E-Stim Systems Monopole Pinwheel

Vendor: E-Stim Systems


PinWheelOverviewAs the namen already states the toy is a standard pinwheel with added e-stim functionality. For connection to your e-stim box a 4mm banana jack is solidly soldered onto the top. A shrinking hose has been put over the body of the wheel so you can safely grip it.

Being a monopole you need another pole on the subs body. Most of the time I use a conducting silicone loop.

Playing with it

As always when playing with electricity a word of warning: Currency mustn’t run through the heart! It can be fatal!

Detail of the Pin Wheel

Detail of the Pinwheel

I recommend putting the other pole on the end of the limbs (fingers or toes). Do not cross the waist or the shoulders of the arm you attached the other pole to with the pinwheel!

I have bought this toy with my first order of e-stim toys for my ET232 so I had little experience how e-stim works and how the electrode design affects the sensation. I hoped for a toy that with little currency flowing would lightly tickle and with more currency flowing it would become a torture device. I only got the latter. I have tried all programs programs on different boxes (so far Erostek ET232 and ET302R and Rimba Digital 4 Channel Box) and I have found it hard to create a non-painful sensation on body areas with a high nerve count. And even elsewhere most of the time the sensation is sharp stinging pain which can be agonizing with higher currencies.

The 4mm Socket for Banana Plugs

The 4mm Socket for Banana Plugs

At first I was disappointed by the toy but then I realized the toy’s potential. When a sub sees a pinwheel he mostly expects the sharp pins to sting but it is more a tickling and teasing sensation (after all the pinwheel is a medical device made for neurologists). In combination with an e-stim box the monopole pinwheel lives up to its reputation. With a little practice you can create a continuum between giggling and screaming just by turning the currency up a bit and down again.

Conslusion: Basic toy with nasty added functionality
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Nearly only stingy sensation possible E-Stim Systems £26
Extremely painful on small area
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