesting again: Since the first segment is fairly thick and the ridges ridged, the twisting sensation inside this rarely stimulated body area was almost too much for even a depth experienced bottom who already has played with a Slink Vortex! The thickness and sturdiness of the ridges, the increase in diameter is just a (w)hole different level of intensity compared to the “soft” Slink Vortex.

Detail of the Flowing yet Challenging Thick Elements of the Blunger

While the Blunger is a good toy for selfplay (I actually recommend starting out to explore this toy on your own before letting another person work your hole over with it!), the Torque is more of a partner toy. Riding it is fun, but the thick ridges make achieving your “usual” diameter a challenge because the texture irritates the hole a bit. Yet the intense sensation of twisting and turning the ridges inside a loose hole is very difficult to achieve on your own.

Where to buy?

When living in the USA, it is best to order from SquarePeg directly because you can get the toy in your desired color and firmness. The Blunger costs $189 and the Torque $199. In the EU, it is easiest to order from Regulation though they currently only stock the Blunger for £189 in Graphite where I got mine from. If you want to get the Torque or the Blunger in a different color, get in touch with them.

Topped Toys Gape Keeper & Chute

Form: Butt Plug
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Forged Red & Blue Firmness: Soft
Lube: Water & Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to

Vendor: Topped Toys

Over the years, reader questions have become a quite reliable indicator of what could be the next hot thing in kink toys. Early this summer a rising tidal wave of messages about a new anal toy manufacturer called Topped Toys (back then still Mountie Toys) hit my inbox. They were so new and from distant Canada lands that I have never heard about them before – unlike dozends of my readers who were VERY eager to learn about the design, feel and quality of htis newcomer. So always trying to be on the vanguard of toy development and getting you the review for the toys you are most interested in, I got my hands on the two designs they started out with to investigate what all the – ex post well deserved – fuzz is all about.

Topped Toys Gape Keeper 100 & Chute 75


For this review I have gotten the Gape Keeper 100 and the Chute 75. The Gape Keeper comes along as a fairly middle of the road plug yet into the design a lot of thought has been put. With an overall length of 185mm, the main body has roughly egg shaped and 130mm long and is 80mm at the widest point. At the bottom it flows into a 35mm long neck with a diameter of 52mm which flows into a base with measured 105x77mm. The Chute 75 is just a little bit shorter at 165mm overall length but with a maximum diameter of 60mm considerably smaller. The neck is just a bit shorter at 30mm and smaller at 34mm diameter. The base measures 72x50mm. What sets the Chute apart from other toys if the notch with runs from the base’s bottom 120mm way into the main body. It is 30mm at it widest point and 10mm deep.

Both the Gape Keeper and the Cute come in a number of different sizes for every training level.

Name Max. Diameter Insertable Length Neck Diameter Overall Length
Gape Keeper 55 44mm 121mm 25mm 140mm
Gape Keeper 65 53mm 121mm 30mm 140mm
Gape Keeper 75 61mm 140mm 36mm 165mm
Gape Keeper 85 69mm 140mm 46mm 165mm
Gape Keeper 93 76mm 152mm 51mm 169mm
Gape Keeper 100 81mm 165mm 45mm 185mm
Gape Keeper 108 86mm 171mm 61mm 190mm
Gape Keeper 116 94mm 178mm 66mm 196mm
Gape Keeper 128 104mm 171mm 71mm 190mm
Gape Keeper 140 114mm 165mm 76mm




Chute 75 60mm 140mm 34mm 165mm
Chute 85 69mm 152mm 46mm 165mm

Over the course of the last couple of years, it became the standard for high-end anal toys to be made out of platinum silicone and Topped Toys does not disappoint in this regard. The advantages are just too many: 100% body safe, hypoallergenic and easy to clean (from hot dish soap water or bleach over the dish washer to autoclaving them everything is possible) makes them the perfect toy for using on multiple partners in a short time frame like in an orgy setting. For storage, keep them upright or lay them down without pressure, to avoid creases. Only store them together with other platinum silicone toys because plasticizers of other materials can disintegrate the silicone. The same can happen when using silicone lube. Silicone oil is deadly for silicone. Because of that ere at the side of caution and only use water- or oil-based lubes with Topped Toys.

Topped Toys chose a very soft silicone  (Shore 00-34) for their toys so it is nice and squishy. Colorwise there are two options: Blue Steel which in my opinion is a bit dull (and too close to the signature color of a British company…) and Forged Red, a marble of rich red and steel grey, forming a unique pattern for each toy. Forged Red has somewhat become they signature color and it is a nice pop of individual color in the sea of black colored anal toys.

