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Vendor: E-Stim System & Mr S

The E-Stim System UltraSound Range in the Versions Smooth, Dipstick and Micro

The E-Stim System UltraSound Range in the Versions Smooth, Dipstick and Micro

Today I am reviewing three different versions of the E-Stim System UltraSounds which they send me for the E-Stim Special. While they all have their own design properties they work the same when playing with them.


All UltraSounds are made out of medical grade stainless steel with a polished surface. Their tip is tapered for easy insertion. On the other end there is a hole for a 4mm banana plug and four deep grooves to ensure safe grip even with sweaty fingers.

The smooth range comes in to lengths: The Micro range sounds which are 75mm long and the standard range is 175mm long. In this length you can also have the Dipstick finish. Then there are grooves on the body every 20mm which let you see how deep the sound has already been inserted and they add a bit of stimulation. All three ranges came in diameters of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Each sound comes in a nice black plastic tube which is great for storing them and a manual. The sounds are covered by E-Stim System’s Lifetime Guarantee though I can’t imagine how you could ever break one of these.

Detail of the Tapared Tips of the E-Stim System UltraSounds

Detail of the Tapared Tips of the E-Stim System UltraSounds

Playing with it

Inserting a sound into somebody’s body as a very hot and intimate form of play. Usually nothing is supposed to enter this part of the body the nerve endings in the urethra are quite sensitive. In order not to injure the delicate area don’t apply to much force when pushing the sound down. Like the second anal sphincter the ability to voluntarily open it up is quite limited so tease and seduce it top open and don’t force it. Because of that, start out with a small sound and if you want to train your dick to take larger ones. The sensation itself is hard to describe. Just try it out. Of cause the “rough” grooves of the Dipstick make it extra interesting by adding a new source of stimulation. Part of the fun is also the mindfuck of knowing and potentially seeing hard steel sinking into you dick. It is a great headspace of vulnerability because the top is in control of one of your most sensitive body areas. That being said the E-Stim System UltraSounds are good sounds just for sounding. With the tapered tip they make their way into the dick with ease.

Detail of the Jacket for a 4mm Banana Plug and the Grooves for better Grip on the E-Stim System UltraSounds

Detail of the Jacket for a 4mm Banana Plug and the Grooves for better Grip on the E-Stim System UltraSounds

The real fun starts however when you add the e-stim sensation. Having relatively little mass and contact area in a body area with many nerve endings little intensity is required to produce intense sensations. The contact area is where you can really start to play: Push in the sound a bit deeper to make the sensation less intense, pull it out to make it stronger. This can lead to a hot trade-off game: Deeper (= more uncomfortable sound wise) vs. more intense e-stim sensation. That being said ALWAYS turn your box off when you pull the sound out because the sensation can quickly become excruciating when the contact area is getting smaller. This is especially important when you play with yourself: Once you pull the sound out and you are holding it with your bare fingers there currency will flow through your body (and potentially your heart!) between the counter pole and the tip of the sound you are holing.

As already implied: The e-Stim sounds are all monopoles so you need another pole to create an e-stim sensation. The placing of the pole influences the sensation as bit. If you use a conductive silicone loop around the glans the currency will run up the shaft stimulating the nerve endings on the back of the dick. For a little bit less intense stimulation tie the loop around the base of the dick or the balls. I would not recommend too much distance between the two poles. The longer the distance the greater the chance of running out of cable, involuntarily yanking at it which can lead to unpleasant abrupt movements.

Detail of the Grooves of the E-Stim System UltraSound Dipstick Range

Detail of the Grooves of the E-Stim System UltraSound Dipstick Range

To use sounds  properly and securely you have to stick to a few rules. The urethra is usually a sterile environment. Introducing germs or bacteria into environment can lead to very nasty and painful infections. Also the mucosa can be easily damaged. In order to address both potential problems always as a top wear disposable gloves and use ample sterile water-based lube. Never use silicone or fat based lube to insert anything into your dick. With normal water-based lube you can be lucky and but I wouldn’t take the chance. There are two types of sterile lube packaging: There are tubes (most commonly know is K-Y lube) which basically as soon as you open then there is the potential of contamination. But still they are better than any “normal” water-based lube. And there are sachets which you can get in medical supply stores e.g. for laying a catheter. One sachet will be more than enough lube than you will need but still: NEVER seal a sachet. Leftovers get disposed! There is a third form of lube: Medical numbing gel mostly containing Lidocaine. It is also sterile and will numb the mucosa. While this makes the sensation of the insertion easier to bear it also prevents you from feeling if anything is wrong so I would not recommend it.

After you have used the sounds clean the lube off in hot soap water and dry them off properly. Than spray them with a sanitizer. In order to be really sure that no harmful organism survived I pull the sound through a lighter torch. Be careful when doing this: First, dry off all sanitizers. Most of them use alcohol and alcohol and fire can lead to nasty surprises. Second, being made out of metal the heat gets disturbed quickly. Don’t burn your fingers.

Conclusion: Well made e-stim sounds with lots of options.  
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Very well made E-Stim System UltraSound Smooth £34 – £40
Cable not soldered onto them
E-Stim System UltraSound Dipstick

Mr S Leather

£36 – £42

$56.95 – $62.95

E-Stim System UltraSound Micro £29 – £32
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