Centaur, Plumber & BFG

Toy Properties

Form: Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone.
Sokatik Natural Tan, Deep Brown and Black
Custom colors possible
Firmness: Soft to Medium, custom degrees possible
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in hot water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

Vendor: Mr Hankey’s

The Mr Hankey Plumber, BFG and Centaur


The Centaur is probably one of the kinds of anal toys I get asked most about: What is a good horse dick to train depth? I do not why people are so interested in that but I am here not to judge but to quench your horny thirst for answers. If the Centaur is THE best, I cannot tell. It is certainly the most realistic on the market. It starts out with a dome-shaped glans that allows for a slow and soft opening of the first and the second sphincter. The glans rim is textured with little bumps. The heavily though not deeply textured shaft then very gradually and softly increase in diameter until it reaches the preputial ring. That is a sudden increase in depth, 2/3 down the shaft which adds a lot of girth until it ends at a round, solid base.

Detail of Centaur’s Glans

The Plumber sits on the complete opposite of the toy length spectrum. It starts out with a large and massive natural cut glans. Below the glans rim is a massive, only slightly sloped drop. What follows is a short, almost cylindrical, slightly concave shaft that is textured with wide and thus soft yet deep ridges. At the end, there is again a round, solid base.

The third of the reviewed toys could almost be the synthesis of the previous two. The BFG’s tip is a nicely tapered almost realistic glans with bumps all around the rim. Starting from the frenulum are soft and size increasing scales running all the way down to the base. On the other side of the shaft are soft, flowing bumps. For the increase in diameter make three big bulges on the sides, the last one large and round enough to be considered an anthropomorphic knot, flanked by a cluster of bumps on each side. Below that knot there is only a short resting space until the toys flows into a round base.

Toy Size Diameter Glans Rim Diameter Shaft Middle Diameter Above Base/ at Knot Insertable Length
Centaur Small 44mm 47mm 69mm 248mm
Medium 53mm 55mm 77mm 279mm
Large 61mm 63mm 85mm 324mm
XXL 71mm 73mm 103mm 375mm
Plumber Small 57mm 55mm 53mm 127mm
Medium/Large 77mm 76mm 75mm 175mm
Large XL 105mm 101mm 99mm 226mm
BFG Medium 49mm 63mm 81mm 254mm
Large 53mm 67mm 85mm 279mm
XL 59mm 71mm 97mm 305mm
XXL 63mm 79mm 103mm 330mm

Detail of the Cenatur’s Vac-U-Hole

Mr Hankey manufactures all their toys out of high quality platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is a premium, more expensive material than other kinds of silicone which for example use tin as a catalyst to cure the silicone. This means all Mr Hankey toys are 100% body safe, highly resistant towards acid and heat and with the super-smooth surface leave little possibilities for bacteria to linger and are easy to clean. I usually put my toys in hot water with dish soap and sanitize them afterwards for good measure. This is a quick and easy way to get the toys clean and sterile again between partners at a play party. But you can also throw them in the dishwasher or autoclave them. In order to keep the surface in this condition, never use silicone based or hybrid lube with silicone toys because they will disintegrate the surface. Water and oil based lube are safe to be used with silicone toys.

Silicone is a material that can be colored easily and which color does not fade over time. As standard colors Mr Hankey’s only offers their dildos in black, natural tan or deep brown. However, for $29.95 you can get custom coloring, mostly duo-tone fades like I got on the Cenataur and BFG but other designs are possible. It is a bit of an investment but since these toys are cheap, I recommend customizing them for this small fee because they turn out gorgeous and make your toy a bit of your own! If you need inspiration, browse Mr Hankey’s Twitter feed.

