E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

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The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker

The E-Stim System ElectroWhisker


The overall design of this toy looks like rutes used for percussion. The handle is a 16.5cm long barrel covered in an isolating material with a jacket for 4mm banana plugs on one end. Out of this handle a fan of thin yet stiff stainless steel wires emerge. The fan is approx. 11cm long and 4cm wide at the end.

Playing with it

As I explained in detail here the feeling of the e-stim sensation is determined by the mass and contact area of the electrode used. Well… the ElectroWhisker has almost no mass so even little output power can create strong sensations. What makes this toy so devilish is how easily you can alter the contact area. Start out with the ElectroWhisker almost parallel to the body making the largest possible contact area and then slowly (!) lift the handle while still applying pressure so part of the fan gets pressed against the body. Just lifting it a bit creates an immense increase in experienced sensation. While this is very fun especially for a true masochist please be careful. Slipping or too abrupt movement s can create really excruciating pain! Also be careful when changing directions: The stiffness and friction of the wires can make single wires stick to the skin and jump abruptly decreasing the contact area which leads to more intense stimulation. To prevent that especially at the end of a scene: Turn of the box before you lift the ElectroWhisker!

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

Detail of the Tip of the Fan of the E-Stim ElectroWhisker

The ElectroWhisker is a monopolar toy so you always need a second pole in order to create a sensation. Since the sensation is always felt at the pole with less mass I recommend using a mass-richer electrode like a metal butt plug; but silicone loops also work. Especially when you press the entire fan against the body blue bands and pad electrodes are sometimes not mass-rich enough. Of cause the alternation of the sensation between these two areas can be interesting but most of my subs found it irritating (Of cause this might what you are going for…). As with any e-stim toy the general rule applies: No stimulation above the waist. But in this case there is “but”: The problem with stimulation that crosses the waist is that current might flow through the heart causing potentially leather effect. If you want to travel over the entire body with the ElectroWhisker, do what I am doing: Take an E-Stim System Classic electrode, put waterbased lube on the head, connect one plug of the leads to the head (that is the 4mm jacket in the middle of the butt plug) and the other one to the ElectroWhisker. Now Place both electrodes close to each other on the body and let them travel parallel close to each other without touching. This takes a bit of practice and coordination and obviously you don’t have a free hand to alter the output level yet it is the only way to safely play on the entire body. Speaking of lube: If you feel that the fan doesn’t travel well enough over the body please use water-based lube in order to ensure conductivity. As the scene progresses the lube dries becoming sticky which can increase the problem so lube up constantly.

Of cause the ElectroWhisker can also be used without e-stim for sensation play. Just letting it lightly travel over the body is an interesting combination of a tickling and scratching sensation. Increase the pressure breaking the bundle into segments for a more scratching feeling. Being made out of stainless steel the wires can be used for temperature play either cooling them down or heating them up. (Caution! This form of fire play is dangerous! Only do it if you have been taught by an experienced player!) When heating them especially if you want to make them glow red take care that you don’t heat them up too for up the handle otherwise the isolation and soldering can be damanged.

Cleaning this toy is easy: Simply spray a sanitizer on the fan and let it dry off. If you used lube wash it with hot water and soap. Please be careful not to get water into the area where the fan emerges. Getting the water out of there is a pain in the ass and drying takes ages!

Conclusion: A delicate and devilish toy that takes some practice to handle well with e-stim.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Wide range of possible sensations Takes time to really learn to control it well E-Stim System £40
Usable for heat play
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