Don’t Inject Poppers!

Once in a while I get questions I think/ fear others might have and for the better for all kinksters I decide to post my reply publically. This poppers question is one of them:


I really like poppers, it helps me take bigger things up my hole but the effect of the poppers is only so short-lived. Would it help to inject the poppers maybe directly into my anus to maximize the effect?

Short answer: No, it is even dangerous!

Long answer: Poppers is caustic, especially in delicate areas like muscous membranes (p.e. in your nose). There have been reports of death when swallowed. When you inject it directly into a muscle you “only” will win a trip to the emergency room and sever burns inside your muscles.  Injected into a vein it will be leathal! If you want to know more about poppers, listen to this great short episode of the NoSafeWord Show.

But there are a number of other options you can use in order to prepare your hole for some intense action:

  1.  Anal relaxation sprays: A combination of caring and relaxing botanicals like lavender or rosemary is sprayed on the anus and after a short time your anus will find putting stuff into yojr ass more easily. There are a number of different products on the market and not everyone works as well for everyone like poppers. Try some out. Sadly they are rather expensive.
  2. Special lube: There are numbening lubes out there which relax your anus and make it less sensitive so you can apply a bit (!) more force when pushing things inside your hole. My friend Drewlion developed a special lube also using botanicals like the sprays to facilitate relaxing. Since he uses essential oils they are technically not (latex) condom/ glove safe.
  3. Local anesthetics: In order to insert catheres or other medical device into untrained holes local anesthetics like Lidocain are used. They come in gel or spray forn and work great but have the downside that they will affect your feeling so the insertion sensation will be somewhat between different to nonexisting. More importantly: You will probably not feel if something goes wrong so be extra careful!
  4. „Poppers“ containing balm: Another medicine you can use are balms used to tread anal fissures. They contain Glyceryl trinitrate p.e., will relax your hole and will make you a bit dizzy like with a small poppers rush.

If you don’t want to apply anything to your hole and toys, hypnosis and self-suggestion can help loosening up your hole. You see, there are a lot of possibilities out there to make the anus extra soft but doing something very bad with poppers.

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