McHurt Cushioned Leather Riding Whip

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The Cushioned Riding Whip

The Cushioned Riding Whip

The basic design resembles the Dungeon riding whip I reviewed about two month ago. The shaft is made entirely out of several layers of thick and sturdy bridle leather which is sowed and glue together. The hand loop is glued between the different leather layers at the bottom of the shaft. The length of the shaft is difficult to determine. After 28cm approx. 3cm wide and 18cm long swat starts but the shaft continues for another 8cm making this part inflexible. After that part the last 10cm are a bit flexible and somewhat padded but still stiffer than “normal” swats of riding whip. The overall length of the toy is approx. 46,5cm without the hand loop.

Color wise you have to options: While the shaft is always black you can choose between a classic black or Bordeaux colored swat.

Detail of the swat

Detail of the swat

Playing with it

Getting the intended effect out of this toy requires a bit of practice because the way the swat hits the skin impacts the sensation strongly. The last 10cm of the swat produce a nice, thuddy sensation so if you want to thud you have to hit the sub only with the end. If you hit with the entire swat or the first 8cm there will also be a stingy sensation. Depending on the angle and are you hit the sub’s body you can create different and interesting effects. I have to admit that it took me quite some time to practice my technique but once you master it this toy offers some variety.

Of cause a more controlled way of impact is just snapping the swat onto the desired body area. Due to the stiffness of the thick, padded leather there is a decent amount of force in a snap, but it can’t be compared to a hit or a snap with an acrylic rod of the same size p.e.. Regardless if you hit or snap, the small size makes this toy ideal for targeting small areas. While I recommended the Dungeon riding whip for hitting the balls leisurely I use this toy to just hit single balls separated by a corresponding stretcher or individual nipples.

Hand loop with weaved knot at the end

Hand loop with weaved knot at the end

Another play aspect this toy is made for is sensual play. The leather covering the padding is wrapped around the top forming a round, smooth piping like ending, making it ideal to travel over the body. And thanks to the padding and thicker leather of the swat it doesn’t bend even with stronger pressure applied. The leather is also quite smooth which makes it easy to lick.

If you want an even more thuddy riding whip yet with less intense pain, McHurt offers a riding whip with a plastic shaft and swat with soft padding and faux leather covering.

Conslusion: Thuddy all leather impact toy ideal for hitting small areas
Pro Cons Where to get Price
Sensation ranges from thuddy to stingy Padding could be thicker McHurt 36€
Great for sensual play Leather of the swat could be softer
All leather toy
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