How to Upgrade your FM12 to work with the VAST Breathing System

Important Security Information

As hot and horny breath play is, NEVER DO IT ALONE OR BY YOURSELF! Every year we lose several members of the kink community to self-breathplay. No matter how much you think you have figured out the safety and falls backs, the is always a slight and sadly often lethal chance of it failing.

This especially applies to playing with inhalants like poppers or N2O/ laughing gas.

If you are curious about breath play, look for experienced partners to introduce you to this kink and its intricacies. Please just never do it alone!

Ever since I introduced the VAST Breathing System here and showed the Upgrade Kit in the Unboxing, I was asked how to modify an existing AVON gas mask. It took my some time to secure another AVON gas mask because I did not want to mess with one of my old ones. For photo, play and collection purposes I wanted to keep them in their original state.

A couple of weeks ago I have bought an AVON FM12 at UK eBay and had a friend bring it over into the EU personally. I would not recommend shipping a gas mask from the UK into the EU because they can be considered armaments. This can get you into serious troubles.

In this article I show how to upgrade an FM12. But it should basically work the same way with an S10. For good measure I also show at the end how to switch the net to the VAST Head Harness made out of superior latex.

Please do not be puzzled if the pics sometimes show modifications I will explain later in the article. In the process I made some dumb decision and figured out that it would make sense to do other steps first. So the steps and pics now come in the best order in my opinion.

Important: In order to work with the VAST Breathing System – like with the Rebreather – there as to be a unidirectional airflow inside the mask.  So DON NOT REMOVE THE ONEWAY VALVE on the intake port! This is a major different to modifying your gas mask for directly attaching rebreathing bags!

You start with removing the cover of the air intake.

Then remove the net from the back so you can easily access everything inside the mask.

Next, carefully take the drinking tube and then the respirator mask off.

On top of the air intake unit runs a metal ring. Carefully remove this ring with the provided too. Be extremely careful because when you slip you can damage the rubber. Small dents close to the opening are not an issue because the hardware you will put in is a bit large and thus will cover the area.

Once you have removed the ring, you can now take the entire unit out.

Now you have to remove the speaking valve by removing the ring around it on the inside. This is best done with long-nose pliers. If you want retrofit your gas mask later, be careful not to damage the ring. I managed to break it. Again, be careful not to damage the rubber.

To prepare the gas mask for the mounting insert, warm the rubber around it with a hair dryer in order to make the material more flexible.

In order to fit the mounting insert, put the female thread through the front hole, hold the male threaded part at the back and turn the female part until it fits snuggly.

Repeat the same steps starting with heating the area around the hole for the exhalation valve. Make sure that the GM40 port is on the outside. This step is a bit cumbersome because it is quite cramped inside the mask. Now your AVON gas mask is ready for play with the VAST Breathing System – once you have attached the net at the back again.

Alternatively you can replace the net with the VAST’s Head Harness for AVON gas masks. It is made out of their aramid-reinforced Superior Latex and comes in standard and locking variety. For addition fail safe reasons, I chose the non-locking version.

To install the harness, thread the straps through the loops where usually the straps of the next go…

… and secure them using the screw-down rivets. Depending if you prefer a sleeker or more industrial look, put the recess on the inside or outside.

Now the FM12 is fully upgraded and ready to play.

How the additional components of the set perform and why Flashlight has labia instead ass lips is a story for another day and review.

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