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Four weeks ago I was introduced to flogging. And honestly: I have never thought that after a really bad spanking experience last spring I could ever enjoy being hit by a top again. But, boy! What… not fun but deep spiritual headspace experience I had. Haven’t felt so deeply and intimately connected to a master in a long time and am already looking forward to enhance this experience.

Anyway you should know me well enough by now that I am like a little boy who envies the other boys’ toys. Also: I like to have good toys which I know at hand when the right master is close by. So suddenly without expecting it, I am into the market for flogger (My wallet is already weeping. Maybe I should ask Mr S in San Francisco to ban me from entering the store when getting to SF in May to prevent me from ruining myself). Being a quality maniac who also appreciates craftsmanship I spent the new gained freedom after my last midterm tonight to search the web for companies who’s website made the impression that they make good flogger. And I have to admit: I am a bit overwhelmed. Flogger.com offers not less than 16 different hides plus rubber and metal as tail materials. Add to this all the different styles handles can be woven, tail width and length and color options, for the first time in my activity in the kinky scene I am clueless what I want. Sadly all companies I have found operate on the internet only and still having limited insight in what I like and need from a flogger I don’t really feel comfortable ordering them only. And since I won’t be in town for IML (I earn the money to buy flogger while the event processes) there is very little chance to try some models. So it will be interesting to see how, what and how many first flogger I will get. Look already forward to review my first flogger for you.

P.S.: My birthday is coming up in 11 days. So if you are still looking for a gift, I would appreciate a flogger 😉

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