Mr S Ball Stretcher with D-Ring

Vendor: Mr S


StretcherThe stretcher is made out off a trifolded soft 3,8cm wide leather. The folding has a number of advantages: First through the three layers and the seam in the middle the leather is stiff enough and doesn’t collapse easily to provide a good stretch and yet is flexible enough to be comfortable to wear. Second through the folding the edges form a smooth piping on one side; on the other side there is a piping and an edge which doesn’t irritate the skin too much due to the soft leather. A third advantage would be that all metal parts could be covered with leather making it safe for allergic people to use. But for this toy Mr S decided to put the counter parts of the rivets through all three layers which at least robust them sturdier. As always with leather toys from Mr S the stitching quality is top of the notch.

In order to adjust the stretcher there are two pairs of snap fasteners leaving you with three diameters to adjust the stretcher: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm. A nice touch is the Mr S logo on the outside of the snap buttons.

Diameter from left to right: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm

Diameter from left to right: 4,3cm, 3,8cm and 3,1cm

A nifty feature of this toy is the small d-ring which is a hold in place by two rivets and double layer leather strap. Sadly the d-ring is not welded as which is the case with most other small d-rings.

Detail of the trifolding with "loose" end on top

Detail of the trifolding with „loose“ end on top

Playing with it

The toy is good at everything what a ball stretcher should do: It stretches your balls to make them bounce around when walking, fucking or jerking off, prevent that your balls get closer to the body when you come which intensifies the orgasm and keeps your ball in place and offer an easy way to grip them when they get spanked. And because the leather and workmanship is such high quality you can wear the stretcher for an extended period of time. One of my test person wore it for over a day.

Detail of the D-Ring

Detail of the D-Ring

What sets this stretcher aside from a standard one is the d-ring which is not attached to a divider so if it is not used it doesn’t get into your way. The obvious thing to do with the d-ring it to attach a weight. Because the d-ring is not centered you can create two different sensations: When you put a barrel-shaped weight on front off the stretcher it beats your balls; when you put it on the back the feeling of weight pulling on your balls is even more intense than with a centered one. As with standard restraints the d-ring can be used for all kind of bondage purposes: Either attach a leash, use it to tie the sub down to the bed, nipple clamps, the spreader bar or any pair of restraints attached to the legs so there is a small reminder that there is something around his ball with every step the sub takes. When doing this please keep in mind that the d-ring is not welded. When too much force pulls in opposite directions on the d-ring there is a chance that it will come open.

The Mr S Logo Snap Buttons

The Mr S Logo Snap Buttons

Sadly Mr S seems to have stopped making this great ball stretcher but I believe if you ask them nicely they can still make you a custom one.

Conslusion: Good standard ball stretcher with a nice added feature
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great quality leather and over all workmanship Metal is making contact with the skin Mr S (Manufacturer) Out of Production, last known price $18
D-Ring D-ring is not welded
Can be worn for an extended period of time Only comes in one width
Good value for money



Oxballs Ultraballs

Vendor: Mr S or Regulation

The Oxballs Powerballs

The Oxballs Ultraballs

Ever since I set up this website I have been getting request to review cockrings. I always refused due to a simple reason: I didn’t know which criteria to use in order to write a good review. Finding the right cockring is a very difficult task (I might actually write an article on that one) and thus it would be even more subjective then the other reviews. So I got a bit excited when the guys from Regulation asked me if I would review a “universal” cockring from Oxballs for them. Always interested in new and exciting toys, I gladly accepted the challenge.

The reviewing process was surprisingly the longest and most intense of any toys I have tested so far. The Oxballs Ultraballs was worn by friends with big and small dicks and balls, has been continuously worn for over two days so a lot of different experience flow into this review.


The cockring is made out of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which means that is it quite stretchy and will probably outlast most cheap rubber cockrings if you don’t continuously wear it as a bracelet. Another nice feature of the TPR is that you can use nearly every form of lube even silicone based.

¾ of the ring shape are a simple barrel form ring with 12mm diameter. On top there is a bold, raised “Oxballs” logo which is nice if you want to

show the guy sucking you off that you buy quality toys. The rest of the cockring is featuring two balls with approx. 20mm and between them a flat oval piece.

Playing with it

Putting this cockring on is fairly easy and can be done even with a hard dick which is a great feature when you need some extra support when you are already hard.

The Oxballs Ultraballs can be worn in two ways.

1. Balls facing down:

The balls supporting either your ball or restriciting blood flow to and from the shaft

The balls supporting either your ball or restriciting blood flow to and from the shaft

In this position the cockring’s two balls support your balls with a little pushup effect ant the oval piece lightly presses against the exterior part of your prostate. I prefer this way of wearing the Powerballs for everyday your. There is a light yet not distracting pressure in your groin which at least made me sometimes smile involuntarily due to the hidden kinkiness. When you walk and your balls have enough space to move around in your pants they wiggle a bit more and especially when you are climbing stairs you can feel a light pressure on the exterior of your prostate. The drawback of this way of wearing the Ultraballs is that – depending on the package your have – the pressure is quite low so the effect is not like wearing a “really” cocking. For that effect you have to wear it in way #2…

2. Balls facing up:

When you wear the Ultraballs upside down the two balls put pressure on the two major veins transporting blood away from your dick so the effect is like a “classic” cockring. The oval section is furthermore applying pressure to the cavernous body so your dick is a bit more upright. The intensity of these effects depends how thick your dick gets but it was noticeably and effective even on small dicks. Of cause the pressure and blood congestion isn’t as intense as with a (too?) tight metal cockring but yet again this is personal preference.

