Chastity Experiment Day 5: Going to the Beach

Today was a hot and humid day on the coast so I decided to go to the beach later in the afternoon. Due to the hot weather I was wearing my light, Nike surfer shorts with no underwear already on my way to the beach. The last couple of days I wore heavier Carhartt cloth shorts which covered up that chastity cage bulge quite well. But through the light and soft nylon material the bulge was quite visible. I thought everyone would stare at the “thing” between my legs but nothing as such happened. People walked by normally and didn’t pay any attention to me. My fear was probably fueled by me knowing what I was wearing.

Down at the beach I went directly for a swim. The cage didn’t bother me at all when I was swimming. However when I got out the water-soaked cloth stuck to my body and because the cage is made only out off a few rather small steel beams you could lightly see the contours of the cage. But yet again the unusual shape between my legs was probably only recognized by me. What I did get were suggestive looks from girls in their late teens/ early twenties. They probably thought I had a massive dick. I wish I had gotten these looks from their hot looking male companions.

You are probably wondering why there are no pictures. The simple truth is that on the shoot for tomorrow’s review my battery ran out and I forgot my charger at home. I could have taken pictures with my phone but frankly the quality of my Moto G’s camera is so crappy I rather have no pics than so bad ones on here.

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