Detail of the Gate Keeper’s 100 Tip which is the Right Cross between Dull and Spikey

Playing with the Gape Keeper & Chute

I have to be honest: When the first wave of reader questions hit, I was skeptical if the world needed yet another platinum silicon toy manufacturer, especially with (at the beginning) such a fairly standard and boring range – an opinion shared by many in my testee panel. But once we had gotten our hands and holes on the toys, the opinion changed quickly.

From the first look, the Gape Keeper is another well designed boring butt plug which would have a hard time winning real favors in a world where most of my friends (and probably many of my readers too), have more than one of iconic SquarePeg Egg in their playroom. But the devil is in the detail. It was designed by someone who REALLY knew the anatomy of the rectum. The tip of the head is just spikey enough to seduce a with increasing size more trained sphincter to open up yet dull enough to allow for an intriguing maximum diameter and thus rectum filling size without overstuffing. Because of that the Gape Keeper 100 is very comfortable to wear over extended periods of time, like in fisting breaks to keep the gape open. But the piece de resistance for this property lies in the neck shape and design. The convex flow mimics how the rectum turns into the anus for most people. The neck has the length of an average sphincter. The base is not too long so it rests comfortable also in smaller bubble butts. I love my SquarePeg Eggs (all three of them!), but the Gape Keeper 100 is just a completely different level of comfort when it comes to long-term wear. The neck nestles so comfortably and perfectly inside the anus, even when moving considerably a lot, there is almost no urge to take the plug out – despite the hefty weight of the larger sizes.

Detail of the Gape Keeper’s almost Anatomically Shaped Base which fits like a Key Inside the Anus

If you are more action orientated like me and do not really like to wear plugs over extended periods of time (because you are so loose, there is no need to a toy to keep your gaping hole open…), the Gape Keeper is also a great punching toy. For my personal taste, it could be a bit firmer to force the sphincter a bit more open. But this is complaining about first world problems. As already written, the larger the toy, the duller it gets, the more intense is much sought after stretch sensation when entering. By implication this means that the smaller sizes being less dull are good training toys to slowly train the butt to take larger diameters. From my experience over the years, I would say, the Gape Keeper 100 is a good fisting benchmark. If you can take that toy, you should be able to take a medium fist.

My panel’s experience with the Chute follows a slightly different story. Especially the guys who incorporate active fucking into their anal play session were instantly hooked on the notch. It is designed to add extra girth and thus tightness for the top and the bottom when fucking. The dick simply slides along the notch. Since the notch makes the neck relatively thin, the plug looses a bit of rigidness and a hard, throbbing dick can easily push the head to the side when it needs room inside the rectum. Going up a size to the Chute 85 will probably solve that problem. At first the sensation and the logistics take a bit to work out (I recommend to place the plug either left or right of the shaft instead of on top or bottom). But once you get the hang of it, it is a unique sensation that can challenge a bottom again who is well broken in already. A word of warning though: When you fuck vigorously, the relatively small base and soft silicone can become a problem. Three testeees managed to thrust the entire plug into the bottom’s ass.

Detail of the Chute’s Notch

Naturally, the Chute can also be used with a dildo for either increasing stretch of shielding part of the sphincter from the dildo’s texture, focusing it on others. But the Chute just by itself is also a fun toy. For stretch training it is not a perfect toy because the notch in the middle prevents a smooth flow in and out of the hole. But the notch is perfect for gently targeting the prostate. When twisting and turning inside the hole, it gently brushed and massages the prostate glans. The stimulation is not strong enough for a milking but can definitely enhance the anal play sensation repertoire.

Where to buy?

While Topped Toys is currently working hard to expand their dealer network also in the Old World, the easiest way to get one of their toys is through their website. The Chute costs between 45€ and 59€ depending on the size, while the Gape Keeper starts at 23,95€ and ends at 168,95€.

Ballistic Metal Double Pop

Form: Butt Plug
Material: Aluminum
Firmness: Firm
Lube: All
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Protect from scratches, material can damage rubber

Vendor: Clonezone


The basic design of the Double Pop are two slightly oval spheres staged onto of each other. 44mm is the maximum diameter of the spheres, the length about 50mm. Between the two the spheres flows smoothly into a neck with 19mm diameter. This is the same diameter of the 33mm long neck above the base which has a diameter of 44mm. The toy has an overall length of 151mm, an insertable length of 142mm and weights 333g.

The Medium Ballistic Metal Double Pop

The Double Pop comes in three sizes. I am reviewing the medium size; the small has a maximum diameter of approx. 38mm while the large one has approx. 50mm.

Since the Double Pop is milled out of a solid piece of aluminum, the toy is not only super smooth but also ultra low maintenance. You can use it with any kind of lube and your preferred cleaning method: The aluminum can withstand almost anything you can throw at it except a cleaning agent based on scratching (which you should not use in any toys!) or flash rust in the washing machine. For storage just make sure that it does not touch rubber or get deep scratches which can be extremely dangerous when inserting into the anus.