Taking to Powerball double for a more intense sensation

Taking to Ultraball double for a more intense sensation

At Folsom Europe we pooled four of these nifty little fuckers and used them as a great adjustable ball stretcher. Depending on your balls your need at least two (if you don’t have ENOURMOUS balls) otherwise the balls easily retract through the rather large hole in the middle. Taking the cockring double would work but you need really strong hands to pull it apart and this stress put on the material will effect durability.

Besides these two possibilities, yes you can wear it as a kinky bracelet and since it is available in 8 colors the is a great chance that it will be available in your favorite hanky color.

Before I conclude a work of warning: As with all stretchy Oxballs product please handle this toy with a bit of care when stretching it in order to take it off. A friend literally got blue balls when the Ultraballs backlashed when taking them off. However this might be a desired effect.

Conslusion: Most versatile and most comfortable long term cockring I have used to date
Pro Cons Where to get Price
One size fits all Pressure might be too low for some people Regulation £12,99
Versatile Mr S $13.95
Fairly inexpensive
“The ideal cockring to wear when I just want to quickly jerk off at lunch”
One size fits all

SlingKing Extender Ball Stretcher

Vendor: SlingKing


The stretcher is made out of two layers of very soft yet sturdy leather so you have the soft hide on the inside and the outside. The two layers are stitched and probably also glued together.

When folded out flat this stretcher has the silhouette of a cartoon dog bone. The patches at both ends are 6,7cm by 4,3cm and feature two rows of three tight snap fasteners. On the connecting stretch of leather is a small moveable D ring mounted under a stripe of leather which is hold in place by two riveting. The stretch is approx. 4cm wide.

The stretcher has a diameter of 3cm and 4,5cm depending on if you choose to use only the outer three or the six snap fasteners. When using all six the stretcher becomes sturdier.

Playing with it

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

You can use this stretcher in two ways: With the snap fasteners in front or on the back. Both positions have their own thrill. When you put them up front the stretch is much more intense due to length of 6,7cm. When you put the fasteners on the back you will “only” stretch your balls 4cm but the snapper part will massage the perineum of the sub and will also push his balls a bit in front and give them support which is nice for a good beating. A nice touch is the small D ring which you can use to put weights on it or tie the stretcher onto something or do whatever your perverted fantasy inspires you to.

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

Since this is one of the few stretcher I have come across with two layers of leather it is very comfortable to wear even over longer periods of time.

The only real problem with this toy is also one of the great benefits: The very tight snap fasteners. It can be very hard to get them fastened and getting them off quickly in a case of emergency is nearly impossible.

Where to get this toy?

The big question with this great toy is: Where to get it? From the quality and way it is constructed I believe the Fetters in London has made it. But I couldn’t find it in their online shop and they haven’t answered my e-mail yet. So if you know who once made this toy, please contact me.

Update 2/14/2014: I have found this ball stretcher at SlingKing.

Conslusion: The greatest ball stretcher I have had in my hands yet
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great quality leather A bit too tight snap fasteners SlingKing (Manufacturer) 14,95€


Mister B Thowncrown

Vendor: Mister B

First Impression and construction

The Thorncrown with the hex to adjust the screws

The Thorncrown with the hex to adjust the screws

When I first got this little devil I was pleasantly surprised by its weight.  As a person who is triggered very much by mind games you instantly get it that this toy means business. Being made out of massive brushed stainless steel it is one of these toys which are so sturdy that even your grandchildren can have fun with as soon as they have grown up. It also has a nice rough and technical appearance. Inside the ring six holes with screw threads are milled housing each a grub screw. At the end of the screws you can put a hexagon key for tightening or loosening the screws.

You can get the toy in three diameters: 30mm, 32,5mm and 35mm which is enough for most dicks but when playing with big boys it is too small. A version with 40mm or even 45mm with maybe 8 screws would be a great extension to the line.

Playing with it

As already written, this toy is great for mindfuck. Just show your tightly tied pain pig the thorncrown, demonstrate a bit how it works and whisper in its ear where you are going to put it. Most masochists will shiver in fear and/ or excitement. And they are right. The pain experience is quite unique and can be everything between a light tickling up to sheer agony. Most people will fear that the screws will actually injure them but since the heads are flattened they won’t break the skin’s surface in most situations.

