How Mister B brightened my week

As a marketing person I have been taught to never start a message with a negative statement. But today I somehow can’t do anything else: My week has been shitty so far. On Monday I fell down some stairs on campus and have to walk on crutches. Holding on crutches while standing in a crowded metro probably made me an easy victim because in such a place my smartphone and a set of expensive and very dear to me pens were stolen out of my pocket on Wednesday.

Mister B Medical Padded Leather CollarDespite the theft I went to Demask with a friend of mine in order to look for a collar for him. He decided to go for a custom black version of the Mister B Medical Padded Leather Collar because he wanted a locking buckle. When leaving the shop I saw the Mister B beanie hanging behind the counter. I wasn’t really in the mood for any further browsing even though I need a new one so I didn’t ask for the price.

Mister B Boot BagMister B Gym Sack used as Sneaker BagToday I went on Mister B’s website and discovered they have updated their entire signature line. For some time I have been using two of their gym sacks for keeping sneakers or dildos together in my suitcase or as a light and small bag for an essential selection of toys to carry around in clubs. I tried carrying around boots in them twice. Sadly they are not big enough for 20 hole rangers and the rivets aren’t really designed to hold such weight. Mister B Gym Sack used as Dildo BagSo with great delight I found out that Mister B now has a dedicated boot bag. I haven’t any measurements and they won’t arrive at Demask until next week but I from the pictures I believe that the bag can hold a pair of cross boots or two pairs of 20 hole rangers. I will update this page next week when I have taken a look at the bag itself.

Mister B Messenger BagBasically the same thing applies for their new messenger bag. For some time I have been looking for a smaller alternative to my large ones when I just need to carry around a tablet, a sketch book and a bottle of water. It looks rather small so I am not sure if it will hold everything I need but I am definitely excited about a kinky branded bag.

Shirt BackFinally I probably have just been blind but did Mister B update their shirt line? I’ve never seen someone wearing it with a large logo on the back. I am a big fan of shirts with prints on the back. Might just put a size L in black on my birthday list.





For those who are wondering when the next review will be up, I am thinking about Sunday and I am thinking about to review my three bipolar electrodes from E-Stim Systems.

E Stim Electrodes

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