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HML E-StretcherThe stretcher is made out of one piece of soft leather. The twist with this simple construction is that the leather is folded so despite the one-piece-construction the edge is nicely piping like rounded. In combination with the soft leather it makes this stretcher extremely comfortable to wear. For added stretch strength there is a seam running around the leather making the construction a bit stiffer.

The Stretcher has a diameter of 3,7cm.

The Stretcher has a diameter of 3,7cm.

The stretcher is 4cm wide and has only one diameter setting of 3,7cm which should fit most balls. Sewed onto the body is a 2cm wide separator which can be adjusted to two length with snap buttons: 8cm length and 2,4cm space between the rim of the stretcher and the separator strap and 9,5cm length with 3,3cm. That makes it a bit larger than the Mr S stretcher I reviewed in February. So if you have big ball, take a look at this stretcher. Like the Mr S stretcher there is a welded steel D-ring mounted onto the separator which is hold in place by two rivets. Sadly the rivets are quite close together so the D-ring won’t be in the middle when you adjust the separator to the larger size. I have already talked to the guys at HML they are making a new version of this stretcher with two diameter settings and more space for the D-ring. If you want this version right now, just write it into the comments when you order this toy.

Detail of the welded D-ring

Detail of the welded D-ring

The pièce de résistance of this toy are the two electrodes for 4mm banana plugs mounted on the separator strap. Because they are separate you don’t need another pole to use them.

Playing with it

I can’t say much more about this ball stretcher than I said about the Mr S stretcher in February: It is very comfortable to wear and has true long term potential. And because the D-ring is welded unlike the Mr S stretcher you can even engage in rougher play with this stretcher than the Mr S one.

Detail of one of the two poles for 4mm banana plugs

Detail of one of the two poles for 4mm banana plugs

As said above what set this stretcher apart are the two poles. They are 4mm sockets mounted between the two parts of a rivet so they have very little mass. Thus even with a low setting on your box you can induce quite a strong and sharp sensation. Turning the power up will soon lead to agony. Most subs than start to wiggle trying to get the stretcher off – which makes anything you attached onto the D-ring extra effective. Because the poles are placed at the middle of the separator strap you can even put silicone loops around the separated balls for really fried eggs.

Conslusion: Great ball stretcher with a lots of play possibilities
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear for a long time Only come on one width & diameter HML (Manufacturer) 24,90€
Welded D-Ring
Two poles for e-stim
Good value for money


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