HML Fetish Isolation Hood

The HML Fetish Leather Isolation Hood

The HML Fetish Leather Isolation Hood

Vendor: HML Fetish

This hood is another toy I discovered when visiting HML Fetish last December. I already had the Heavy Bondage Special in mind back than so the guys sent me this hood as a review sample earlier this year. Since making pictures of a hood without person to wear it, all pics in this article were made while I tried out the hood for the first time.


This HML Fetish Isolation Hood is made out of soft black high quality leather. Every part of the hood is lined with leather so it has quite some weight and smells intoxicatingly good off leather. The hood’s basic design is a double face hood. There are zippers in the front and in the back. The back zipper covers a lacing possibility with a leather strap which is used to bound the sub tightly into the hood. Behind the front zipper lies the face hood which has a cut out for the mouth and a piece of leather that covers the nasal wings. The eyes are closed on this hood. What sets this hood apart from other double face hoods are the thick pieces of padding over the ears.

Detail of the Double Face behind the Front Zipper

Detail of the Double Face behind the Front Zipper

I have gotten the size M which measures roughly 34cm by 32cm. Depending on your forehead circumference and the amount of hair that has to fit under the hood HML offers sizes from S to XL.

Playing with it

This hood is a true isolation hood. The padding with its pressing sensation against the head creates an intense bondage sensation. It muffles all sounds. If you add ear plugs or headphones with white noise the sub looses it hearing all along. Since there are no cut outs for the eyes most subs remains blind when the front zipper is opened. However, depending on the nose shape and size light and glimpses of the scene can get past the nose. I am already discussing with HML how to address this issue. Because if the sub can’t see anything this hood is great for humiliation play. Leave him stored as a leather gimp and only open the hood to use his mouth for licking, sucking or pissing into him. Of cause while stored he will inhale the intense scent of high quality leather.

Detail of the Lacing Behind the Rear Zipper

Detail of the Lacing Behind the Rear Zipper

One of the most interesting scenes I had with this hood was stripping the sub naked and just putting this hood on. If you take away the sight and hearing of a sub he will probably get more and more disorientate over time. I would not recommend letting the sub stand unguarded for an extended period of time wearing this hood. If the area the sub is standing is obstacle free you can of cause turn this intensifying feeling into a game: Walk around him, tell him to walk towards you, smacking him with a riding crop from various positions and see him struggle.

Finally a word on the material: Last week I talked about a neoprene hood and said that you can put a cotton pad with poppers under the front zipper. With this leather hood, I would not recommend it! Poppers is a rather aggressive substance and it will damage the leather. If you want to get your sub high on this substance stick a gas mask hose between the two front zipper’s runners.

Conslusion: Very well made intense isolation hood with double face feature
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Heavy hood creating an intense bondage and isolation experience… … if the nose isn’t too small HML Fetish 495€
Very well made out of high quality leather
All over lined with leather.
Thightness can be varied through the lacing
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