Form: Dildo
Material: Platinum Silicone
Colors: Whatever you can imagine
Firmness: From Soft  to Very Firm
Lube: Water, Oil
Cleaning: Soaking in warm water with dish-soap than use sanitizer.
Safer Sex: Clean and sanitize it thoroughly
Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place not touching other toys to prevent damage.

The Organotoy Large GeometriX

Vendor: Organotoy


The name of the GeometriX originates in its most striking design feature: While almost all other anal toys have round, flowing lines, the GeometriX is a combination of geometrically segmented flat surfaces and edges. This design idea is superimposed on a human dildo and you get this unique toy. It starts out with a massive pointy glans. After significant glans drip leads to slightly tapering shaft which is “textured” by lateral ridges and a “ventral” groove. The bottom and base are two big testicles which guarantee a secure stand.

The Balls and „Ventral“ Groove of the GeometriX

When shipping anal toys internationally, their custom declaration is often “Silicone sculpture”. This is more than true for the GeometriX which is a real design object. The toy gives me a distinct pop-art vibe. Because of this I chose the glow in the dark blue and magenta marble – complementary colors to really make it pop! But being made by Organotoy you can get every color and pattern you want up to even highest quality custom airbrush designs.

Firmness-wise the range of customization options is also very wide. It starts at very soft and squishy Shore 00-30 and ends at almost metal-like Shore A30. Since GeometriX is a bit head-heavy every firmness softer than A5 is too soft for the toy to stand up.

A final customization option is adding a vac-u-lock hole to the base for 10€. This way you can attach the GeometriX to a fuck machine or make it more nimble with a vac-u-lock handle. Though due to the handy balls, this is not necessary. Simply put your thumb into the vac-u-lock hole, grab the balls with the rest of your fingers and you can comfortably and vigorously fuck the bottom lying in the sling in front of you.

GeometriX Jagged Glans

Playing with GeometriX

I often say that a toy is not for beginners because the texture makes it hard to smoothly slide through the sphincter and gradually open it up. This applies for the GeometriX very much. Despite the “pointy” glans the flat surfaces and ridges can easily jam in skin folds. So to easily take this toy, you really have to be loose.

On the other hand, the GeometriX is a toy so subtle play. It does not really feature texture like deep ridges, grooves or bumps. You need to focus a bit to feel the many edges stimulating the nerve endings by twisting and turning. Since except the glans all texture runs lateral it needs this movement to unleash the full potential.  With a bit of training you can target the prostate with the deep and steep glans drop but for males it not a good solo toy. It needs someone sitting in front of you to plow your hole with it.

If you have this person, the GeometriX is an interesting, unique toy. The subtle stimulation will makes the anus tense up and thus increase the friction, causing more tenseness and thus again higher stimulation levels. Add to that a glans that not easily goes in and out and you have a devious toy for mid to end scene hole torment. This is not toy like the GeometriX on the market and its stimulation is really unique. Even well lubed, the turning feels like a stutter inside your anus. It is like nothing I have felt before. You really have to engage with it but if you are a texture junkie who likes rougher play and are open for something new and never felt before, give GeometriX a chance!

GeometriX Bottom with Vac-U-Lock Hole

So much for the anus and especially prostate owners. Like all my toys I have given the GeometriX so a couple of front hole owners – and they were thrilled! Yes, again it needs practice to take this toy. But due to the location of the access point they could easily fuck themselves with GeometriX while twisting and turning it. Deep thrusts lead to “cervix stimulation never felt before, somewhere between ‘Please, stop NOW!’ and ‘Please, never stop!’” by the jagged glans. My front hole play experience is very limited to a few sessions with FtM friends so I take my testees’ word that if you vagina, front hole, bussy or whatever you like to call your non-penile sex organ, GeometriX is also for this orifice a uniquely stimulating toy.

Where to buy?

Like all Organotoy products the GeometriX is sold exclusively at their website. Other the high degree of customization would not be possible. The price start at for a simple single color Small one at 35.96€ and the Large starts at 86.96€. Naturally depending on your color, firmness and accessory

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