Keepburning Hoolalass System

Overview of different anal plugs for the Hoolalass System

Overview of different anal plugs and silicone colors for the Hoolalass System

I have been interested in the concept of ass locks for quite some time. The idea of a toy stimulating my prostate or working my perineum while jerking off is tempting. Yet I found the standard version of this toy unsatisfying. Being made out of steel with a rather thin cockring on one end and a somewhat anatomical bent steel tube with a steel sphere at the end it is a robust construction. Yet the inflexibility of the material causes two problems: It is – literally – a pain in the ass to get the sphere into your sphincter or your dick through the cockring (depending with which side you start) and sadly the length and angles of the steel tube between sphere and cockring seems to fit nobody perfectly. In my opinion these were too many too grave design faults so I never bought one.

A couple of years ago Keepburning picked up the concept of the ass lock and used their experience in making silicone anal toys in order to address these issues by creating their Hoolalass System. Earlier this year they send the system over for me to review. Because I wanted a broader perspective I have bought additional anal plugs.

The Anal Lock which connects the dick to the anal plug

The Anal Lock which connects the dick to the anal plug

The System

The system consists out of two pieces: First there is the Anal Lock. It looks a bit like a wrench and is approx. 16cm long and 2cm thick. On one end is a hole with 30mm diameter, on the other side is a 40mm one. Second there is a wide selection with over 10 different anal plugs. The sizes range from a beginner friendly 35mm to an expert challenging 100mm and shapes from traditional plugs to more exotic ones like a spindle.

All toys are made out of medical grade silicone which is just the right degree of being flexible yet ridged. While the plugs’ heads are always black you can get the base and the Anal Lock either in black or in neon yellow. The material makes them easy to clean using just warm soaped water. Because the smooth surface can be quickly disinfected with spray the toys can theoretically be used with different players. Like with every silicone toy do not use silicone based lube with this toy because it will disintegrate the material!

Detail of the plug's base where the Anal Lock is put onto.

Detail of the plug’s base where the Anal Lock is put onto.

Playing With It

First you need to figure out which hole of the Anal Lock is the right size for your package. Due to the material being flexible one of them will fit most dick sizes. Both my S and XXL testees found the cockrings comfortable yet secure to wear for an extended period of time. After you have figured that out choose one of the plugs and put the base through the not fitting ring. Then you need to try out what is easier for you: First inserting the plug and then put the cockring around your junk (my preference) or the other way round. Since the Anal Lock and the cockring are flexible the anal lock has enough tension at the right places yet is not too long or small in order to make it comfortable.

So why should you go through this a bit complicated process? Once you start jerking off or fucking the movement momentum of your dick is transferred onto the plug. Depending on your anatomy and the plug design there are different stimulations possible: Prostate message, a constant stimulation of your sphincter (which a body area densely covered with nerve endings) either by sliding or by a constant pulling trying to open it. I gave the system to couple friends of mine who both lend more to being anal bottoms and they were amazed how intriguing it Is for the top to use the Hoolalass while fucking.

The Anal Lock attached to a plug

The Anal Lock attached to a plug

Of cause both elements of the toy can be used separately. Due to the plugs having extravagant shapes they were a welcome addition to the sensation repertoire when opening up an anus in my anal toy collection. Because the base shaped to hold the ring of the Anal Lock in place it has a bit of a grip structure. So when topping you can easily hold them. The Anal Lock itself is a quite versatile toy. Put it around the base of your dick without a plugs attached and it has a prostate stimulating effect like the Oxballs Trough. Double the rings up, put them around your balls and you have a stretcher. Put one ring around the base of your dick, the other around your balls and you have a cock sling.

While playing around with the system I found out that the both the Anal Lock and the plugs are quite thuddy yet not too intense impact toys. Especially the larger plugs are real bruisers if you are not carefully. Of cause they are not designed for that purpose and I don’t know how well the neck of the plugs will withstand this misuse. But in over half a year I have not seen any wear on the material so if you are out of impact toys give it a careful try.

Conslusion: The only real working, flexible Ass Lock
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Comfortable to wear A bit difficult to handle Keepburning
Many different shapes and sizes
Various applications for Elements
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