E-Stim System Torpedo Large

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The E-Stim System Torpedo Lage

The E-Stim System Torpedo Lage

I have reviewed three other electrodes of the premium collection from E-Stim system 1 ½ years ago. When I was in Munich three weeks ago I stumbled about this electrode and got a good deal on it so I’ve bought it. But since there are some important difference to the electrodes I have reviewed the last time and since anal plugs are an important e-stim toy I am writing another review about this great toy.


In the last year they have changed nothing on the great build quality: The head and base are made out of aluminum, the screw connecting the top and the bottom is stainless steel and the plastic is quite sturdy. They are so convinced by their build quality that they give you a live long quality and having been using these kind of electrodes extensively for over 2 years I have to agree. Even the plastic hasn’t aged yet I there is a drop of bitterness with the combination of the aluminum head and the stainless steel screw: Since the screw is harder than the material the thread is cut into, if you tighten the screw too tight too often the thread will get a bit dull. But I guess if you send the electrode in, the thread can be easily cut again.

Speaking of screw and thread, for easy cleaning this toy is made out of five individual pieces: Through the base a hole is drilled. Into this hole a plastic insulator is put through which a screw is put. Onto this screw you put another piece of plastic which forms the neck and ontop you screw the head of the electrode. Into the base and the connecting threat holes for 4mm banana plugs are drilled. The holes are far enough apart for using low profile plugs so you can comfortably sit on this plug.

The Electrode Disassambled into its Five Parts

The Electrode Disassambled into its Five Parts

Both head and base had a diameter of 5cm, the neck with 2.5cm is only half that thick. The total length of the toy is 13.5cm with an insertable length about 10cm. The electrode weighs 555g.

The stainless steel surfaces comes in a standard brushed finish which gives it a very sleek, modern and sleek appearance. When you order the electrodes directly from E-Stim’s website you can also order all electrodes in a polished version for a 10% premium. It is hard for me to recommend a surface treatment: As a jeweler sales assistant I know that a polished surface won’t show scratches as easily as a brushed one (If you are interested to know why, send me an e-mail), but personally I prefer the look of the brushed stainless steel. And if you are not ordering your toys directly from their website you will most likely only have the option of getting the brushed finishes.

Another neat thing is that the toy comes in a nifty and stylish black box that can be adjusted length-wise. So if you don’t store your e-stim toys in them but display them proudly you can store other stuff like clamps in there. I use one of the larger boxes for band-aids and a friend of mine a thinner one for sounds.

Detail of a connection with a 4mm Banana Plug Cable

Detail of a connection with a 4mm Banana Plug Cable

Playing with the toy

The first part of this section is a slightly enhanced copy and paste from the old review because I have little to add to this.

First an advice how to read this section: I will only discuss how the physical properties influence the sensation. The sensation itself depends very much on your e-stim box and the program you select.

When choosing the right electrode before play there are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. The Material: Unlike other soft materials like vinyl or silicone most anal toys are made out off stainless steel will not yield! So if you can barely fit a 38mm vinyl plug into your ass taking the Magnum Medium for example will at least take some training.
  2. The Handling: A lot of people put condoms over their anal toys when switching partners. The condom’s latex layer will at best alter the way the current flows thus might produce unwanted effects, at worst no current will flow at all. But because the metal is easily cleaned and disinfected this isn’t a big issue if you clean your toy thoroughly after using it on one partner. The best way of cleaning this toy is to disassemble it, put it into hot water with a bit of detergent added to it. Scrub the parts with a soft brush, rinse the water off and let the parts dry. Once they are, spray your favorite disinfection spray on them and assamble them again once dried.
  3. The Lubrication: When it comes to lube I would always recommend water-based lube. The glycerin in the lube will help the current flow from the metal to the skin. A thick layer of silicone lube can produced unwanted effect.
    There are specialized electro lubes out there but in my opinion they are overrated. For my sessions I use Swiss Navy water based lube. It keeps it gliding properties for a long period of time and transmits current very well.

As written here the larger the mass and contact area of the electrode the smoother the sensation. Since this is the heaviest and larges anal bi-pole I own as expected the sensation was silky smooth. But unlike the other electrodes the mass difference between the base and the head is so large that the sensation is nearly only felt at the base. It was a weird, hard to describe feeling putting the stroke program on. Usually this created a fucking sensation. This time… it was not bad just different than expacted.

The Black Packaging the Toy comes in

The Black Packaging the Toy comes in

Due to the size of this plug and the fact that metal doesn’t give in unlike most other material used for making anal toys I recommend this toy only to people with well-trained holes. Since the head is dull on top this electrode won’t enter as easily as a Magnum, yet the solid connection between base and head the toy can be pushed in quite easily. Being over half a kilogram heavy, keep in mind that gravity has quite some grip on this toy when walking around. So if your ass is trained too well there is some danger for your precious hardwood floor. But the size and weight makes this toy also interesting just as an anal toy without any stimulation. There is no give in the toy and the connection so when you move around this heavy toy will be noticed hitting your prostate.

Of cause you can also use the electrode also as a monopole. Just plug one banana plug into the anal electrode and the other one onto another electrode, a pin wheel or a rubber loop for example.

Conslusion: High quality anal bi-pole for anal experienced bottoms
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very smooth sensation Material combination can dull screw thread E-Stim System £79
Outstanding build quality and materials
Easy to clean
Lifetime guarantee


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