Christmas Gift Tip IV: Books

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so you are running out of time if you need some gifts. So today I present you a selection of one of the most basic and easiest available gift: Books. I haven’t read all of them, but I have gotten recommendation from friends who own them. If you have a good gay book store around it should be possible to at least take look inside the book so you can check in advance if it is the right gift to present.

Leatherman's Handbook IIThe Leatherman’s Handbook II is THE classic of all leather and BDSM books. There is no discussion, every serious person into BDSM how has some interest in books should own this book. Despite the name it is not all about leather but also about BDSM. Since the origin of this book is way over 30 years old some parts are unintentionally funny. But still: This is the classic!

Skin TightsWhen you are or getting into rubber Skin Tight is the right choice. It talks a lot about rubber in general, the scene and the history. A fun book to read and not too thick (for some weird reason people accustomed to Facebook and Twitter seem to be scared by thick volumes :D).

The Complete Leatherboy HandbookI haven’t read the Complete Leatherboy Handbook myself but a friend of mine recommended it. I will be happy to get any feedback on this recommendation from you after Christmas.

Family JewelsAnother book which I haven’t gotten in my hand yet but which a friend found highly interesting and amusing is Family Jewels a book about CBT. And just for this camp interpretation of rough CBT on the cover you got to have it if you are a pain queen.

Pauls BücherIf you can read German or need a reason to learn German two of my favorite German books on gay BDSM. Pauls Bücher (Paul’s Books) is based on a real life master slave relation. They articulated their fears, wishes, etc. throughout a series of books which are reprinted in this book. It is one of the most intense pieces on BDSM I have ever read and is defiantly worth reading!

Bondage - Ausstieg aus der SelbstkontrolleSadly I haven’t found yet an English substitute for Bondage – Ausstieg aus der Selbstkontrolle (Bondage – Giving up self-control). It is a book about Bondage covering theory and practice for interested newcomers but also has a lot to offer for experienced bondage master.

Male BondageBrave - Men and FetishWhen you are not so much into reading or are looking for a more or less shocking book for your coffee table, take a look at Male Bondage or Brave – Men and Fetish.

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