Playing with the Double Pop

The term “medium” for the medium size of the Double Pop is very appropriate because size-wise is come close to a (largish) average dick. Through the large ration between the maximum and minimum diameter of the spheres it perfectly triggers the stretch sensation which for many people start their journey towards fisting. The emphasis on opening up the hole makes it also the ideal training toy for people who want to progress from getting fucked to getting fisted. Slowing fucking your hole and getting it accustomed to the sensation of being opened up and closing again prepare the mind and the hole for the general sensation of a fist entering the hole and the sphincter closing again around the wrist – just on a much larger level.

Detail of the Two slightly Oval Spheres with the Narrow Neck

Though when choosing the size, keep the material and shape in mind. When you can take a 4½cm dick, the medium Double Pop will still be a challenge for you. First, the material does not give in a bit. The solid firmness struggling against the sphincter can be a hot sensation to a certain extent, but don’t force the plug in too vigorously! Serious injuries can occur. Also the spheres are only slightly oval so the tip is duller than a penis. This means the sphincter needs to relax more in order to open up enough to take the toy.

For the not too experienced ass player, the Double Pop is a good toy for long-term wear. The smooth surface and flowing shape makes it comfortably to wear over extended periods of times. The weight of the metal leads to quite a bit of movement inside the rectum which if lucky can stimulate the prostate. If you are trained too much the same diameter of the base and the spheres become a problem. I would have wished for a larger, maybe oval base that still fits comfortable between the cheeks yet prevents from the toy from accidently slipping in. Also, a larger base would make for a more comfortable grip when fucking somebody or yourself with the plug.

For more trained bottoms, it is a good “tightening” plug: Simply place it into the fridge (Not the freezer! You do not want frostbite on your anus!) or in ice water until it cools down to just above 0°C and then insert it into the anus for the muscle the clench. This will make the hole nice and tight.

Detail of the Base and the Narrow Neck which makes it a Perfect Toy for Long-Term Wear

Besides anal play, the round shape makes it a perfect toy for sensation play. Let it travel over the sub’s body, let it roll over the body’s grooves through its weight, cool it (this time the freezer is allowed) for a goose-bump inducing sensation. I use the Double Pop after impact play when the skin is red and hot. Especially when a little bit abrasive toys like suede floggers or textured paddles have been used, the smoothness of the material and the cool tough increase the sub’s endorphin flow.

Where to buy?

Clonezone sells the small Double Pop for £65.99 and the large one for £85.99. I guess the medium one reviewed here would cost £75.99 and just is currently out of stock.

SquarePeg Leo & Mel

Form: Realistic Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Graphite, Bronze & Chestnut
Firmness: Soft
Lube: Water & Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: SquarePeg (USA) & Regulation (UK)

How the times at have changed… When I started this website almost exactly 7 years ago, it was a platform purely for BDSM toys for gay men. And now, ¾ of a decade later, female pro doms, trans* persons and straight couples are a small yet significant portion of my readers – and a growing number of anal toy enthusiasts. I started this year with an anal toy special that was so well received and generated so many reader questions, that following the summer vacation, I dive deep into the topic again with yet another focus on toys that tickle your taint and more.

Left SquarePeg Leo 2X, Right Mel 2X


The toys I reviewed in the past were most form follows function, designed with a specific stimulation in mind. But following the last Anal Toy Special, I got a lot of questions about realistic anal toys. So I am kicking of this one with a review of two products from SquarePeg’s realistic range. Both are casts from guys, the founder of SquarePeg met: Mel came to a fund raiser in 2012 where you could create your own dildo, Leo he got to know through friends in 2016. Lucky for us, they had not objections of the members joining the SquarePeg team.

Both toys come in two varieties: The standard version with a realistic base that mimics the balls and the Harness version which a round, flat base for using them with a strap-on harness. I will be reviewing the Harness varieties of these dildos in this review. Both varieties are alike but the base and because of this the total length and insertable length can differ a bit between models in the same size. The Harness dildos can be outfitted either with the SquarePegHole which works with fuck machine adaptors and the FlushCup, a suction cup. Sadly the options are exclusive and the suction cup do not come in every sizes which I find a bit annoying. But more about that later.

Detail of Leo’s Softly Tapering Glans

Being cast off US citizens, both models are cut. But this is where the similarities end. Leo starts out with an evenly tapered glans that flows into a shaft with just a very subtle rim. The top third of the dick is slightly curved back with the remaining shaft being straight, only slightly increasing in diameter towards the end. The shaft is covered with a smooth yet noticeable ventral groove and some small veins but overall it is a very even and soft toy to ride. As always with SquarePeg toys, the following measurements are only rough guidelines. Since every toy is made by hand, there can be diversion in size.

