E-Stim System Intro Pack

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

The Front of the E-Stim System Series One

After having featured three E-Stim boxes on the higher end of the price spectrum I have been asked if I could recommend a little bit more affordable power boxes for the interested novice who doesn’t want to dive too deep into the pool financially. And as always I am happy to oblige.

The E-Stim 1 is the most basic and affordable box from E-Stim System. It has one channel and three manipulable modes which are enough to have loads of fun with and figure out if you like the sensation. It is small and runs on 9V batteries so it is easily stores and quickly provided with new energy. Since it can create a wave sensation I know of guys who have bigger boxes yet travel with this small one and a pair of silicone loops to get them off when they are anyway for work.

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

The Ultra Pack with the Series 1 and two Electrodes

While the box itself costs £99 E-Stim System offers two interesting packs for starters: A pack with a pair of silicone loops for £109 and the in my opinion most interesting one with a pair of silicone loops and one of their great premium bi-polar electrodes for £169. If you get yourself a 3.5mm plug onto 2 jacket splitter you can even use both electrodes on this one channel box. Of cause you can’t control the intensity level for both electrode pair individually but still the double stimulation will be mind blowing for a novice. So if you don’t want to spend too much money yet get quality electrodes you can continue using, the Ultra Pack is you best choice.

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