Fetters Handlock

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Always on the lookout for toys you can’t find everywhere I was very glad that Fetters send me this toy as a review sample to end the heavy bondage special.

Front of the Fetters Handlock

Front of the Fetters Handlock


The basis of this toy is an approx. 8cm wide and 40cm long sector shaped piece of latigo leather. At both ends of this piece a long latigo leather belt strap is riveted that runs along the back side and reenters the front side through two holes rectangular holes. Between these holes on the top, bottom and onto the middle of the front a d-ring is riveted. The two straps are secured through a pair of roller buckles with locking posts behind them. Between the buckles and the locking posts there is an additional d-ring. The back of the this restraint is lined with soft and thick leather padding that is way longer than the latigo body. So when the joints are fettered using the straps they are surrounded by padding.

Left Smallest and Right Largest possible Cuff Size of the Fetters Hand Lock

Left Smallest and Right Largest possible Cuff Size of the Fetters Hand Lock

Finally a word on the build quality: Like all Fetters toys I have had the honor of playing with so far the manufacturing of this toy is flawless. The stitching is meticulous, the rivets are perfectly in place, the d-rings and straps feel solid and the toy has an overall feeling of high quality to it –if it wasn’t for the holes for the strap. When I first got this toy I was surprised that there you could see foam at the backside along the edges of the holes. Of cause the holes are surrounded by a seam so there is no chance that they padding of leather will fray or tear. Yet such a minor imperfection I usually would not make a deal out of stands out of such perfection. So I got in touch with the guys and Fetters and asked for the reason. It turns out to get the holes in just the right angle and position they are punched through once the padding is added to the body. There is no other way to do it but through my input they are looking at ways to make the holes maybe look a bit nicer. Since they gave good reason why the toy is the way it is I won’t hold the design against them. Just don’t be surprised if you see some padding foam. Everything is perfectly ok.

Playing with it

As the name of this toy says it is made to lock both hands together. It basically works like a wide, comfortable handcuff. In order to really keep the sub from freeing himself you have to lock the straps in place. For this the max hole in the belt you can use it the 7th. While this might sound quite a lot of length you are losing I have yet to find a wrist that would not fit in this setting.

Detail of the Locking Post and the D-Ring next to the Roller Buckles

Detail of the Locking Post and the D-Ring next to the Roller Buckles

Once attached to the sub the bondage possibilities are nearly endless. With a total of five d-rings you can spin elaborate webs in a bondage frame. Through the padding this restraint is very comfortable to be worn over extended periods of time, even in rather uncomfortable positions. I have used this restraint to tie the hands behind the back or above the head while playing with wax, e-stim and on the nipples of the sub. This created quite the reacting but despite moving heavily and pulling on the restraint he didn’t slip out of it or felt uncomfortable. Of cause, this design is not made for suspending the entire body weight from them! This comfort can also be used to recreate one of the most iconic bondage positions: The hogtie. Simply connect the handlock to a pair of ankle restraints and let the sub slowly get uncomfortable. I would recommend using the top d-ring for that because than the force pulls in direction of the hands which is more comfortable than a perpendicular force. You might have seen my pictures of the impro straitjacket restraint setup I posted on Tumblr. This handlock can replace the feet restrain which keeps the arm together in front of the belly.

When a sub is bound using these restraints I would recommend him to fold the hands. It makes the restraints more secure and more comfortable. And is a hot look! Attach the restraints to a collar using a padlock so he can’t free himself and he at least looks that he is worshipping you.

Despite the name of this toy you can also use it as an ankle restraint – if the ankles aren’t too big. There is some foot movement possible through turning the leg inside the lock. Yet a fettered sub won’t go anywhere too soon. Naturally you are using the far end of the strap for that so you won’t be able to use the locking post. But this should not stop you to incorporate this toy in a bondage setup, p.e. as a foot restraint for a hogtie or when tying the sub in a latin cross position keeping his feet neatly together.

Conslusion: Unique and well made piece of bondage gear.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable over extended periods of time Locking posts could be closer to the buckle Regulation £109.95
Many different bondage possibilities
Very well made
5 D-rings
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