Size Head Diameter Diameter at Base Length SquarePegHole FlushCup
XS 32mm 37mm 140mm
S 41mm 47mm 191mm X
Actual/ Life Size 49mm 57mm 229mm X X
1X 57mm 61mm 260mm X X
1X Long 57mm 61mm 330mm X
2X 61mm 67mm 286mm X X
2X Long 65mm 69mm 362mm X
3X 73mm 77mm 292mm X
King 77mm 81mm 330mm X

Detail of Mel’s Blunt Glans with the Big Gap below the Rim

Mel is a completely different from Leo. He starts out with a big, fat and a bit blunt glans. His foreskin was cut completely so there is a large and relatively deep groove below the glans rim. This leads to a nice pop when the glans goes in before the shaft starts sliding in. The shaft has the same diameter as the glans rim and leans heavily towards the left. It is heavily textured with thick veins and a prominent ventral groove.  All this texture leads to an almost triangular shaft.

Size Diameter Length SquarePegHole FlushCup
Small 49mm 178mm X
Actual/ Life Size 57mm 216mm X X
1X 63mm 222mm X X
2X 69mm 237mm X X

Like all SquarePeg toys, Leo and Mel are made out of platinum silicone, which means body safe and hypoallergenic platinum is used to cure the silicone. Besides platinum making the toy body safe, it makes the toys easy to handle. After having used them, you can basically throw everything at hem to get them clean: From hot water with dish soap over citrus or vinegar acid to bleach, the dishwasher or even autoclave them. This makes the toys ideal for sex parties because they can be quickly and easily be cleaned and sterilized between partners.

Since they are made out of soft silicone, store them upright or laying down without pressure to avoid creases. Never store them with other materials together because the plasticizers can damage the silicone for good!

Detail of Leo’s relatively Smooth Shaft

Speaking of damaging your toys: Despite what the founder of SquarePeg says, I do the silicone oil in the lube will destroy silicone toys. I recommend only using water- or oil-based lube with silicone toys, especially because they are easier to clean off.

Playing with the Leo & Mel

Since the anatomy of both dicks is quite different, the sensation you can create with them is also very different. Leo is definitely the softer one of the two. His glans opens up the sphincter nicely and since is flow into the shaft with just a very little bump of foreskin, it is an easy toy to take. The very gradual and not too increase in diameter combines with the moderate texturing makes it a good toy for beginners. The stretch and “friction” sensation is noticeable but in a purely pleasurable way; there is not challenge, especially in the smaller two sizes. The larger ones from the 2X on are interesting in a different way: They help train the trickiest part of depth play, the initial opening. With length starting at 286mm and a diameter to length ratio up to 1:5.5, they should reach the second sphincter in most asses. Unlike the Slink or the Depth Probe which are good for exploring the depth of one’s gut, the Leo is more purpose driven in opening up and a bit desensitizing this delicate body area. Furthermore, because the shaft is thicker and thus a big more rigid and the overall length is not too much, the toy is easier to control, even when playing with yourself. Some testees actually used my Leo 2X to “fuck” their second sphincter open – and went on to buy the 2X Long or even the King to train further.

Detail of the Leo with the SquarePegHole and Mel with the FlushCup

Mel however is a completely different story. To take the blunter and short glans, the hole should be pre-stretched. Otherwise the popping in can be quite intense. The rugged shaft in the same diameter doesn’t offer much rest either. Sliding up and down the shaft will intensely stimulate the sphincter even at the size small. Do not let yourself be fooled by the attribute “small”: That size is for intermediates and not for people starting out with anal play. My 2X actually found the most fans under my fistees. It is the perfect toy mid-fisting scene. It stretches and stimulates in a comfortable size when you have been punched, yet is not too extreme for loose holes. The short length doesn’t reach the delicate area of the second sphincter so involuntary tightening of the hole is unlikely. If the hole is too loose, twisting and turning during the fucking can spark things up a bit, especially when the ventral groove “beats” the prostate. For selffucking the Mel also was popular with less experience anal players who have a bit complex rectum which does not extend straight forward but bends. The bend in the toy prevents unintended irritations once you have found the sweet spot.

The bend is also one of the shortcomings of the toy when riding it. Because the heavy head tilts towards the left, the way too small FlushCup cannot support the weight. After a short time the toy will tip over. I have tested the FlushCup on the Mel 2X and on a friend’s Leo 2X and it seems to be to small and too weak to keep bigger and heavier toys in check. Same applies for the size of the harness base. It is a bit too small and too thin for a rigorous fucking. There is always a chance of it slipping out. Still, I prefer the Harness version of the realistic one. Especially with lubey hands, the soft, collapsible base is easier to grip than the round scrotum of the realistic ones.


