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A Selection of MC Customs Impact Toys

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Sometimes I get very specific questions where to get toys for a very particular scene. Especially from the United Kingdom and Asia readers ask me where to get authentic impact toys for corporal punishment role play. Apparently their tragic history of physical forms of punishment in their education system created a special fetish scene. Since this is not really my kind of kink, I had to do some digging around until I found a company which makes toys satisfying the requirements made in most of the inquiries.


All toys from MC Customs are made out of really high quality leather. When I first opened the parcel, the rich smell of quality leather was intoxicating and it still have some presence in my playroom. The manufacturing shows real craftsmanship: All edges are burnished and dyed edges; the toys which consist of two leather layers are sowed flawless. Each toy is embossed with the makers stamp. But on certain toys you can even add a customization like my nick name on the Holed Spade Paddle. The leather is dyed in two colors, either a London Tan – which I have been told is the authentic color – or a more “modern” dark brown.

Three different Types of Lochgelly Impact Toys: A Strap, two Two Tail Tawses and a Three Tail Tawse

For their tawses and straps, they use three different kinds of hides with different degrees of stiffness. The stiffer the hide, the more sever the impact blow will feel. The straps and tawses are all 60cm long but the width depends on the impact space design: The Two Tail Tawses and Narrow Straps are 3.2cm wide, the Wide Straps 3.8cm and the Three Tail Twases are 4cm wide. There are two styles available: The Glasgow style which has a short grip section and rounded end and the Lochgelly style which has a longer grip section and a pointed end. The Lochgelly implements have the severness degree embossed just above the hole for hanging the toys or attaching a loop.

The Ferrula was originally used by monks in Christian schools. It is made by sowing two pieces of stiff leather together. Being 33cm long, both ends are slightly drop-shaped with a width of 5.6cm at the half-circle and then tappers to 5.2cm in the middle.

The Holed Spade Paddle is also made out of two pieces of leather. The overall length of it is 37cm. The grip is 14cm long and is supported by a metal tube to make it stiffer and more comfortable to rip. At the end, there is no hole for hanging the toys but a short leather loop attached. Starting out from the grip the paddle tappers for 9cm into the impact area which measures 14cm by 12cm. This area has four rows of three holes each which reduce the wind resistance and thus increase the impact sensation.

Detail of the Tawses‘ and Straps‘ End Embossed with the Leather’s Weight. Right: Dark Brown Leather
Left: Tan Leather

Playing with the Impact Toys

Tawses and Straps

Having been originally designed to really punish people, these toys are not for the faint of heart. While there are the three mentioned intensity degrees, the difference between a Medium and Extra Heavy is not between “I felt that” and “That fucking hurts.” but “Ouch” and screaming in excruciating pain. You can influence that also by the selection of the toy: The strap will feel the “nicest” while the Two Tail Tawse is quite nasty due to the reduced wind resistance. Another aspect to keep in mind is the coloring. The heavier the material the stronger is colors. While all will quickly redden the ass, the Extra Heavy can produce some degree of bruising, depending on the sub.

The MC Customs Ferrula

If you are not an experienced impact top, I do not recommend using these toys straight out of the box. Since they are long and thin, throwing them in a controlled manner takes some practice. If you want to vary your blows a bit, I definitely recommend getting the Lochgelly style: The further you grip towards the impact area, the lesser the impact sensation and the more controlled the throwing. Holding the toys this way enables you to use them for a sort of warm-up. Warming up the bottom is a necessity with these toys because especially when delivering severe blows with the Extra Heavy tawses right away, there is a chance of breaking the skin. But once you mastered the toys, there is some pain variance in them which besides the kinetic energy is determined by how much of the toy hits the bottom – from a full blow to just flicking with the ends.


The Ferrula falls in the category “small and nasty”. Being stiff, it is very stingy even when putting little energy into it. But you can control the blows easily enough for a proper warm-up. Being small and nimble, tops from my testee panel used it for all forms of impact play, from ball busting to bastinado. With the stiffness comes that it is a bit of a bruiser but mostly reddens.

The MC Customs Holed Spade Paddle

Despite the small size it is just long enough to target both cheeks, but it really shines when putting all of the blow into one spot. One of my testees actually put the paddle into his briefcase and carried it around all day, just to have it at hand when his slave needed some TLC during his lunch break.

Holed Spade Paddle

From all the toys reviewed here, this is probably the most conventional of the toys reviewed today. Everybody who knows how to spank with a paddle can incorporate it into a scene right away. Despite the holes, it is the “nicest” of all impact toys and actually quite good for warm-up. The large hitting surface distributed the kinetic energy and thus the sensation over a large area. Furthermore through the size the impact surface has a little give, softening the blow to a certain degree. Despite all of that: It is still a stingy toy. While it reddens the skin quickly, none of my testees managed to bruise with it. So if the scene requirement is not leaving (lasting) marks, it is the toy to get.

Conclusion: Very well made sever impact toys with unique history design.
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Extremely well made Takes lots of practice to use them in a controlled way Lochgelly Wide Strap Heavy £46
Intense impact sensation with little required force
Two Tail Lochgelly Tawse Medium £29.50
Two Tail Lochgelly Tawse Extra Heavy £40.50
Three Tail Lochgelly Tawse Extra Heavy £40.50
Ferrula £35
Holed Spade Paddle £50
Disclaimer: These toys were sent to me by MC Customs for an honest and unbiased review.
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