Chastity Experiment Day 6: Normal Everyday Life – Sort of

Free at last! After I have written this week’s review I took off the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage. First of all: Thanks to Mister B for giving it to me for review purposes. It was a quite… interesting experience.

As I already wrote in the review this is the first chastity cage which actually fit me. A couple of years ago I bought others, mainly just out of curiosity. I never found the thought of someone having control over my dick very compelling. Just as I am a pain pig -maybe a sub – but never a slave who seeks to surrender control longer than the duration of a scene (well, in most of the cases but that is a different story). So I finally got to get rid of that curiosity.

What surprised me most of all this week was how comfortable it was to wear. After I got used to something a bit heavy and strong hanging between my legs, I forgot most of the time that I was in chastity. There was a bit fear that other people might notice what I was wearing but as I have seen yesterday even when wearing tight clothes the unsuspicious eye doesn’t notice anything.

When I interacted with the cage, it was also a nice experience: As most men I randomly play around with my dick when I am sitting around in sweatpants or gym shorts while reading or doing stuff on the computer. When I reached into my pants the last couple of days I found something strong, with body temperature which felt kind of smooth because the edges are rounded so well. I know, nothing beats playing around with your own dick but it came close enough for me to emotionally satisfy me. Also cleaning was very easy thanks to the large holes. What I had to give up was pissing while standing – at least in restrooms. I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to show my dick in chastity but with my dick not filling the cage completely when it was soft the liquid splashed around too much while pissing.

Another thing I noticed was how comfortable it was to get a boner. As I have written on Thursday my dick didn’t rage against the steel but stayed a bit soft. After the “unsuccessful” erection Thursday morning my sexual activity somewhat declined. I was getting less horny over the day and never felt the urge to jerk off. That showed me how much of a commodity jerking of sometimes it to me. When I am bored or just need to take my mind of stuff while working on a paper p.e. I just rub one out. After the cage had become so familiar after about three days these were the only instances when I really was reminded that I was in chastity.

Over the 7 day experiment I have never tried to break out of the cage. I have to admit it probably would have been possible to pull my dick out below the ring and stuff it back after I came. I guess with a tighter ring that would have been a problem but that would have made wearing it for such a long time problematic. Maybe Bon4 needs to develop screw-in (dull) spikes which look a bit like the insert you could get for the CB-series of CB-X to make breaking out more difficult. The importance of this “flaw” depends on what you are looking for in a chastity device: A really secure way to keep the sub from jerking off can probably only be achieved by a (nearly) custom piece like from Steel Worxx or Latowski. But as inexpensive yet good device for starter or a reminder of the dedication and promise to the top the Bon4 Metal Chastity cage is the best product on the market I have seen so far.

Concluding I have to say: Chastity hasn’t become a new, major kink of mine; maybe because it was more of an in vitro experiment without a key holder. But knowing that there is a toy out there that fits me and that I can wear without a problem for an extended period of time is good to know if the right guy comes along with which I would key holding with.

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