Detail of Mel’s Heavily Textured Shaft

The final point of critic – albeit a personal one – is the choice of materials. All realistic dildos from SquarePeg come in their signature Bronze, cool Graphite an Chestnut (a skin tone) – all in supersoft. I am well aware that as a guy who enjoys a punch-fucking with a Peggar Extractor I am representing a minority of intense anal torment (?) players. But on the other hand I do not want to be patronized regarding what is “too extreme”. A long Leo in firm used gently could train and straighten up the guts for manual depth play; a Mel in firm would pleasure and challenge even the loosest hole.

Does this make the two dildos bad or undesirable toys? Most certainly not! They instantly became part of my fisting and selfplay repertoire and I very much enjoy using them (on me). Sometimes I just wish these awesome toys would be a bit greater than they already are.

Where to buy?

When living in the USA, it is best to order from SquarePeg directly because you can get the toy you want in the color and configuration you desire. The Leo starts at $54 and ends at $257 while the Mel retails between $57 and $152. In the EU, it is easiest to order from Regulation where the toys cost roughly the same in GBP. They do not stock the entire range of Leo and Mel combinations. If you want to order something they do not stock, simply send them a message and they will get it for you.



Bad Dragon’s Clayton, Elden & Pearce

From Left to Right: Bad Dragon’s Clayton, Elden and Pearce

Vendor: Bad Dragon


All toys made by Bad Dragon but especially the anal toys are at the top range of the market.  The relatively large number of “Flop” toys on their Clearnace section on their website is testimony that only perfect examples of the hand-cast toys leave their factory in Phoenix, AZ. While a Flop is an inexpensive way to start out your journey into Bad Dragon or a ready made can scratch the rectal itch quickly (in high season, it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks for a toy to be made), I highly recommend to buy a individually customized toy because if you invest so much money into an anal toys, it should be 100% what you want.

There a ton of options out there. The most important choice when it comes to customizing a specific toy it the firmness. There are three degrees:  Soft, medium and firm, with XL toys not available in firm. Choosing the right firmness is weighing off different aspects: Soft toys are good for not yet well trained asses or really large toys because the sphincter can deform the toy a bit to fit well. However the softer the material the less stability a toy has so especially with long toys there is a chance they will collapse easily. The firmness also determines who the texture feels. Cast in soft silicone a ridge might easily flap away while in firm the sphincter might struggle to take it. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is, the larger the toy, the harder it will feel. In order to get an impression of the different firmness degrees, Bad Dragon sells a set of sample discs.

Detail of the Cooling-Lava Colored Base of Clayton and the Bumps Intensified Ridges

While the firmness can only be felt (or sometimes seen when a toy flips over), choosing a coloring is the most creative aspect when it comes to ordering a toy. The options are almost limitless, starting a patterns exclusive for the specific toy (called “Natural” and “Signature”) or temporary available patterns over fades and marbles to uni colors. Friends and I can spend hours discussing which color would look best on a certain toy. Due to being made out of platinum silicone, the colors will not fade or discolor.

The platinum in the term refers to the catalyst used for curing the silicone. For cheaper silicone tin is used which has all sorts of negative side effects while platinum as a noble metal is body safe and hypoallergenic. Cleaning is also easier because platinum silicone is able to withstand acid or heat. While in theory you can autoclave all Bad Dragon toys, putting them in the dish washer or throw them in hot water with dish soap also does the trick. In this case, the super smooth surface of platinum silicone makes the washing easy so they are the ideal toy to quickly clean between swapping the person taking them up the butt. For that reason toys made out of platinum silicone have replaced all my vinyl and rubber toys over the course of the last few years.

What now follows is a bit of a controversial topic. In theory, silicone toys must not be used with silicone or hybrid lubes. The silicone oil in these lubes disintegrates the silicone, making it floppy and the surface sticky. However, there are a lot of people who use high quality silicone lube on their platinum silicone toys and do not encounter any problems. My personal opinion is to err on the side of caution and not take any chances. Bad Dragon as a good reason why they only sell water-based lube. While platinum silicone is fine with any kind of water- and oil-based lube, my lube of choice for the silicone’s smooth surface are slicker, stickier lubes like Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel or Vet Gel, especially Kerbel Gleitschleim (which is a very German think I assume).

Detail of the Elden’s Head with the Two Prongs for Easy Insertion


Today, Bad Dragon offers 66 different anal toys, each year introducing some new ones and phasing out others. Sometimes during special sales, they offer “Legacy Toys” which brings back already phased out toys. While in theory the toys are gender neutral, some are more designed with prostates or a clitoris in mind.

The basic size range of Bad Dragon is S to XL which covers the range from a small dick to (double) fisting. Some toys are also available in Mini or just a one-size toy. So do not fall in love with a design on the product overview page to quickly, you might be disappointed that your favorite dragon dick does not come in an interesting size – like my unhappy love affair with Kippy, Kage and Hunter.

