HML Velcro Leather Hand Restraints

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The HML Velcro Leather Restraints with a Welded Stainless Steel D-Ring

The HML Velcro Leather Restraints with a Welded Stainless Steel D-Ring

I have gotten this pair of wrist restraints from the guys from HML to give them feedback on their latest design.

The wrist restraints are made in the same fashion like their electro ball stretcher being made out of one piece of high quality cow nappa leather folded towards the middle thus there are no sharp edges on the sides. What sets this bondage toy aside from other restraints is the workmanship and the closing mechanism: Instead of a buckle they have a 15mm and wide strap of industry grade Velcro sowed onto a 30mm wide leather strap. The piece of male Velcro is 100mm long while the female is 150mm long. Also besides the welded stainless steel D-ring there is not metal used to make these restraints. A tight and very precise stitching ensures sturdiness and reliability even when playing hard.

Detail of the Male and Female Velcro Straps

Detail of the Male and Female Velcro Straps

Due to the compact closing mechanism and the width of approx. 52mm they are very compact so they even fit in tight toy containers. They come with a 70mm long and 6mm thick steel chain hook which is a nice touch.

StitchingPlaying with it

I have seen a number of leather restraints with Velcro as a closing mechanism. The Velcro is often used as an inexpensive closing mechanism on entry-level restraints. And while this model is also the entry model of the HML restraint range they feel very sturdy thus performing very well in fettering a sub. In fact the piece de resistance of this bondage device is the closing mechanism: It is the nature of Velcro that is can be adjusted very precisely leading to a very tight bondage feeling for the fettering aficionado. On the other side of the experience spectrum I made very good experiences using this toy on a bit scared subs who are new to this kind of play. In their mind just pulling on the Velcro strap to open them is a quicker and easier way to get them out compare to having to open a buckle. An aesthetic problem that doesn’t affect the play is that there is no loop to hold the loose end of the strap.

DiameterTrust is also something the top has to develop towards this toy. When the sub struggles in these restraints the Velcro makes creaking noises and on several occasions I fear that they would open up. But even when playing with a strong ex-military sub they withstand the fight against them.

In order to keep them from accidently opening during a scene I would advise to always use the entire length of the male strap leading to a minimum diameter of 50mm and a maximum diameter of 68mm. So these restraints fit small to larger wrists. They even fit small ankles but are not really made for this restraining situation. Maybe HML can make ankle restraints by commission. But HML carriers a matching collar either with a D-ring or an O-ring.

Conslusion: The best restraints for over-head suspension I know and a great substitute for wrist cuffs
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Easy handling No ankle restraints available HML 49,90€
Precisely adjustable A bit too small diameter range
Welded D-ring


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