Chastity Experiment Day 1: Finding the right Ring Size

As written in last week’s review I have given the Bon4 Steel Chastity Cage a thorough testing like every toy I review. But I have worn the device on and off because I had too much other stuff on my mind at the end of the semester. Now I am at my parent’s on vacation and dare to venture into a week of chastity.

After showing this morning I took the pouch with the cage and rings and tried out which ring would fit me best. I started out with the 51mm ring. Being inexperienced it felt the most comfortable. However while just walking a short distance to the post office, I felt like the cage would fall off so I tried the 47mm and 44mm rings. While I am writing this I am wearing the 44mm ring but am not sure if it isn’t too tight for long term. Let’s see how I feel after the first night.

I somehow anticipated that finding the right ring size would be the most difficult task. The ring has to be tight enough to hold the cage in place and make it inescapable yet wide enough to be comfortable to be worn 24/7 and more important to allow enough circulation to the genitals. With 4 rings provided and 2 additional rings available for purchase I guess Bon4 has a size for most dicks out there. But with the rings being made out of metal in a rather simple design it should be easy to have ring made at a local black smith to fit the individual physic of a potential chastity sub.

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