Speaking of dragon dick: As the name “Bad Dragon” already implies, their toys are inspired by anthropomorphic creatures. They started out with just dragons but now feature demons, aliens, werewolves, unicorns, octopi or real animals like horses and dogs. Being inspired by (fantasy) animals most dildos feature a knot (a bulge at the bottom of the shaft). What (almost) all toys have in common is some degree of texturing which imitate veins and scales through bumps and ridges. These elements do not only increase the diameter but also make the toy harder to take. So always take the “deepness” of the texture into consideration when looking at the maximum diameter and pondering if you can take the toy. There is a strong interaction with the firmness and texture. The firmer the silicone, the more intense the texture will be felt. This does not necessarily mean that texture is felt more intense when the toy is in firm because the flapping/ giving in on a soft toy can be more stimulation than to chafe over an unforgiving form ridge. If these textures are too intimidating but you still want the quality and lush designs of Bad Dragon, they do offer tamer toys like a natural dildo called Archer or the Egg which is perfect for training a hole to open up.

Detail of the Veins and Ridges just above Pearce’s Base

When looking at the detailed size charts and choosing a larger size, it is important to keep in mind that the toys scale proportionally: The texturing gets deeper and thus more intense, the knot (most of the time the largest diameter of the shaft) moves down further. Since most anal enthusiasts can easily take larger diameter but are not well with taking big toys deeply, the knot might be out of reach due to being too low.

To some toys, two special features can be added. The first is the suction cup. If you can add it, get it! It makes playing and riding the toy much easier. As a material, silicone is somewhat sticky on its own (that’s the reason why no matter how thoroughly you clean it, there is ALWAYS dust on the toys!) but the strong cup which is integrated into the base design keeps the dildo in place (or sticking on the bathroom wall), even when riding it vigorously.

The second add-on is the cumtube which is a tube cast in the middle of the toy. It comes with a syringe you can fill with (cum-like) water-based lube and shoot it into your ass, simulating the feeling of the dragon’s dick cumming in you. Naturally, such a tube makes cleaning the toy more difficult. Also, in my testee panel the opinions on the cumtube’s effect are split. Some love it, some find it overrated. I would recommend ordering one of their Lil’Squirt toys to try out the effect for yourself before investing money into a bigger toy with a cumtube.

Detail of the Clayton’s Cone-Shaped Tip with three Ridges below

Playing with the Dildos

Clayton the Earth Dragon

Clayton is one of the few Bad Dragon dragons which do not have a knot. The shaft stands upright rising from a big, sturdy base. This uprightness and the gradual increase of diameter makes it a good toy to start exploring depth and preparing to take longer Bad Dragons – if you can take the heavy texture.

The glans is almost cone-shaped for easy insertion. Below it are three deep ridges which especially in soft firmness massage the sphincter and seduce it to open up. The middle third of the shaft has a chain of scales on all four sides with on the back coming from there the frenulum would be are the deepest, almost saw-like, on the left and right they are very subtle. Most of my testees only noticed them when Clayton was turned inside their hole, because the front and back scales are so intense. The last third starts out with two subtle raising, yet noticeable bulges on the topside. Some testees called them “knot” but I think that is an overstatement. The bottom until the base is textured with three deep ridges, their edges being even more texture with little bumps. The ridges do not go around the shaft but have gaps on the top- and underside. Because of this when riding the entire shaft, the mid-section scales are felt more prominently.

My Clayton is colored in its Signature color which is a perfect fit for the story behind the dildos: It looks like lava cooling coming from a bright yellow over rich orange with red highlights to a black-red base. Yellow and orange are usually not my favorite colors but this color quickly became one of my favorite ones!


Detail of Elden’s large Difference between the Big Knot and the Thin Neck

Elden the Faerie Dragon

Well… Elden… A toy I have been getting many reader questions about. And the product pictures got me quickly excited about this toy. But it sadly has one big flaw that caused me to re-order a second one in a different firmness, hoping it will fix the issue.

Elden starts out with two little prongs that makes targeting the sphincter easy. Below them is the first little thickening that sets the tone for the bulges running left and right of the shaft until the knot. While the underside it smooth, there is a string of deep bumps on the upside. This heavy texture makes it a good toy to be twisted and gently fucked for maximum anus stimulation. The lower third of the shaft is the massive knot that has four tiny bumps on the sides two thin and deep strains on the upside. The knot flows into a really thin neck which ends in a large base that is heavily textured with bumps and ridges.

