SlingKing Extender Ball Stretcher

Vendor: SlingKing


The stretcher is made out of two layers of very soft yet sturdy leather so you have the soft hide on the inside and the outside. The two layers are stitched and probably also glued together.

When folded out flat this stretcher has the silhouette of a cartoon dog bone. The patches at both ends are 6,7cm by 4,3cm and feature two rows of three tight snap fasteners. On the connecting stretch of leather is a small moveable D ring mounted under a stripe of leather which is hold in place by two riveting. The stretch is approx. 4cm wide.

The stretcher has a diameter of 3cm and 4,5cm depending on if you choose to use only the outer three or the six snap fasteners. When using all six the stretcher becomes sturdier.

Playing with it

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the wider adjustment

You can use this stretcher in two ways: With the snap fasteners in front or on the back. Both positions have their own thrill. When you put them up front the stretch is much more intense due to length of 6,7cm. When you put the fasteners on the back you will “only” stretch your balls 4cm but the snapper part will massage the perineum of the sub and will also push his balls a bit in front and give them support which is nice for a good beating. A nice touch is the small D ring which you can use to put weights on it or tie the stretcher onto something or do whatever your perverted fantasy inspires you to.

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

The ball stretcher closed in the smaller adjustment

Since this is one of the few stretcher I have come across with two layers of leather it is very comfortable to wear even over longer periods of time.

The only real problem with this toy is also one of the great benefits: The very tight snap fasteners. It can be very hard to get them fastened and getting them off quickly in a case of emergency is nearly impossible.

Where to get this toy?

The big question with this great toy is: Where to get it? From the quality and way it is constructed I believe the Fetters in London has made it. But I couldn’t find it in their online shop and they haven’t answered my e-mail yet. So if you know who once made this toy, please contact me.

Update 2/14/2014: I have found this ball stretcher at SlingKing.

Conslusion: The greatest ball stretcher I have had in my hands yet
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Great quality leather A bit too tight snap fasteners SlingKing (Manufacturer) 14,95€


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