E-Stim System Penis Plug

Vendor: E-Stim System

The E-Stim System Penis Plug

The E-Stim System Penis Plug


As the name of the toy already says it is basically shaped like a butt plug. It has a broad base which is 11mm high and has a diameter of 25mm. Into it two deep groves are milled for good grip even with sweaty fingers. On the one side of this base there is a 4mm hole for your banana plugs. On the other side is the piece which goes into your urethra: On the size S model which I have gotten as a review sample from E-Stim System it is a 44mm long pole of stainless steel. The first 20mm have a diameter of 5.5mm. Then within 12mm the diameter increases to 7.5mm and decreases over the last 12mm to a domed tip with a diameter of 4mm. The Penis Plug is made out of  aicraft grade aluminium so it is light,  has a polished surface and comes in three sizes: S with a maximum head diameter of 7.5 mm, M with 8.5 mm and L with 9.5 mm.

Like nearly all E-Stim System Products the Penis Plug comes in a nice black plastic tube for storage and a manual. The sounds are covered by E-Stim System’s Lifetime Guarantee but being made out of hard stainless steel please hit me up and send me a picture of your toy if you ever need to take advantage of it.

Playing with it

Last week I talked about the E-Stim System UltraSounds which are great but take some effort and concentration when using. If you are not part of the group of people who enjoy dropping the sound into the dick (and doe to the banana plug with a cable  on the end I would strongly discourage you from doing it with an e-stim sound!) you have to hold the sound constantly  in your hand monitoring depth in order not to alter the e-stim sensation. With the Penis Plug, things are different.

Detail of the Grooves and the Hole for the Banana Plug of the E-Stim System Penis Plug

Detail of the Grooves and the Hole for the Banana Plug of the E-Stim System Penis Plug

Due to the base you can let it slowly let it sink into your dick until the base hits the top of your glans and it will stay in this position. And when I say “let it sink”, I mean it! Applying more than just a little gentle force can lead to serious injuries. Better enjoy the slow stretch which offers a unique sensation. With the a normal sound your urethra stays stretched but with the Penis Plug the urethra closes a bit after the head. Thus the stretching sensation is focused on the largest diameter of the head. The feeling itself is hard to describe; you just have to try it. Of cause this “ring” is pressed the hardest against the skin so the e-stim sensation is felt strongest there.

Like last week’s sounds the Penis Plug is a monopole so you need a counter pole. Again just below the glans, around the penis root or balls are good position. But a really interesting spot is around the part of the penis where the urethra is stretched the most. Subjectively the stimulation felt most intense there.

Since you stick the Penis Plug into your urethra just like a sound the same safety rules apply. So I copy and paste what I wrote last week on lube and cleaning.

The urethra is usually a sterile environment. Introducing germs or bacteria into environment can lead to very nasty and painful infections. Also the mucosa can be easily damaged. In order to address both potential problems always as a top wear disposable gloves and use ample sterile water-based lube. Never use silicone or fat based lube to insert anything into your dick. With normal water-based lube you can be lucky and but I wouldn’t take the chance. There are two types of sterile lube packaging: There are tubes (most commonly know is K-Y lube) which basically as soon as you open then there is the potential of contamination. But still they are better than any “normal” water-based lube. And there are sachets which you can get in medical supply stores e.g. for laying a catheter. One sachet will be more than enough lube than you will need but still: NEVER seal a sachet. Leftovers get disposed! There is a third form of lube: Medical numbing gel mostly containing Lidocaine. It is also sterile and will numb the mucosa. While this makes the sensation of the insertion easier to bear it also prevents you from feeling if anything is wrong so I would not recommend it.

After you have used the sounds clean the lube off in hot soap water and dry them off properly. Than spray them with a sanitizer. In order to be really sure that no harmful organism survived I pull the sound through a lighter torch. Be careful when doing this: First, dry off all sanitizers. Most of them use alcohol and alcohol and fire can lead to nasty surprises. Second, being made out of metal the heat gets disturbed quickly. Don’t burn your fingers.

Conclusion: Well made and easier to use urethra e-stim toy with a unique insertion sensation  
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very well made E-Stim System £34.99
Stays in one place once sunken in
Easy to clean
Cable not soldered onto it


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