One of the six grub screws

One of the six grub screws

Because every screw can be adjusted separately you can dose the pain very precisely which is necessary because at worst (or best) a nerve runs directly under a screw head. When deciding how deep to drive the screws into the skin always keep in mind that that screws are the only things keeping this hefty toy in place (see next paragraph). Because the screws have no deepness limiter this toy can cause serious harm up to bleeding wounds; screwed in to the max the aperture shrinks from the 35mm of the steel ring to 7mm between the screw heads. As a rule of thumb you can say that a full turn of the key will drive the screw approx. 1mm. I would also advise you to drive the all screws in equally because by doing so you leave the flesh at least some space to escape between the screws. If you only twist the screws on one side or even only one you nail the flesh against the steel ring which will cause injuries more easily.

The Thorncrown put onto a dick

The Thorncrown put onto a dick

Despite its weight the thorncrown can be attached to nearly every body part which sticks out. Except the penis I have put it on fingers, toes and even the tongue. I can imagine that the small version also plays very nice with pumped up nipples but I haven’t had the chance and toys to try it out. Since the screws can dig quite deeply into the flesh the thorncrown also stays in place on slippery and softer tissue. However due to the weight once the body part starts to move it can get loose and fall off. This is especially annoying when you have put it right under the glans and start to jerk your bottom boy off. It is a quite unique sensation – if the toy stays in place for which you have to dig the screws deeply into the flesh. This is a major problem: If you only want light pain and you cause another pain which makes the sub twist a bit harder the toy will most likely fall off.

Handling wise you either need to be very dexterous or have to limit the movement of you sub very much. The head of the hexagon key has only 2mm in diameter and the matching lock on the screw isn’t very deep. So you need to target the lock well and need some force to keep the key in place. The key itself it 55mm long which is a good compromise between handling and being short enough for whole revolutions – at least on average dicks. Since the key is only 2mm thick it is difficult to grasp it with thicker leather gloves and depending on the amount of lube you have on your finger it will be impossible to control it enough to fit it into the lock. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that the screws have no limiter thus when playing around with the toy without putting it on something or releasing it you can easily loose a screw. I once spent 5 minutes after a session helping my top to find a screw which rolled under the bed. I will check on my next trip to the home improvement store how easily such screws can be replaced.

This CBT device doesn’t really play nice with any material covering the applied area. Leather, Spandex, Lycra or Neopren absorb much of the punctual pressure and will most likely keep some pressure marks. When used on rubber at best there also will be some pressure marks, at worst the material will give in.

Usually this toy will leave only little pleasure marks which fade away very quickly. But if you drive the screws very deep into the skin and maybe add some friction, p.e. by jerking the dick, the skin irritation can be very bad. The worst case I have seen were little bruises.

Conslusion: A sturdy and mindfucking toy which need cautious handling
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Unique pain experience Difficult to handle Mister B (Manufacturer) 49€
Quality feel Some injury potential
Very good pain dosing  

Mister Chaps Rubber Ball Stretcher

Vendor: Mister Chaps

First Impression and construction

In order to make my toy collection grow I made it a rule to buy a toy on every larger city trip. So a few years ago on a trip to Hamburg I bought myself this ball stretcher, actually my first rubber piece and to date is one of the few ball stretcher made of rubber I have come across. Since I had a few problems with ball stretchers in the past (as you might read in future reviews) I asked the sales assistant which model would be right for me and I ended up with the 4,5cm model. It is made out of 3mm thick rubber and has two pairs of snap fastener thus allowing choosing between 3,5cm and 4,2cm diameter. The buttons are mounted quite well onto the rubber and close firmly so this stretcher will not fall off by incedent. The first thing I realized when unpacking the stretcher were the undeburred edges.

Playing with it

Once you get in on, the stretcher does what it was designed to do: Transform your balls into a tight pack far away from the body. When you come your balls are pulled tightly to your body but since the stretcher prevents them from doing so it takes longer for you to reach an orgasm and they are more intense. Also a ball stretcher provide a neat handle for holing your balls when they get spanked and single balls can’t escape more or less targeted hit. So when playing with yourself or being a sub, a ball stretcher improves your sex life both in vanilla and amarogentin ways 😉

This is if you can get it on. Since I couldn’t find any ball stretcher in the market which fit my balls, I asked my doctor if I have a tight or in any other way strange ball sack. The only thing he could find out was that it was slightly looser (!) than average so I usually should not have any problems with normal ball stretchers. Well… with this one as with any other ball stretcher I have great difficulties to fit my balls inside even though it was sold to me as a beginner model. The tight snapping buttons make it a bit worse because it takes a lot of coordination and patience to close the stretcher once you got your balls tightly stretched, especially when you have got a hard-on.  This can be very annoying.

Undeburred edges

Undeburred edges

What is even more annoying or outright dangerous are the undeburred edges. Thick, inflexible rubber is very sharp and it shows when wearing this stretcher. I was once determined to try out me newest acquisition put it on and jerked off which was an unpleasant feeling during the wanking and left me with a wound on my shaft. If you are skilled and have the right tools you can deburr it but since that is out of my reach it is a nice thing which lies around in my toy drawer.


Good when looking for a full rubber experience but needs conditioning before use.


  • Inexpensive
  • Needed for a full rubber outfit


  • Undeburred edges

Price at date of Publishing: about 8€

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