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Vendor: Keepburning

The Pair of Zizi Plasma Stretcher

The Pair of Zizi Plasma Stretcher


This toys come in pairs: You get two oval rings which measure 19mm by 27mm. On the short side the ring has a height of 29mm which goes down to 24mm on the middle of the short side. They are made out of TPR which makes them very easily to stretch wide yet the 6mm thick material guarantees a snug fit. Like with every other TPR toy it is resistant towards the most common forms of lube like silicone, water and fat based lubricants.

My pair is black but you can get them in 7 colors from classic black and transparent to vibrant neon colors.

Playing with it

Like the other Zizi Toys I have reviewed so far I have gotten this toy from Mister B.

Due to the small inside diameter and the medium stretch of the thin material together the ergonomic form that recessed towards the middle it is a good stretcher especially for tight balls. Also if your package isn’t too big this toy can work as a cockring. Especially if you like it tight put the second over the first one and enjoy a real squeeze. If you generally like the blood-staunching effect of cockrings regardless of the material put on or two Plasma rings on either end of your dick to staunch the blood in your glans or your entire cock.

An Example of the Stretchiness of the TPR

An Example of the Stretchiness of the TPR

So much for sexual play. For getting kinky you need really loose balls. You can use this toy to squeeze the neck of your balls when only a steel ball stretcher with a small internal diameter is at hand. A nice operational scenario for really low hangers is stretching each ball individually. You need fairly loose sack skin and really low hanging balls for this but once you separated the balls you can hit them individually or attach single silicone loops (or even better: silver coated cooper wire) to really fry them.

I have been playing with this toy for over half a year and I haven’t seen any problems with the material yet. But since the material is thinner than most other TPR toys I can imagine that it will break sooner or later. But with such a low price replacing it every other year shouldn’t be a too big problem.

Conslusion: Versatile and gear-friendly masturbation toy.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Ergonomic shape Medium stretch power compared Keepburning(Manufacturer) 12,90€
Interesting play possibilities for low hangers
2 for 1
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