McHurt Ihsan Boot Restraints

Vendor: McHurt

Restraints put around a boot

Restraints put around a boot

First Impression and construction

Basically they are the same as the hand and ankle Ihsan restrains I reviewed here.

Playing with it

The main difference when playing is that they are not only longer but have a fold which makes them as long as the normal hand restraints storage wise. Also this fold makes them easier to handle and put on a sub. That is if the sub has a very thick ankle or is wearing boots, otherwise the restraint is way too loose. But even if you don’t play with boot wearing subs, they can serve as a collar substitute.

Restraints folded together for easier transportation

Restraints folded together for easier transportation

Conslusion: Useful addition to every restrain set when playing with booted subs
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Fairly cheap Hole distance to wide for tight bondage McHurt  (Manufacturer) 64,50€


Thick padding Piping can lead to unwanted injuries
Good overall quality
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