Theoretically, Elden has all what I love in a toy: Deep texture for stimulation and a large knot with a tiny base for maximum stretch sensation. BUT: The body of the toy is so heavy, that when being mounted onto the floor using the big suction cup, it collapses completely, making it almost impossible to ride. When fucking someone, one hand needs to hold the base, the other needs to hold and press the knot against the hole. My Elden is soft and I have already ordered one in Medium. Once I have tried that out, I will update this review. But I have also talked to the guys at Bad Dragon if they can make a split firmness with a firm base and neck (ideally additionally extending into the knot) and a body in the firmness of your choice.

4th Kind is the color of my Elden. It looks a bit subtle in the pictures but as soon it starts to glow in the dark or under UV light, the blue highlights really makes this toy pop out.

Detail of Pearce’s Prince Albert Piercing

Pearce the Orc

For years, I misspelled Pearce as Pierce (even the kink world holds challenges for a dyslexic person) because the homophony describes the prominent feature of this dildo: The sculptured PA piercing at the glans. Otherwise Pearce is a fairly standard realistic dildo. From the first look, the evenly shaped glans with the foreskin pulled back (making it one of the few uncut ones from Bad Dragon) should make for an easy insertion. But the large Prince Albert Screw in Ball piercing with a large ball is something an inexperienced hole need to train to take. The experienced ones enjoy the way the big ball massages the prostate when riding the dick. Below the glans there are subtle ridges of the pulled back foreskin. While the shaft might look smooth and dull, the massive increase in diameter causes the anus the swallow the toy once you passed the largest point creating an unexpected feeling of fullness and massive stretch of the hole. Just above the realistically sculptured ball base there are a few subtle ridges and veins but to be honest, you do not feel much of them because you are so focused on the stretch and fullness.

Colorwise I followed Bad Dragon’s inspiration and went for Pearce’s Signature which is a gorgeous woodland camouflage.

Latin Lover

Toy Properties

Form: Realistic dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Colors: Skin Color, Dark Brown & Black
Firmness: Soft to Medium, custom degrees possible
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Clonezone


The Latin Lover is a realistic dildo with balls and a small base. Inside this base is a hole for a Vac-U-Lock adapter. For this review, Clonezone sent me the size S out of the 4 possible ones. The dildo has a maximum diameter of 60mm just at the glans’ rim and 52mm just above the balls. The usable length (unlike you can and want to take the balls) is 162mm and the overall length a handy 215mm.

The Mr Hankey Toys Latin Lover

Like all Mr Hankey toys, the Latin Lover is made out of platinum silicone. The “platinum” in the name refers to the catalyst used to cure the silicone. Unlike other metals used like tin which is often used for cheap silicone, platinum is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause adverse effect inside the body. But platinum is not only hypo-allergenic but it makes the silicone resistant towards heat and acid and the surface super-smooth. Because of that, the Latin Lover is easy to clean: You can throw it into hot water, add acid for sanitizing or autoclave it. Due to being so easy to clean and sanitize, platinum silicone toys are perfect for playing with multiple partners in a safe way. Just quickly yet thoroughly clean and sanitize them between deployments and you are ready to go again.

Detail of the Vac-U-Lock Hole in the Base

The Latin Lover falls in the category of a realistic dildo. It starts out with a glans which is molded with great attention to detail. Even the meatus is recreated. Below the rim of the cut head there is a little groove until the shaft begins. From the frenulum a very prominent ventral groove dominates the backside of the dildo almost all the way down to the balls. The entire shaft is covered with subtle veins and small ridges just like skin stretching over the cavernous bodies. At the bottom of the shaft, there is a pair of medium size and somewhat tight balls. It looks like the dick and the balls are a bit tied up because there is a thin ridge running around the shaft base, the balls and the penis root.

Detail of the Veiny Texture of the Shaft

Playing with the Latin Lover

To be blunt: At first sight the Latin Lover is a standard, middle of the road realistic dildo a bit on the larger size due to the 60mm diameter on the tip. But with a bit of training, loads of lube and maybe a plug for pre-stretching, the soft, forgiving material will make an insertion pleasurable. So the Latin Lover is ideal when you want to fuck yourself or pleasure a partner – especially through the Vac-U-Lock hole at the bottom. The balls are very decently sized for a firm grip but especially for piston style fucking or self-play, getting a grip with a Vac-U-Lock adapter makes handling of the dildo easier. For riding it, I highly recommend a suction cup with such an adapter. Naturally, this feature predestine the Latin Lover for all people into strap-on play.

Detail of the Realistic Glans

So much for the boring part. Now why pay a relatively high price for a kind of toy which can be purchased for a fraction of the price? It is all in the details. The high quality material is not only easy to clean but in combination with the painstaking attention to detail of the shaft design, the Latin Lover is almost indistinguishable from a real dick. If before play you let it soak in a bit of warm water, it will take on the temperature and feel even more like a human dick.

