Chastity Experiment Day 2: The first night

I had problems accessing my WordPress so I can only publish yesterday’s entry today.

When my friend convinced/ lured/ pressures me into this experiment the nights were the thing I was most afraid off. While testing the cage I wore it during the day for extended periods of time. When it started to feel a bit uncomfortable I could adjust the device which obviously is not possible when I am sleeping. So would I not be able to sleep because I would wake up every few hours to fiddle with the cage? The fear was reasonable because I am very active while sleeping. Tossing and turning is a sign for a good night’s sleep. How would having a chunky piece of metal hanging between my legs and somewhat pulling on my balls affect that? Surprisingly: Not very much.

Of cause having something attached to your body feels a bit weird and unusual. When I was lying in bed, lights out and slowly dozing off the thought of not being able to jerk off was very present in my mind but not as discomforting as expected. Also due to the moving momentum of the heavy metal there was a pleasant pulling sensation on my balls every time I turned. Luckily I didn’t wake up during the night due to feeling uncomfortable. However, waking up was a bit uncomfortable. On the edge between sleeping and waking I roll around in my bed, resting in various positions, also on my belly. In this position the steel is pushed into the groin which is uncomfortable.

Luckily I rarely get morning wood and haven’t had a boner yet so the cage’s efficiency has yet to be tested.

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