Keepburning Black Hole Tunnel Medium

Vendor: Keepburning


The Two Color Option: Clear and Black

The Two Color Option: Clear and Black

First things first: Keepburning provided me with this toy for reviewing purposes.

The design of this tunnel plug is simple yet clever. It starts out with a 40mm wide barrel shaped stiff piece of silicone. Its front has a diameter of 39mm increasing to a maximum diameter of 56mm and ends into a softer 43mm measuring tube that has a minimum length of 35mm. Through all this runs a tunnel with 35mm diameter. At the end is a large concave shield that prevents the plug from disappearing even into the greediest hole.

The toy is made out of TPR so I would recommend using water-based lube with it. You can get this toy either in black or clear. Since I like the classic look of black anal toys I mostly used the black one but I have heard from people that own the clear one that it discolors over time a bit.

Detail of the Shield that keeps the Plug from Disappearing

Detail of the Shield that keeps the Plug from Disappearing

Playing with it

A lot of fun was head with this tunnel plug. In general this kind of anal toy is great for humiliation scenes. Due to being made out of high grade silicone this tunnel plug can be worn for extended periods of time causing the wearer to lose control of his bowl movement. This was especially appreciated by adult baby players who the plugs help simulate the lack of sphincter control by babies. This plug also made a person very happy who likes to soil himself and wore this plug for a day under his normal cloths. Of cause this also works the other way around: You can put stuff into the sub without him being able to resist. One of the testees liked the idea of being a party urinal but can’t stand the test of piss so with this plug his colon was turned into a urinal. Beside dirty stuff the tunnel function was well appreciated at fisting parties because lube insertion was easy. If you just want this plug to keep the sphincter of your sub nicely open without any of the nasty side effects, go to your local home improvement store and buy a silicon plug in the plumbing department.

Using a Speculum for Easier Insertion

Using a Speculum for Easier Insertion

I have to admit the handling of this plug is a bit difficult: It lies in the nature of tunnel plug that the front side is dull. I recommend prestretching the sphincter up to at least 60mm diameter so that this plug slides in easily. Even though the silicone of the barrel in front is stiff another thing that made insertion easier was putting a speculum inside the tunnel which keeps it from collapsing.

The smooth surface and material properties of TPR make this toy easy to clean. I recommend first cleaning the toy in hot water and detergent, then rinse it and finally spray some disinfection agent on it. It is an annoying material property of TPR to attract dust. So even when being stores in a sealed container, I recommend washing the toys quickly under warm water before using.


Conslusion: Inexpensive yet effective tunnel plug
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Inexpensive Hard to insert Keepburning 32,90€
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
Easy to clean


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