Desiderate: New Twisted Beasts

Uriens with his THICK Knot

One and a half years ago I reviewed the first Twisted Beast toys and they took the ass player scene by storm. Maybe in the next Anal Toy Special I can review of these brutes again. And maybe by then they re-introduce Shore 00-50 for Centaur or Behemoth or even Shore A10 for Uriens to knot HARD.

Uriens follows the same idea I had when I designed the Knot Plug for Organotoy some three years ago: The intense knotting of a canine toy but with just a short shaft so you don’t run into depth problems. Twisted Beast took the idea further and textured the shaft and the neck below the knot for added stimulation and fun. Though with a knot circumference of 20cm already on the small, he is not for anal novices.

Behemoth’s Bulgey Shaft

A little bit tamer is Behemoth. He is what I would call a massage fucker. He starts out with a nicely tapering glans to slowly open up the anus. Though the glans rim is quite textured and rugged. Will be interesting to see how that feels going and and having it twisted inside ones hole. The shaft is textured all over with bumps and ridges. So when riding him, the anus will constantly stretch, moved and massaged, stimulating this very sensitive body area. It is hard to tell if there are special points which will target the prostate for added stimulation. We will hopefully find out in a review some day.

Nessus MASSIVE Shaft

The anti-thesis to Behmoth is Nessus the Centaur, as the name already tells an equine inspired toy. As you would expect from a horse dildo, the glans is flattish with a thick glans rim bulge but not flared! The shaft is more of a stump compared to other horse toys because his diameter is BIG compared to the considerable length. All over this length the shaft is textured with thick vains and thin yet plenteous parallel ridges. To add to the stimulation the is a THICK medial ring. Centaur will also be a horny toy to ride vigorously yet more horny irritating than softly massaging.

All toys come in four sizes on the spectrum from small to XXL. But I urge you to consult the sizing chart and don’t rely on the label! All these three are big boys and even in their soft Shore 00-30 firmness not easy to take when you have not played with your hole at all.

And since if often get asked where to buy leather cleaner: Twisted Beast also sells poppers which I sadly did not get to sample yet. If you know how it is, let me know!

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