Detail of BFG’s Bumps & Bulges

Firmness-wise you also get only two choice. First there is Medium which is a bit firmer, about the firmness of a rock-hard dick. If you are a texture junkie like me, you definitely want to go this way because it makes every ridge and vein very noticeable! BUT for depth it can be too firm since it also impacts the bendiness. Because of that for larger sizes of the Centaur and the BFG I recommend their 75% firmness which is a bit softer. Mr Hankey’s Toys does offer custom firmness if you want the toys smoother or firmer. I have not tried that service but I would only recommend it for their fantasy toys. For only $4.95 a Vac-U-Loc hole can be added to every toy. Originally designed to attach the toy to fuck machines, there are a number of nifty accessories out there for this kind of system: Handles, Strap-On harnesses, suction cups and double-dildo connectors. Because of this I highly recommend adding this inexpensive feature to your toy. There are just too many useful scenarios along the way to go cheap on this one.

Detail of Plumber’s Large Glans Rim Drop

Playing with the Centaur, Plumber and BFG

Trying to answer the question from the beginning of the review: If you are looking for a pure depth training toy, the Centaur is probably not the best option to go to. But is has many characteristics that makes it a great overall toy to explore and train depth. As already written, the glans is perfectly shaped to open up both sphincters. However, the texturing of the rim make taking the second sphincter a more intense experience than it could be. As you get more experienced and relaxed, twisting the Centaur’s head inside one of the sphincters is an intense yet tantalizing experience. The same accounts for riding the shaft: Since there is no untextured space, it takes a lot of lube and some experience riding it. But again, the texture is very subtle and the steady increase in diameter means, as you loosen up and slide down on it, there simulation continues in the same intensity. Expect of course for the preputial ring. This sudden increase in diameter can be a challenge, especially on the larger sizes because you usually focus on processing the intense feelings deep inside your colon and are not prepared to relax you anus so abruptly. However, again, as you train and get used to the toy’s characteristics, the preputial ring becomes a hot feature. Riding up and down the toy, you are alternating stimulating your first sphincter with the preputial ring or the second sphincter with the glans rim.

Detail of the Centaur’s Subtle Texture and Massive Preputial Ring

Speaking of riding the shaft: Handling-wise the Centaur is a good toy for depth play. The length-girth ration in combination with the thick solid base is keeping the toy from collapsing, making it perfect for riding and inserting it in a controlled manner.

If you try to apply the Centaur’s question to the Plumber, the answer is: Hell no! It is not a toy for the novice. While the realistic glans opens you up somewhat softly, if your hole is not used to opening up and release a plug, taking the Plumber out will the a ripping experience! The same accounts for riding the shaft. While the ridges are flowing and soft, especially in medium the are stimulating the many nerve endings inside the anus HARD. So it is definitely a toy for the experienced, loose and greedy hole which needs a challenge and rough treatment at the end of a fisting scene.

Detail of Plumber’s heavily Textured Shaft

As already written in the construction section, the BFG is the synthesis of both toys: Easy to insert, hard to master. I have gotten my Medium/ Large in Medium firmness which might has been a mistake. Yes, feeling the firmness of the bumps and ridges massage the sphincter as you slide down on the shaft, is very horny and intense. But through the heavily convex shape, the rigidity of the material makes it a bit hard to find the way towards the second sphincter. Though once inside, the deep yet not too complex texture and shape makes it a joy to ride. Unlike other fantasy toys, you are not overwhelmed with texture but can enjoy each and every bit separately. While the increase in diameter of each of the major bulges on the shaft’s side somewhat prepare you for the stretch of the following one, due to the texture it is not a training or warm-up toy! If you want to indulge into the BFG completely, I recommend preparing and relaxing your hole with toys that go a little deeper and stretch a little wider than the BFG you have chosen. Then this great toy can unleash its full potential.

Detail of BFG’s Textured Glans

Where to buy?

Mr Hankey sells their toys directly through their website. This is the best way to get them when you want to customize them even further. They also run promotions on a regular basis so check their page regular to snatch a bargain. Depending on the size and features, the Centaur costs between $124.95 and $164.90, the Plumber between $109.95 and $174.90 and finally the BFG between $149.95 and $184.90. Custom colors costs $29.95, custom firmness $15.95.

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