Christmas Gift Tip IV: Books

In a few moments I am off to my folks at home for Christmas but I don’t want to let you alone three days before Christmas Eve without some last minute gift ideas. Since books are still one of the easiest to obtain goods in our economy here are three books I would recommend for every Kinkster to own.

Leatherfolk by Mark Thompson


When I was in Chicago this spring this book was recommended to me by a fellow Kinkster of being a basic reading and I have to agree: Covering everything from the history of the scene by decade since the war through gripping autographical examples , essays that explore our lust and desire from a personal and scientific angle up to the spiritual aspect of kink it provides background info for the novice and new ideas for the experienced player.

Leathersex by Joseph W. Bean


This book has a more hands-on approach. It covers nearly every possible kind of play, gives advice and thus showcases what can be done to a sub. It goes into fairly depth in every topic so for a novice top it is a good basic read to get started. More experienced players will probably discover something new to try out.

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains


In Urban Aboriginals Mains brings science to the play party. He discusses the influence of our body’s gratification system on why we enjoy kinky stuff and how our scene works on a sociological base. Despite some hot example texts and quotes from kinksters it can be a hard read sometimes but when you want to know why your dick is jumping when certain things happen, read this book. But I have to give a word of warning: The book was written in the early 80s and I am not a neuro scientist so some of the things describe might be outdated or proven wrong. If you have knowledge about that please write me an e-mail.

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