E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

All E-Stim power boxes I have talked about so far are more or less easy to use and thus a bit limited to the way the stimulation can be tailored to your ideas. Last weekend I have subbed to a top using the Erostek ET312b and loved it as ever yet I do not really to own one: It is big, heavy and with the small display and many buttons difficult to use. This is not a toy as a sub I can just give to a top unfamiliar with it and say “Try it out on me.” Yet I sometimes wish for more elaborate play setup than my ET232 can provide.

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

The E-Stim System 2b Pro Pack

E-Stim System, the make of the awesome bi-polar electrodes and many other fun E-Stim toys, carry what I believe to be a solution to my problem: The E-Stim System 2b. Or more precisely the 2b Pro Pack. The box is not significant larger than my ET232 so storing and travelling with it will not be a problem. It runs on 9V batteries which are widely available.

So much for the practical part. When it comes to play the box offers a two channel output and digital, stereo audio processing. The control concept on the box is similar to the one of the ET312b. But, the 2b has a sophisticated remote control suit for your computer. You can either control all functions on a computer inside the playroom or even control your sub’s box via the internet when you are not around. I have only seen screen shots of the computer UI but it seems quite intuitive and easy to learn.

Sadly I have neither topped nor subbed with this box but I have many great things about it and am anxious to try it out. If you want to provide me with a review sample of the 2b Pro Pack, please get in touch with me.

If you just start out with E-Stim or want to use the computer connectivity right out of the box, I would recommend the Pro pack which comes with everything you need. It costs £359 and can be purchased either directly from the manufacturer with free shipping. If you don’t need a wired power supply or the computer interface you can get just the box with some leads for £299 either directly from E-Stim System or Regulation.

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