Chastity Experiment Day 3: On not being lazy

As said on Monday like every summer I am on vacation visiting my parents. I usually take at least 1 ½ weeks to unwind, take advantage of the scenery to take review pictures outside and just be lazy. That laziness includes not going to the gym and not shaving my body hair – except I have a date (as if that is every going to happen here, but that is a different story). However, when wearing a chastity cage, at least the latter laziness is not advisable. Yesterday and today I caught pubic hair in several small gaps and probably have pulled some out involuntarily. The unexpected pain of getting the sub pubic hair pulled on might be a desirable effect for a top, but I find the stingy pain annoying when taking a walk. Lucky me I am my own key holder so I unlocked myself and shaved. I wonder how long my pubes have to grow again until the hair length becomes a problem again.

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