Detail of the Ventral Groove

But this website would not be if the Latin Lover would not have a little kinky trick up its sleeve: The ventral groove. This ridge is way thicker and broader than on a “normal” human dick. Then you twist and turn the Latin Lover while fucking a hole, it intensely massage the sphincter and seducing it to open up for larger toys. This effect is the greatest when the sphincter is around the middle of the shaft targets because the ridge is the highest there. This elevation also focuses the friction sensation and the pressure on the ridge a bit. A skilled prostate milking top in my testee panel noticed that with a bit of targeting practice he could fuck a prostate orgasm out of his subs using the ventral groove.

Where to buy?

The Latin Lover can be bought at Clonezone for £125.99 for the size S featured in this review up to £215.99 for the whopping XL.

Bad Dragon Wereables

Bad Dragon Wereable Magnus & Flint

Vendor: Bad Dragon

For many perverts transformation into an anthropomorphic being is a major kink. Part of coming close to their being of choice or calling is putting on gear which in a sexual content should include the dick. For that reason I have been asked a lot of times for an educated opinion on the Bad Dragon Wereables. So I got my hand on their Flint and Magnus to tell you all about it.


The construction of the two models I have tested extensively follows the design of most cock sheaths: The main body is a long sheath for covering the dick’s shaft onto which at the end a loop is molded to put around the balls for keeping the sheath in place(more on that later). The inside of the sheath is textured to massage the top’s dick while fucking, on Flint with thicker grooves while Magnus has finer ones. Unlike other cock sheaths the wall thickness is not even around the dick. Since the outside texture follows the design of some of the most iconic Bad Dragon dildos, it is sometimes thicker like on the deep ridges on Flint’s bottom or Magnus’ knot. The wereables are made out of soft silicone. So even Flint’s ridges or Magnus’ prominent veins will certainly add tantalizing sensations but will not be a difficult struggle. Due to the stretchiness, putting the sheath on is also easy, because it stretches well, even over girthier dicks. While the sheaths are made out of the same silicone as their other toys, the color choice is limited to solid colors.

Detail of the Veins on Magnus‘ Sheath

Depending in the model the wereables are one size only or come up to three sizes. I recommend getting a size with a slightly smaller internal diameter than the diameter of your dick’s shaft for a snug fit. If you choose one of the wereables with a closed tip, make sure not to buy a too short one! I had a chance to fuck with a medium David which was too short and it was an unpleasant and unpractical experience.

Flint put on a Dildo

Playing with the Wereables

Most of my testees – both top and bottom – enjoyed playing with the wereables. The extravagant colors and sophisticated textures add an enticing visual to the play and new sensations to fucking. It takes a few rounds to figure out which texture works best in which position. Flint was more appreciated in doggy style because the ridges massage the prostate while Magnus won favors in sledgehammer fucking with the bottom on the back resp. in the sling because it really gave the knot a pop feeling. Some of my testees used the wereables without a bottom and enjoyed the sheath as small and handy travel masturbators. Especially the deeper grooves of Flint are great for that and the soft material lets you control the pressure easily.

To put the wereable on, lube up the dick, pull them over the shaft and put the scrotal loop around the balls. I recommend lubing up the sheath afterwards after it has been put in place. Otherwise adjusting the fit becomes difficult.

Detail of the Grooves inside Magnus‘ Sheath

As good as the soft silicone feels and allows the movement of the bottom’s sphincter to be felt by the top, it is also the drop of bitter with this toy. The loop around the balls is too soft and stretches too much. On a well lubed up shaft it moves a fair bit. On the one hand, this is good, because the groves inside the sheath massage the top’s dick. On the other hand especially when the bottom’s hole is just open enough to let the toy covered dick in, it stays inside, sliding along the dick, until the pull gets too much and pops out. With guys who don’t have low-hangers, Flint’s wide loop came off during heavy pounding. Also, Flint’s tip is so thin, it sometimes folds down when entering a hole. So I would recommend the wereables for loose holes and not to for something to start out the fucking with.

Of course, the wereables are not only made for dicks! They are a good way to spice up dildos which have become uninteresting. Naturally, for a securish fit, dildos with balls are better than just shafts. If the dildo has nothing to put the scrotal loop around, the sheath must be hold in place by hand otherwise it might disappear inside the bottom’s ass.

Detail of Flint’s Scrotum Loop with the Bad Dragon Logo Stamped on the Right Side

Being made out of platinum silicone, cleaning is easy: They can be autoclaved, put into hot water with dish soap or vinegar cleaner, rinsed off, dried and sanitized. But since they are silicone toys, it means they should not be used with silicone lube. Since they are so textured, I recommend a slicker lube like Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel which stays in place.

Where to buy?

Like all Bad Dragon toys, they are exclusively sold and made to order at the Bad Dragon website. Depending on the size they cost between $60 and $80 with no surcharge for a different color.